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Epp life sciences_2016_9

Pricing under pressure. EPP organises for the 6th time the Life Sciences Pricing forum in Montreux, Switzerland on September 20-21, 2016. Join us to learn, network and get new insights in today's challenges.

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Epp life sciences_2016_9

  1. 1. In partnership with Sponsored by PRICING UNDER PRESSURE SEPTEMBER 20-21, 2016 GRAND HÔTEL SUISSE MAJESTIC MontreuX Switzerland Pricing and Profit Optimisation Forum Life Sciences Pricing Forum with pharma and medtech tracks 6th EPP
  2. 2. | European Pricing Platform #EPPLIFESCIENCES2 “ There is no other organisation in Europe so dedicated to help develop and share pricing and profit optimisation skills of tomorrow’s business leaders ”
  3. 3. Editor’s Note Our Delegate’s Voice Today Life Sciences companies are on the defensive on pricing with negative headlines everywhere. And there is no end in sight to the pressure on phar- maceutical pricing. That’s why the European Pricing Platform (EPP) with its partner Alliance Life Sciences organise for the 6th time their #1 global pricing and profit optimisation event focused on Life Sciences and their pricing challen- ges. This year’s conference will again take place over 2 days and the agenda has been built to provide compelling ple- nary sessions as well as cater for Pharma-Biotech-Generics and Med- tech tracks with some of the most influential industry experts and some practical and tangible case studies. Developed by pricing people for pricing people, this one-of-a-kind event addresses today’s pricing and profitability management challenges, and is designed to help Life Sciences pricing under pressure “ I really like the topics and the way it is set up. It triggers the right questions! “ Nico Bacharidis, Pfizer, Global Tender & Contracting Lead GEP “ I enjpoyed the topics of the EPP and the opportunity to network with like minded individuals. The size of the event means that you can interact easily and have meaningful conversa- tions. “ Sue Nayaert, Merck Serono, Regional Director & Market Access “ New things, new activitis, I shall inform my colleagues within my country to have the same community like this. “ Satya Wardhana, Bayer Crop Sci- ence, Pricing Manager “ I like the way gjergit vjfùqg goiùe jjfoe gjerù vorkg vrelojkg gkrùepog gjj g; ro,kgrogikr gor gzp ggjù. “ Patrick Palluel, Sanofi Pasteur MSD, Head of Pricing and Tender Strategy European Pricing Platform | 3 manufacturers adapt their strategies and business models to meet com- mercial and strategic objectives. • This forum will allow you to take the pulse of what is happening for strate- gies, processes and technologies, as well as hear approaches you might not have been aware of. • This forum will help build your and your teams’ knowledge, providing you the opportunity to discuss, learn and challenge how you might apply it in your company to improve performance. I look forward to seeing you in Mon- treux for another successful forum. If one of your colleagues would benefit from this forum please pass it on! And register now! Best regards, Britt Dejager Forum Manager Life Sciences #EPPLIFESCIENCES
  4. 4. | European Pricing Platform #EPPLIFESCIENCES4 The Format On september 19, 2016 the European Pricing Platfrom organises two pre-forum workshops on the same location as the forum. So if you want to get informed in a very in-depth maner on certain topics, this is your chance. Two pre-forum workshops an evening networking programme Beyond the typical features such as plenary sessions, separa- ted tracks for pharma and medtech, debates and panel discus- sions, you can also expect: The same as every year, EPP and Highpoint Solutions invite you to their evening programme. As we are in the lovely surroundings at the lake of Montreux, expect something breathtaking and something culinary. Offered by our sponsor Of course this is also your chance to meet with the other attendees and to engage in some worthwile discussions. 2 pre-forum workshops – 2 topics Topic 1 is on Tender Management Or how to achieve excellence in all facets of your tendering operation? Topic 2 is on International Reference Pricing How to handle advanced IRP modeling and planning?
