Action Global Communications & Europeana - Dimitris Ioannides


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Europeana Awareness Assembly, Prague, 10 July 2013

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Action Global Communications & Europeana - Dimitris Ioannides

  1. 1. ACTION GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS Action is the leading emerging markets strategic communications consultancy 09.07.2013 – Prague
  2. 2. Presentation outline Who we are… Action Global Communications What do we do… Action Global Communications Past experience with Europeana… CYPRUS Past experience with Europeana… BULGARIA Current experience with Europeana… BALTIC STATES BEST PRACTISES
  3. 3. Action Global Communications With over 40 years of building positive reputations for our clients, Action Global Communications is a truly independent, full service, public relations consultancy. Our wholly owned offices are in Central & Eastern Europe, Russia, the CIS Countries, Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean area. Action Global Communications brings authentic, relevant insights to companies and organisations who want to create meaningful connections with their audiences and become credible voices that build trust in the diverse marketplace of Europe, Middle East and Africa.
  4. 4. Action Global Communications We believe that every company or organization can create meaningful connections with their audiences through communications that build rewarding relationships and lead to sustainable business growth. For that, we are committed to help our clients build this bridge using our expertise and vision, commitment and creativity, across diverse markets and media channels.
  5. 5. Action Global Communications Network
  6. 6. Action Global Communications Awards
  7. 7. UNIQUE • We are the only independent global strategic communications network focusing on emerging markets • 300+ staff • 40+ offices on three continents IN CONTROL • Our offices are either wholly or part owned so we can mirror changing business models required by our clients • We offer an experienced coordinating hub for multi- market clients delivering a one-stop-shop for the management of communication campaigns across multiple and diverse markets Why Action IN DEMAND • We work with trusted affiliates to extend our reach into other geographies beyond our network • Links and partnerships with other leading global agencies
  8. 8. Communications Services The art of effective communication starts with understanding and measurement. Understanding your business, your brands, your people. Measuring the perceptions and attitudes held by your stakeholders. With this real knowledge Action Global Communications delivers strategic communications that gets your stakeholders talking. And we do it locally in each market or effectively across borders. • Corporate communications • Marketing Communications • Event Management • Strategic Media Relations • Public Affairs • Crisis Management • Communications Consultancy • Digital PR • Media Monitoring / Market Intelligence
  9. 9. • Automotive and Sports • Aviation & Defense • Banking and Financial Services • Energy • Fairs and Exhibitions • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals • International Development Industry Expertise • Logistics • NGO’s and Public Affairs • Real Estate & Construction • Retail & Consumer Goods • Technology • Telecommunications • Travel & Leisure • Education
  10. 10. Some of our current clients
  11. 11. Our Network Team Vjosa Berisha Albania & Kosovo Habib Benramdane Algeria Eric Gyulazyan Armenia Elshan Musayev Azerbaijan Rohan Shanker Bahrain Drazena Lejo Croatia & Bosnia Natalie Christofides Cyprus Martin Frydl Czech Rep. Fouad Kassem Dubai Sameh Selim Egypt Rossitsa Donkova Bulgaria Dorsaf Mezhoud Tunisia
  12. 12. Our Network Team Maia Chitaia Georgia George Siafis Greece Csilla Olah Hungary Dellara Heydari Iran Tariyel Jalalli Kazakhstan Amna Al Jarery Kuwait Elira Turdubayeva Kyrgyzstan Kristine Toma Latvia Toufic El Zein Lebanon Egita Veblauskaite Lithuania Jumana Twal Jordan
  13. 13. Our Network Team Youssef Lahlou Morocco Atulya Sharma Oman Mahmood Hashmi Pakistan Jacek Jakubczyk Poland Elise Zwain Qatar Lina Shurkevich Russia Ibrahim Al Bloushy Saudi Arabia Srba Jovanovic Serbia Michael Ivanicka Slovakia Damijan Nacevski Slovenia Khaled Ayloush Syria Ruxandra Scortea Romania
  14. 14. In a sentence… Action designs strategies specifically tailored for each client in a manner designed to strengthen and broaden communications with stakeholders.
