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Euopeana AGM2013 Working Group Network


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Introduction to Network of Networks at the Working Group Meeting Network 2020. Presentation given by Annette Friberg, Chief Networking Officer at Europeana Foundation

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Euopeana AGM2013 Working Group Network

  1. 1. Working Group Meeting Network 2020 Annette Friberg 2 December 2013, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
  2. 2. Networks of Europeana and the wider context • What are the Networks of Europeana? • What are the key findings from the strategic workshops, specifically regarding the Europeana Network and networks • Expected outcomes of this working group meeting
  3. 3. What are the Networks of Europeana?
  4. 4. Networks of Europeana • Networks of Europeana – Institutions/organisations registered as members of the Europeana Network, now counting 800 – Institutions/organisations working with members of the Europeana Network (Network of Networks) – Institutions/organisations working with Europeana but not registered members of the Europeana Network
  5. 5. Europeana as Connector Segments of EN EN 800
  6. 6. What is governance of the Networks of Europeana?
  7. 7. Network Governance 2008 Thematic Network Partner 2009 Council of Content Providers and Aggregators 2012 20082020 2015-2020 Europeana Network Projects governance of networks (WPs)
  8. 8. Governance
  9. 9. Key Findings of the Europeana Network Europeana Network a key strength of Europeana
  10. 10. Expected outcomes from the meeting… Business Plan 2014 • Management and Development of EN to increase active participation (TFs, AGMs etc) • Strengthen, extend and link the Europeana Network and its Networks; Business Plan 2014
  11. 11. Expected outcomes from the meeting… Connecting your vision and networks with… Strategic Plan 2015-2020
  12. 12. Expected outcomes for the meeting… Five recommendations on how to include your networks into Europeana Network in a most cost effective way.
  13. 13. Thank you! Annette Friberg Europeana Foundation