  5. 5. European Pricing Platform | 5#EPPLIFESCIENCES Topic Topic 1 Tender Management Or how to achieve excellence in all facets of your tendering operation? Tender Management within the Life Sciences industry is an ever growing topic that involves decisions makers from many company areas, from ope- rations to IT to management. What’s on the agenda of this workshop? • How to plan for the market? • How to plan pricing guidelines? • How to shape tenders before the bid? • How to think about tender pricing at time of bid? • What best-in-class analyses you need in your tender analysis toolkit? • How to best manage tenders after the bid, win or lose? • How to balance support for tenders between local and global needs ? Your trainer? Alan Crowther, CEO Alliance Life Sciences 2 Strategies for Success with International Reference Pricing International Reference Pricing is growing in importance -- one wrong move can leave hundreds of thousands and even millions of Euros on the table. But the rules can be so complex, how can you ensure proper pricing strategies and management in order to maximize your revenue potential? And how do you stay ahead of the curve on what’s coming down the road with IRP rules? What’s on the agenda of this workshop? • The fundamentals of IPR and future developments • Strategies to mitigate the challenges of IPR september 19, 2016 two pre-forum workshops For whom it is intended? Anyone responsible for tender ma- nagement process or performance must attend this workshop. What will be the outcome? This workshop will take a deep dive into the world of tender management from how to begin your tender ma- nagement strategies through to how to evaluate your tender management processes and outcomes. Get answers to your toughest tender management questions. As we want the workshop to be practical and not only theoretical, bring your toughest tender questions and challenges to the workshop for discussion! Mail to with your issues, projects and other stuff. • Launch price management vs. post launch-price management • The threat of parallel trade • Interactive session: The “IPR and parallel trade” game • Live Session: Analysis of impact of IPR • Q&A Your trainers? Rainer Opgen-Rhein, Director Simon-Kucher & Partners Christian Schuler, Partner Life Sciences Simon-Kucher & Partners For whom it is intended? If you’re a Manager, Director and VP of Global Pricing, then this workshop could well be for you.
  6. 6. | European Pricing Platform #EPPLIFESCIENCES6 08.30-09.00 welcome coffee and registration 09.00-09.15 The opening energizer from our moderator STRATEGY · PLANNING · EXECUTION 09.15-10.00 Shaping the Pricing Environment in the Life Sciences Industry Pharmaceutical companies are on the defensive on pricing, with negative headlines everywhere. How do companies change the pricing debate, from headlines, to policy/regulatory issues, to local country tactical debates on list and net pricing? An opening debate Ed Schoonveld | ZS Associates 10.00-10.30 Under Pressure | A Panel Discussion There is no end in sight to the pressures on pharmaceutical pricing. A panel discussion of what the issues are and what the approaches companies can take to a variety of pricing pressure issues. 10.30-10.45 coffee break & opportunity to network 10.45-11.30 How to price Innovation? Pricing the innovation beyond the product. Gustavo Saraiva dos Anjos | Otsuka Europe 11.30-12.30 Real World Evidence in Pricing Real World Evidence in Pricing 12.30-13.30 lunch STRATEGY · PLANNING · EXECUTION for profit optimisation 13.30-14.30 Innovative pricing agreement types across the EU5 Alexandra Staufer | Mundipharma Pricing 2.0 - How to maximize value extrac- tion in a constraining environment? Gerald Schnell | Simon-Kucher & Partners 14.30-15.30 Designing Pressure-Proof In-Line Price Guidelines Setup and optimize net price targets to maxi- mize profits. Going beyond a simple country net floor or country net target. Patrick Palluel | Sanofi Pasteur MSD Pressure-Proof In-Line Price Guideline Setting in Medical Device Setup and optimize net price targets to maxi- mize profits. Going beyond a simple country net floor or country net target. 15.30-15.45 coffee break 15.45-16.30 Planning for Loss-of-Exclusivity: Managing the Ongoing Wave of Patent Expirations Loss-of-exclusivity is not the end of a product lifecycle, but the start of another phase of innova- tion. From extending a product, combination products, innovations in packaging and delivery, and strategies for dealing with margin pressure, there are many areas of innovation. A compre- hensive look at the strategies and planning tactics to consider when planning for LOE. Alan Crowther | CEO Alliance Life Sciences 16.30-17.15 Measuring the Impact of the Pricing Function One critical aspect of the pricing function is not just pricing for the value of products being priced, but the value of the pricing function. It is critical to secure the resources needed to price effectively to show the value and have support of senior stakeholders. This presentation will present how to measure the impact of a pricing function. 17.15-17.30 Closing remarks of the moderator: wrap up of the day 18.00 - ..... Evening networking activity Pharma - Generics Medical devices - Diagnostic companies Short programme overview DAY ONE | september 20, 2016 * *
