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Europeana Network Association Members Council Meeting 2019, The Hague by Gina van der Linden


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The Europeana Annual Event 2019
5-6 March 2019

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Europeana Network Association Members Council Meeting 2019, The Hague by Gina van der Linden

  1. 1. The Europeana Annual Event 2019 Gina van der Linden, Victor-Jan Vos & Nicholas Jarrett | MC MEETING, 6 MARCH 2019
  2. 2. • Create more awareness for Europeana and its network • Become an international well-known event alongside conferences such as ICOM, IFLA, Liber & MuseumNext • Save people’s time • Open up, so the event should engage not only representatives of the Europeana Network but also others who are interested to inspire each other and transfer knowledge. Aims Title here CC BY-SA Europeana Annual Event MC meeting 6 March 2019 CC BY-SA
  3. 3. Denmark, CC0 1877, Statens Museum for Kunst på fodtour Adolph Kittendorff Programme suggestions
  4. 4. Highlight the ENA communities ● Community chairs to act as Programme Committee Invite all MC members to: ● Recommend speakers ● Promote the event ● Consider organising TF meetings on the first day ● Invite their network to attend the event MC meeting 6 March 2019 CC BY-SA
  5. 5. Context of the event: Netherlands, Public Domain c. 1800 - c. 1810, Rijksmuseum Katsushika Hokusai Kagamitogi
  6. 6. • Plenary sessions • Parallel sessions for the Europeana Network Communities & Community TF meetings • Pre-meetings for project meetings such as Common Culture • External partner pre-meeting workshops run by IIIF, Wiki and others. The event will host: MC meeting 6 March 2019 CC BY-SA
  7. 7. Netherlands, Public Domain 1660 - 1625, Rijksmuseum Anonymous Arrival of a Portuguese ship Research
  8. 8. Research findings • A larger event with an appealing line-up is a great awareness tool for Europeana • Location is important • The countries with the highest representation in our network are Netherlands, Spain, UK, Italy, Germany, Greece and Romania (in size order, all over 100 members) • Based on the 2018 AGM the most engaged of these communities are Romania and Greece (both had over 10% of Network members attend). Spain were the least engaged with 0 attendees. • Our biggest sectors within the network are Cultural Heritage professionals (1,003), Educators (513) and Researchers (219) • ‘Competitor’ events are more expensive than Europeana normally charges • The event venue is used as a marketing tool for some • Some seem to have linked-up with the local tourist board/venue to use their promotional videos as event promotion MC meeting 6 March 2019 CC BY-SA
  9. 9. Finland, CC0 National Digital Library The masquerade ball Pesne, Antoine Recommendations
  10. 10. Event recommendations 1. Organise the event early November 2. Promote outside the network as well as within the network 3. If possible find a venue for free 4. Ensure we have a line-up that is diverse and fairly represents the backgrounds/interests of the audiences in our network, but is also interesting to those we most want to target outside the network 5. Have a number of different ticket offers to appeal to different audiences 6. Agree on a price (EB 175 / 225 / 325) for the conference and charge €100 more to non-network members. 7. We will investigate reimbursement options MC meeting 6 March 2019 CC BY-SA
  11. 11. Next steps 1. Set up Programme Committee (Community Chairs) 1. Find a venue with an auditorium that fits at least 300 participants 1. Send out a “Save the date” ASAP 1. Invite speakers 1. Awards? They are a great exposure for CHIs and those working in the sector 1. Investigate Sponsorship possibilities MC meeting 6 March 2019 CC BY-SA
  12. 12. Netherlands, Public Domain 1644, Rijksmuseum Adriaen van Utrecht Banquet Still Life Last but not least A new name
  13. 13. Event name - Any ideas? EuropeanaConference EuropeanaInspire EuropeanaMeets EuropenaNext Europeana 2019 Woman Reading a Letter | Johannes Vermeer 1663, Rijksmuseum Netherlands, Public Domain MC meeting 6 March 2019 CC BY-SA
  14. 14. THANK YOU!