  15. 15. November 2012 // Credentials Europeana 1914-1918 CYPRUS October – December 2012
  16. 16. Europeana 1914 – 1918 (Cyprus) Europeana 1914-1918 program aims to collect and preserve memories from all over Europe of World War 1 and make them accessible to the world in the run up to 2014 which marks the 100th anniversary of the conflict. Objective: to generate attention to the project and attract people to the first public collection event in Cyprus. Intro
  17. 17. Europeana 1914 – 1918 (Cyprus) The participation of Cyprus in World War One was significant, compared to the island’s size and capabilities. 16,000 Cypriots – among which around 2 to 3,000 Turkish-Cypriots and Armenians - served in the British Army during the war. This was a huge number, equivalent to the 5.8% of the total population of the island which was at that time 274.108. Most of them served on the Macedonian front as muleteers. Cyprus in the WW1
  18. 18. Europeana 1914 – 1918 (Cyprus) • More than 1/3 of Cypriots had lost all family memorabilia and photos due to the Turkish invasion in 1974 which forced them to relocate urgently to the southern part of the island leaving behind all personal items • At the time of WW1, Cyprus, being an island, isolated and annexed by Great Britain, was not as technologically advanced as other European countries; therefore cameras were rarely used and photos of that time might be scarce. Challenges
  19. 19. Europeana 1914 – 1918 (Cyprus) • To generate awareness (buzz) about the europeana1914-1918 project, activating interest • To urge people to become involved in this project and drive them to the first public collection event • To generate publicity and encourage press attendance at the public event • To create long-term interest in the website which people can visit to submit or explore the WWI material and other cultural heritage content. Objectives
  20. 20. Europeana 1914 – 1918 (Cyprus) Politicians History societies Embassies Local librarians General public Ministry of Education Ministry of Defence Local and family Associations Target audiences Media
  21. 21. Europeana 1914 – 1918 (Cyprus) Tools
  22. 22. Europeana 1914 – 1918 (Cyprus) Press Conference
  23. 23. Europeana 1914 – 1918 (Cyprus) • The extraordinary story of Agathoklis Hajichristodoulou from Polystipos in Cyprus – who later went by the name Polistipiotis. Agathoklis lost both his legs in Salonika to frostbite. • He was the only injured person to have been given compensation: 40 pounds and a set of ‘new’ prosthetic legs. He drifted for a few years, before being given a job in the Forestry Department, but after about a decade of service, he was fired because he constantly complained about his legs, which had been replaced twice. • So in the late 1930s he was given 50 pounds and another new set of legs to start his own business, either a grocery or a cobbler. One of the three sets of prosthetic legs that Agathoklis changed is now kept at the Science Museum of London! Politistipiotis / Findings
  24. 24. Europeana 1914 – 1918 (Cyprus) Coverage Results Evening TV News 12 TV Interviews 5 Radio Interviews 7 Print Interviews 5 Feature articles 2 Press Release Cuttings 32
  25. 25. Europeana 1914 – 1918 (Cyprus) Sample coverage
  26. 26. Europeana 1914 – 1918 (Cyprus) Sample coverage
  27. 27. Europeana 1914 – 1918 (Cyprus) Facebook page
  28. 28. Road Show Europeana 1914 – 1918 (Cyprus)
  29. 29. Road Show Europeana 1914 – 1918 (Cyprus)
  30. 30. Europeana 1914 – 1918 (Cyprus) • Excellent working relationships and communication between the agency (Action) and Europeana’s partner in Cyprus the Ministry of Education and Culture • Use of personal stories of Cypriots In the press who made the content of the publicity material more interesting and relevant to the audience • Engagement of local communities in Cyprus whose residents had participated in the WW1 (e.g. small villages in the mountains); the Ministry used its contacts and activated its procedures to contact the community leaders and encourage their participation in the roadshow. • Passionate and enthusiastic team (Action, Ministry, Europeana) who went out of their way to deal with the challenges of the project in Cyprus • Thorough research before the launch of the campaign (we contacted historians, academics, writers, researchers, etc.) to identify the names of the Cypriots who participated in the war and find their families • Use of mass media, social media & newsletter to get the word out to the general public What worked
  31. 31. Memorial In memory of the Cypriot muleteers As we have seen in Hyde Park in London there is a memorial to the animals at war, and features some of our donkeys and mules. So, Action has decided to create such a memorial in Cyprus in memory of the Cypriots, and their beloved animals so that the 16.000 can be remembered by the current and future generations.