  7. 7. European Pricing Platform | 7#EPPLIFESCIENCES STRATEGY · PLANNING · EXECUTION 09.00-09.15 opening energizer 09.15-10.00 Review of the Price Negotiation Models and Impact on Price Execution Look across Europe for various negotiation models and how organizations can best work with local affiliates to support and provide insight needed to conduct effective price negotiations. 10.00-10.30 Price Negotiations with Authorities – from a payer perspective How are price negotiations with authorities evolving? A payer view on price negotiations, with a view to how it should impact the approach that pharmaceutical companies should take to pricing. 10.30-10.45 coffee break 10.45-11.45 Pricing and reimbursement for curative the- rapies/gene-therapies Christian Schuler | Simon-Kucher & Partners Pricing for medical devives in the context of ‘pharma precedence’. Richard Charter | BD 11.45-12.30 Addressing the Global and Local needs of Effective Tendering: Insights through Practical Experience and Benchmarks from the Industry Ruven Eul | Highpoint Solutions Manish Sharma | Baxalta 12.30-13.15 lunch 13.15-14.00 Visualizing Pricing Insights Visualizing business insights is more important than ever for communication. A visualization expert leads a discussion of best practice ways to share pricing insights to all stakeholders internally? A review of the best ways to communicate insights and information around pricing and reimbursement across all aspects of pricing. STRATEGY · PLANNING · EXECUTION 14.00-15.00 Value Pricing Analytics A look at data-driven value-pricing tools and techniques that support positive pricing and reimbursement decisions. With so many drivers of outcomes and markers value – from QA- LYs, PFS, budget impacts, etc. – across many different healthcare systems, how do you get a comprehensive view on the effectiveness of pricing and reimbursement decisions? Value communication – a sales tool to get better prices Raj Kanapathy | Philips Healthcare 15.00-15.45 Smart Pricing Professor John Zhang | University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School of Business 15.45-16.15 wrap-up by the moderator Pharma - Generics Medical devices - Diagnostic companies Short programme overview DAY two | september 21, 2016 * *
  8. 8. | European Pricing Platform #EPPLIFESCIENCES8 Because there’s no substitute for expe- rience! Qualified as a clinical pharmacist and with pharma, consultancy, payer and clinical pharmacy experience in all key therapy areas, he has worked with a large range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as the leading medical technology companies. He’s our man who sets the context, drives the discussion, enga- ges you in a lively discussion, enables you to feel comfortable and involved and synthesizes what you have heard. our moderator our speakers Michael Herepath Managing Director Optimal Access Life Sciences Consulting Ltd Richard is currently the Head of Market Access & Pricing at BD Medical for the EMEA region. He works to imple- ment innovative, value-based, patient access solutions between medical device companies and healthcare systems. At the core of these solutions is the articulation of value and unmet need to align of patients, payers, policy makers, and prescriber stake- holder groups. Diabetes is a current therapeutic area of focus. Richard is currently co-chairing the ISPOR taskforce on the “Value Assessment of Medical Devices”, as well as the ‘Evidence and Payers Working Group at MedTech Europe. He also has sat on the board of directors of various non-profit organisations and charities. Richard Charter Head of Market Access & Pricing, BD Alan Crowther, CEO for Alliance Life Sci- ences, is an industry recognized authority on global pricing and revenue ma- nagement. With 20 years of consulting and technology experience in the Life Sciences industry, Alan’s leadership is focused on continually innovating to solve business challenges. Alan Crowther CEO Alliance Life Sciences Ruven is a Manager of the European Life Sciences at HighPoint Solutions based out of Zug, Switzerland. Ruven has worked for around 8 years in Ger- many for much of his career at compa- nies such as Pfizer and BMS in local, regional and global roles. Ruven comes from a deep background in the areas of Commercial Excellence with strong domain experience in CRM, Commercial Analytics, and Tendering working with industry leading pro- ducts such as Veeva. Ruven has been involved in rollouts of Veeva as a Deployment Lead for multiple coun- tries and as a Subject Matter Expert for Tender Management projects within Europe. Ruven Eul Manager of the European Life Sciences Highpoint Solutions
