Europeana Cloud - aims of the day


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Europeana Cloud Kick-Off Meeting, 5 March 2013, The Hague, The Netherlands. By Alastair Dunning

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Europeana Cloud - aims of the day

  1. 1. What we learnt yesterday / The honesty box
  2. 2. What we learnt yesterday:eCloud - Whats in it for a content provider:• Possibility to get enriched data back• Citation / provenance are important (also for end users)• Persistent identifiers are essential• Any cloud must be secure and trusted• There should be direct access to make changes (regardless of yourplace in the aggregation chain)• The process of updating metadata / content should be automated• Potential for batch download of data from Europeana eco-system
  3. 3. What we learnt yesterday:eCloud - Whats in it for the users:• Notification of new content• Be able to create corpora of content from different sources(Europeana ecosystem and external)• Researchers need to manage their own collections• Researchers must be able to build own tools• eCloud may tackle rights issues (ie access to protected content forresearch communities) but rights / authentication should be invisibleto researchers• Creating valuable links between data (primary and secondarysources)
  4. 4. How Will Researchers Access the Cloud?Via third party tools and services built on top ofthe CloudThe project needs to decide who can have accessto the cloud and with what permissions (ie whocan upload, edit, and download)
  5. 5. How Will Researchers Access the Cloud?Content & Data3rd Party Tools “Portal”“Annotation”“API”“SPARQL”Europeana services+ 3rd PartyServices
  6. 6. Why arent more commercial aggregators involved(Elsevier, Science Direct etc) … the ‘interestingcontent’- Difficult to introduce commercial providers in EU projec- But content Strategy work in WP1 – to what extent shouldpublishers’ content be available via Europeana Research ?- Europeana happy to have dialogue more generally with engagedpublishers- But will they license their metadata as CC0 ?- (Is cultural heritage content not interesting … ?)
  7. 7. How to successfully align the technicaldevelopments and the community orientatedactivities in the project ?WP2 / WP5 interactions defined in Description of WorkJoint MeetingsContent Co-ordination group between overlapping WPs
  8. 8. “Will there be more than metadata in the cloud? Ifso, where will it come from?”• Content will be accessible via the Cloud, though it might not be stored in theCloud• This work is in WP4, M18-24, to define 5m pages of content to be madeavailable via Europeana• But work actually starts today with Content Auction. Where could extra contentcome from ?• Partners within project• Other cultural heritage institutions, particularly those with open content• Publishers• Other new media companies
  9. 9. What is the relationship between The EuropeanLibrary and Europeana in the projectThe European Library (TEL, the library aggregator for Europe) andEuropeana share the same office and both have tasks in this project Europeana will lead the strategic work (WP5) The European Library will be the main point of ingestion (WP4) The technical construction of the Cloud will be shared (WP2)
  10. 10. “Please define CONTENT regarding quality,licensing, long-life data storage, ownership, etc…”… good questions … to be answered during the projectWhat quality content will be required for Europeana Cloud (ieresolution of image, format) – To be defined by content provider butit requires minimum standardsWho owns the content in the Cloud ? The original copyright holderLength of storage …. Ooh, tricky one.
  11. 11. “The Europeana dataset has been created from a politicalperspective. How has this influenced the scope and contentof the dataset? And, does Europeana have to take this intoaccount in order to serve researchers’ needs?”No – politics perhaps created the concept of Europeana, but the datasetis driven by what ever projects and aggregators can provide.Europeana has limited ability to influence national digitisationpolicies.This fact does need to be taken into account in the WP1 contentstrategy work