  32. 32. November 2012 // Credentials Europeana BULGARIA March – September 2013
  33. 33. Europeana Awareness Campaign (BG) Our objective was to communicate and drive awareness for Europeana, but also to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the Varna Regional Library (Europeana’s main partner in Bulgaria). Our scope of work involved the development and implementation of the communications strategy to successfully fulfill the objectives set, the organization of the press event and Europeana Travelling Exhibition, Media relations activities (national & regional), public affairs support, moderation of events and logistics. Intro
  34. 34. Europeana Awareness Campaign (BG) • Regional local partnerships (like the regional library or institution) are more difficult to create or generate national media outreach • There was not enough time for the coordination of all media activities of Europeana with the local partners • We needed double the effort in order to generate the support of the various authorities (such as the Ministries of Culture and Education) due to their slow pace of work and the busy schedule of the head representatives. • Bulgaria at that time, had no Government, so the political situation in the country took most of the general public’s attention Challenges
  35. 35. Europeana Awareness Campaign (BG) Press Conference • Europeana – bringing culture online to Bulgaria and bringing Bulgarian culture to the rest of Europe with the help of the library • The importance of digital content for the modern Bulgarians and the digital access to knowledge as part of their lifestyle
  36. 36. Europeana Awareness Campaign (BG) Europeana Travelling Exhibition “Linked Across Time and Space”
  37. 37. Europeana Awareness Campaign (BG) Results • 15 media were present at the press conference in Varna from all the regional media and also correspondents from the national media • 18 media were present at the launch of the travelling exhibition in Sofia from the most important national print media and two TV channels • 32 cuttings from regional and national press were generated as a result of the press conference • Another 32 cuttings from national press were generated after the launch of the exhibition in Sofia • We had continuous media coverage in all the cities where the exhibition was generating interest both for the digitalization, as well as the travelling exhibition
  38. 38. Europeana Awareness Campaign (BG) Sample coverage
  39. 39. Europeana Awareness Campaign (BG) • Time is key... • Good engagement and communication between all relevant parties is very important. • Procedures should always be in place. • Utilize each supporting partner’s strong values. Learnings
  40. 40. November 2012 // Credentials Europeana 1989 BALTIC STATES AUGUST 2013
  41. 41. Europeana 1989 (Baltic States) In preparation for the 25th anniversary year in 2014 Europeana, will encourage individuals to contribute items of private memorabilia from this pivotal time so that it can be digitally preserved and shared online. In the Baltic States, the focus will be on the Baltic Way, the longest human chain in history, connecting the three capitals: Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius over a distance of 600km on 23 August 1989. Intro
  42. 42. Europeana 1989 (Baltic States) • To increase awareness of the Europeana project to the general public in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia • Generate interest in the contribution website and encourage everyone who participated in the Baltic Way, or those who have a family member who did, to contribute their memories • Promote the public events so as to increase attendance and contributions of family documents for digitising and publishing • Drive traffic to the Europeana website so people visit and explore the 1989 material as well as contribute their own material for digitisation Objectives
  43. 43. Europeana 1989 (Baltic States) Politicians Decision makers Embassies Local librarians General public Individuals aged 40+ Activists Local and family School history teachers Target audiences Media
  44. 44. Europeana 1989 (Baltic States) To have one overall message for the Baltics, but to localise communication activities appropriate for each country To plan a bespoke programme of specific events, activities and opportunities for each country To leverage the personality of each National Project Ambassador to grow awareness of Europeana in each country The key to success will be
  46. 46. Europeana 1989 (Baltic States) Lithuania is the first of the Baltic countries to host the Europeana roadshow, on 9th, 10th and 13th August. Mask the date In Estonia, collection days will take place in the National Library of Estonia, on 30th and 31st August. In Latvia the press conference and collection day event are scheduled for the 23rd and 24th of August .
  47. 47. November 2012 // Credentials Tips for a successful PR campaign
  48. 48. November 2012 // Credentials Tips for a successful PR campaign
  49. 49. Thank you