  9. 9. European Pricing Platform | 9#EPPLIFESCIENCES our speakers Raj has an M.Tech from IIT Delhi and an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He has been in pricing at Philips Healthcare for 5 years evangeli- zing and teaching value based pricing and selling to Healthcare employees. Currently he takes care of North America pricing for the Patient Care and Monitoring group and is also responsible for Global Pricing for Connected Care solutions and Defibrillators. He has worked close to 20 years in the healthcare industry in product management, business development and research roles at Siemens, Bigtec and VMSRF. Raj Kanapathy Senior Pricing Manager Philips Healthcare Patrick has broad operational and mar- keting experience, which he acquired during more than two decades in the pharmaceutical then vaccine industry. He held several positions in training, sales, marketing, market research, strategic planning and in the most recent years in pricing & tender. As a pricing expert he has wide strategic and operational internatio- nal pricing experience in European countries. Patrick leads the Pricing & Tender Strategy department at Sanofi Pasteur MSD in Lyon. Patrick Palluel Head of Pricing & Tender Strategy Sanofi Pasteur MSD Gustavo is the head of the Pricing and Access Intelligence at Otsuka Pharma- ceuticals Europe, where he is in charge of developing the pricing strategies for the entire product portfolio as well as providing business intelligence insights to the global organisation. His previous years indicate his wealth and expertise in the finance indus- try before transitioning into Pricing and Market Access. Prior to joining Otsuka he worked with LEO Pharma for three years as a Global Pricing Manager where he had to manage both strategic and operational pricing at a global and local level. Gustavo graduated in Business administration and has a Masters degree in Finance from NOVA School of Business and Economics in Lisbon – Portugal. He also holds an MBA from Universidade Federal Fluminense in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil. Gustavo Saraiva dos Anjos Head of Pricing and Access Intelligence Otsuka Pharmaceuticals Europe Gerald has been working in the Life Science division of Simon-Kucher & Partners in Germany for the past 14 years. After receiving his degree he worked at the University Hospital of Cologne on the integration and funding of new treatment areas. He received his Ph.D. on a healthcare topic from the University of Cologne in 2001. Gerald’s consulting work focuses on three main aspects: • Developing commercial strategies for innovative and established medical technology products • Optimizing internal pricing and sales processes and structures • Supporting new business develop- ment in the MedTech sector He has worked on national and inter- national projects for various leading MedTech and Diagnostics companies and start-ups as well as for B2B service and product suppliers. Gerald Schnell Partner Simon-Kucher & Partners
  10. 10. | European Pricing Platform #EPPLIFESCIENCES10 our speakers Ed is a Managing Principal with ZS Associates in New York, N.Y. and is the leader of the firm’s Market Access and Pricing practice. He has extensive experience in pharmaceutical marke- ting and pricing from both the corpo- rate pharma and consultancy perspec- tive. His team advises drug companies on product pricing and market access strategy, global pricing policy and internal organizational and process challenges. Most of these projects involve global payer and pricing research through a host of qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Ed’s expertise in global pricing and reimbursement is deep, having served both on the affiliate level as a general manager of a European affiliate and at corporate headquarters as the responsible leader for global pricing and health economics groups at Wyeth, Eli Lilly and BMS. Ed’s exten- sive experience in the pharmaceutical industry includes various sales, marketing and general management positions with Lederle, Wyeth, Eli Lilly and BMS in the United States and Europe. Ed has also led pricing and reimburse- ment consulting practices for Analyti- ca International, Cambridge Pharma/ IMS, and his own consultancy firm. Ed is the author of “The Price of Glo- bal Health,” a groundbreaking book on global drug pricing. The second edition of this book was just published in january 2015. Ed Schoonveld Managing Principal, Market Access and Pricing ZS Associates Christian is Partner in the Life Sciences division of Simon-Kucher & Partners Strategy & Marketing Consul- tants, working for the past 3 years out of the company’s office in Munich, Germany. Previously, he led the Life Sciences team in San Francisco, USA for 6 years and before that worked for 8 years in the company’s headquarters in Bonn, Germany. Since joining Simon-Kucher & Part- ners, he has conducted in-depth research and data analysis for life sci- ences companies and has developed various international pricing and mar- ket entry strategies for new chemical entities, medical devices, diagnostics and scientific equipment. He has supported several top-25 pharma, biotech, medtech and generics companies as well as start-up life sciences companies in successfully commercializing their life sciences products. He has published various articles on pharmaceutical marketing, innovative contracting, fixed reference pricing, generics defense strategies and licensing in both German and English and is a frequent speaker at internati- onal conferences on P&R for pharma- ceuticals in the US and Europe. Christian Schuler Partner Life Sciences Simon-Kucher & Partners Self-motivated, inno- vative professional with comprehensive background creating business strategies through multi-cul- tural and multi-functional teams for global organizations. Multi years of experience in both Pharmaceutical and Medical Device industry. Offers a unique and proven experi- ence in the area of business, infor- mation technology (IT) and change management. Exceptional industry knowledge, leadership and interper- sonal communication skills to enhance customer relationship management (CRM) strategies and revenue ma- nagement solutions. Manish Sharma Senior Manager, Contracts & Pricing Global Revenue Management Lead, Baxalta
