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  1. 1. CARARE: putting Europeana on maps“Funding Digitization: can accessible cultural heritage fuelsocial and economic growth?” Dublin, 21st June 2013
  2. 2. I’ve been thinking aboutmaps, culture, tourism and economicgrowthCARARE is a best practice network including nationalheritage agencies and organisations
  3. 3. major cultural heritage monuments are on mapsten years ago we all used paper maps to explore local areas
  4. 4. people like to go off the beaten track and findhidden treasuressustainable tourism: generating employment for local people
  5. 5. tourism is changingusing printed guidebooks is going out
  6. 6. these days we all go online for pre-trip planningand to make bookings
  7. 7. heritage tourism has never beenmore important for our economytourism, culture and heritage estimated as 9% ofthe UK’s GDP, June 2013
  8. 8. support for local heritage sitesdata and locations of local sites provided to CARAREEuropeana API – allows virtual access to our heritage
  9. 9. by Garry Knight, London (CC-BY-SA-2.0)we use mobiles to get information about theplace where we are…
  10. 10. by US Government [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsGPS and location data can be linked toEuropeana data
  11. 11. revealing cultural treasuresKulturarv – an open source augmented reality app basedon data from the Danish Cultural Heritage agency
  12. 12. CARARE map: 2 millionheritage sites
  13. 13. with real-world coordinatesCARARE map for Denmark based on the national register ofcultural heritage monuments
  14. 14. a local guide at your finger-tipsCARARE map is available for both desk-top and tablets
  15. 15. the route-planner helps tourists explore the localheritageincludes links to Europeana content items
  16. 16. map data: fueling developments by the creativeindustriesMonuments in Poland: an android application which uses GPSdata from the National Heritage Board of Poland
  17. 17. Photo: Muzeum Żup Krakowskich w Wieliczcesupporting cultural tourism and education
  18. 18. mapping creates jobs and drives globaleconomic growth (Google, Jan 2013)digital mapping has become an integral part of howwe live and work
  19. 19. investments in geo services has huge potential tofuel growth, creativity and underpin educationCARARE map #AllezCulture
  20. 20. kate.fernie@mdrpartners.comCARARE map: