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Europeana Generic Services Projects Meeting, 29-30 October 2018, The Hague, Culture Chatbot for Europeana


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Europeana Generic Services Projects Meeting, 29-30 October 2018, The Hague
Alexander Raginsky - Culture Chatbot for Europeana

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Europeana Generic Services Projects Meeting, 29-30 October 2018, The Hague, Culture Chatbot for Europeana

  1. 1. Culture Chatbot Alexander Raginsky, Pangeanic Europeana Generic Services Meeting, Oсt. 2018
  2. 2. Agenda ● Why chatbot for Europeana? ● Search-related issues ● Architecture ● Validation and testing ● Deployment models
  3. 3. Project ● 1/09/18-1/03/20 ● Partners ○ Jewish Historical Museum (NL) ○ Pangeanic (ES) ○ POLIN - Museum of the history of Polish Jews (PL) ○ CulturaItalia (IT)
  4. 4. What is chatbot? ● Chatbots are artificially intelligent computer systems thatconverse with humans using natural language ● Initially created in the 1960s to simulate human conversation for the purpose of entertainment ● Today, chatbots are abundant and offer sophisticated services
  5. 5. Why chatbot for Europeana?
  6. 6. Why chatbot for Europeana? Data-related Issues ● Lack and incompleteness of metadata ● Lack or poor quality of digital resources ● Incoherent metadata resultant from lacking, poor or inconsistent mapping ● Legacy data User-related Issues ● Known-item search vs. inspiration search ● Different audiences and needs ● Personal preferences Product-related Issues What kind of product / user experience are we after? Enter a search term
  7. 7. Why chatbot for Europeana? Enter a search term a search term Question about the search term Answer about a search term Chatbot = Sequence of search operations with state and context
  8. 8. So why chatbot now? (if it’s the same...) ● Explosion of high-quality tools and frameworks (including OS) ● Users ready for the UX paradigm (and have more patience for it) ● Naturally a more suitable for a Europeana content discovery model (if done well :) )
  9. 9. Search-related issues: multilinguality What are you looking for? The girl with a pearl Found it! We have the metadata in several languages. Would you like to see it in English or Dutch?
  10. 10. Search-related issues: on-the-fly ranking What are you looking for? Images of old Hamburg We got something for your. But the quality of the images is not so great. Would you still like to see it? (Ah, and by the way - you can see the high-resolution on the providers’ site, i can give you the link!)
  11. 11. Search-related issues: user engagement What are you looking for? hm...something on Russian avant-garde art Here you go, a top selection of Russian avant-garde artworks from our collection Oh, by the way, do you know there is an excellent Malevich exhibition on display in Berlin now?
  12. 12. Architecture Harvesting Knowledge Graph Conversation Logic
  13. 13. Multilinguality ● Culture Chatbot will support natively all the partners’ languages in the conversation: ○ Dutch ○ Spanish ○ Polish ○ Italian ○ … and English ● Metadata will be translated on-the-fly using pre-built machine translation engines (if not provided)
  14. 14. Validation & Testing ● Development is inherently an iterative process (even more than usually) ● Large amounts of training data (recording of user conversations) needed - help is welcome ● Multilingual users / data
  15. 15. Deployment Modes ● Facebook Messenger ● On website ● Twitter / Slack / Whatsapp / Telegram ● Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa
  16. 16. Thank you