  11. 11. European Pricing Platform | 11#EPPLIFESCIENCES our speakers Alexandra Heads up Strategic Pricing within the Mar- ket Access team at Mundipharma International. In this role she leads on European strategic pricing decisions to guide Board deci- sions for in-line products and business development projects. Alexandra completed in 2006 her Business Ad- ministration degree at the University of Regensburg, Germany. She then joined the international consulting firm Simon-Kucher & Partners first in Germany before moving to London in 2010. During her time with Simon-Ku- cher & Partner she focused on the Life Sciences sector and helped many of the Top 20 Pharma & Biotech compa- nies with their international pricing & market access strategies. Alexandra joined Mundipharma International as the Head of Strategic Pricing early 2015. Alexandra Staufer Head of Strategic Pricing Mundipharma International
  12. 12. | European Pricing Platform #EPPLIFESCIENCES12 Partner with us Our partners for the 2016 edition This forum has become an annual appointment to meet up with peers from the Life Sciences industry. To network, to learn, to discuss with pricing experts from Shire Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi, Celgene, Takeda, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Philips Healthcare, Amgen, GE Healthcare and many more global Top 200 Life Sciences companies. The 100+ pricing leaders from these companies will again be offered compelling plenary sessions, separate tracks for Pharma-Biotech-Ge- nerics and MedTech and tangible case studies. Partner with us and join the EPP Life sciences pricing forum 1 +100 attendees expected 2 A good ratio of 80/20 practitioners and experts 3 Best match making and more opportunities to network 4 Relevant content for everyone present 5 Chances to speak 6 A great location 7 A free evening event 1 Profit from global marketing coverage 2 Link your brand with the #1 global pricing and profit optimization knowledge sharing platform 3 Get 1 year round activities 4 Encounter new business opportunities 5 Immerse in 2 days of vivid interaction, discussion, networking and learning 6 Present your solutions to a public that really matters! 7  • • • In a nutshell, these will be the highlights so why should you attend? For more information on sponsor opportunities, please contact Britt Dejager (
  13. 13. European Pricing Platform | 13#EPPLIFESCIENCES About the hotel This majestic 4 star hotel was origi- nally built during the Belle Epoque in 1870 and entirely renovated in 2010. The hotel is just on the lakefront with a phenomenal view of the lake, the promenade, the gardens and of course the snow capped mountains. Please check with Britt ( for the rooms at preferred EPP rates. The forum ticket includes all refresh- ments and evening activity for all attendees. Travel, accommodation, airport transfers and all other general expences will be paid by the atten- dees individually. the venue The train station of Montreux is just opposite the Grand Hotel Suisse Ma- jestic and there is easy access by car as well. A few steps away you can find the steamboat landing stage, the con- gress centre and the shopping area. at the eventaccomodation Venue address Grand Suisse Majestic Avenue des Alpes 45 1820 Montreux Switzerland +41 21 966 33 33
  14. 14. | European Pricing Platform #EPPLIFESCIENCES14 Choose your ticket Register • Pre-forum workshop ‘Tender Management Excellence’ € 895 • 2 day forum (incl. evening event) € 1.595 • Workshop + 2 day forum (incl. evening event) € 2.490 • Consultants and technology vendors fee € 2.995 register and stay updated Do you want to join in a group? Terms & conditions 1 Go to ces-forum-2016/#tickets 2 Choose your ticket 3 Fill out the online registration form 4 Payment 5 Registration completed Please find the Terms & Conditions here. • Get 10% discount when you register with one (1) of your colleagues • Get 15% discount when you register with two (2) of your colleagues • Get 30% discount when you register with three (3) of your colleagues • Get 50% discount when you register with four (4) of your colleagues
  15. 15. European Pricing Platform | 15#EPPLIFESCIENCES We proudly present the partners of the 6th epp life sciences pricing forum 2016 A glance of who attended the previous epp life sciences pricing forum Alliance Life Sciences is a global innovator that delivers peace of mind and unlocks business value with unique solutions to complex commercial problems. With over ten years of dedicated Life Sciences experience, the worldwide team of experts provides insights into Contracting, Pricing, and Access. HighPoint Solutions solves the toughest IT challenges facing companies in the highly regulated life sciences and healthcare industries by providing their clients with practical IT strategies and solution implementations and giving them direct access to the people and technology that get things done. Simon-Kucher & Partners is a global consulting firm specializing in strategy, marketing, pricing and sales. The company has 30 years of experience in helping clients to boost their top line instead of cutting costs. With 760 professionals in 29 offices worldwide, their practice is built on evidence-based, practical strategies for profit improvement.