Europeana - Impact & Ecosystem - Leuven, 17 Oct 2013


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Jill Cousins

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Europeana - Impact & Ecosystem - Leuven, 17 Oct 2013

  1. 1. Europeana: The Digital Humanities as a Trojan Horse 17 October 13 Leuven
  2. 2. 5 million
  3. 3. UIM 4
  4. 4. Why is Europeana important? Impact, Impact, Impact…. • Europeana supports economic growth Europeana connects Europe Europeana makes Europe’s culture available to everyone
  5. 5. Europeana supports economic growth: Creative Industries in Europe are growing fast (estimated 7% per annum) and they need fuel. Europeana provides that. To date 770 businesses, entrepreneurs, educational & cultural organisations are re-using our data in websites, apps and games.
  6. 6. Impact 1: Europeana Supports Economic Growth 7
  7. 7. Europeana connects Europe: “Much more than an economic alliance, Europe has to becomeopen, democratised access a cultural union” to culture helps all communities across Europe to understand the past and to appreciate cross-cultural differences. Robert Schuman, Founding of the ECC in 1951 Rober
  8. 8. Impact 2: Europeana Connects Europe 10
  9. 9. Europeana makes Europe’s culture available for everyone: 29 million records under a Creative Commons Zero public domain dedication (CC0) means Europe’s heritage becomes available for re-use for everyone, young and old
  10. 10. Impact 3: Europeana makes Europe’s Culture available for everyone . 12
  11. 11. What do we have?
  12. 12. Why not? Too broad a potential user base The data leaves a bit to be desired
  13. 13. Would like to show in an app all the music scores available for free Raw Data Where’s the museum that has the drawing of Rembrandt ‘s son? Need some new resources for my lesson on 1989
  14. 14. Why not? Too broad a potential user base The data leaves a bit to be desired
  15. 15. Why can’t we give the users what they want? Scale Fear (and money)
  16. 16. So what should our new strategic plan solve?
  17. 17. Europeana is extremely well positioned as a catalyst of change, a Digital Service Infrastructure that can reduce costs of accessibility, fuel a burgeoning creative economy, and realise spin-off effects in other sectors. 26 26
  18. 18. In order to realise this potential the Europeana ecosystem will be funded as a “Digital Service Infrastructure” and will continue to provide services on 4 different levels: Aggregation, Facilitation, Distribution and Engagement. 27 27
  19. 19. A Digital Service Infrastructure is an underlying service for a sector or sectors in europe that will solve coordination and market failure issues. Several will be funded under the Connecting Europe Facility from 2014-2021 Others include: eHeath, Automatic Translation, eGovernment
  20. 20. 1. Europeana will provide value-added services that allow the Cultural sector to do their work faster, cheaper and better, for example with cloud based hosting services and more efficient aggregation tools. Impact: 22.7 million in cost reduction A unified repository of >100 million objects Increased direct access to content (in particular PD) 29 29
  21. 21. Impact: Shared practices for data modelling and IPR Strong spin-off potential in other industries Machine readable content for new services 2. Europeana will co-ordinate solutions for pan- European accessibility issues such as cross-border access of content, ISO standards and improved interoperability of data, multilingualism, development of semantic web/LOD, e.g. to work with Google 30 Knowledge Graph. 30
  22. 22. Impact: Data delivered into user systems Researchers direct access to big data in culture Between 9 and 20 successful startups 20 + Europeana apps in appstores 3. Europeana will develop a service centre for the GLAMS, the creative industries and cultural entrepreneurs. They will get easy access to free and licensed content, consultancy services, a network of entrepreneurs and venture capital and incubation services. 31 31
  23. 23. 4. Europeana will develop community based end user services, that allow users to access validated content through strong community based platforms such as Wikipedia and thematic partner sites such as Europeana Fashion. Impact: Dramatically Increased visibility (on wiki 10 WW1 images = 9 million impressions) Increased participation 32 32
  24. 24. European Cultural Commons Principles Access Mutuality Engagement Attribution Consistency
  25. 25. Europeana Strategy Move away from Portal 2015-2020 thinking to Platform Continue to solve Encourage providers to issues of deliver better data interoperability (including decent resolution content) Deliver proof of concepts, but concentrate on API’s and letting others create the sites that work for them
  26. 26. How is this interesting for the digital humanities scholar
  27. 27. What does the Digital Humanities Scholar need? 1. high quality full text, images, film, sound and their met 2. full text semantically enriched, 3. without licensing restrictions 4. persistency
  28. 28. Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI) And Europeana Foundation acts as the facilitator of this collectively owned Europeana ecosystem
  29. 29. Everyone is invited to act as a distributor by building services for users on top
  30. 30. Europeana Research - A proof of Concept Research is not threatening to the museums, libraries, archives, audio visual collections, & circumvents some of the IPR issues
  31. 31. Europeana Research ?
  32. 32. “Ecosystems only survive if you deliver more value than you capture” (Tim O’Reilly)
  33. 33. “Instead of policy-makers deciding on what ‘European heritage’ is, the Europeana project allows its users to research European history themselves, create new transnational links between cultures, look at historic events from different national angles, and put history in new contexts.” Joris Pekel Thank you Jill Cousins