Why Are We Still Talking About SharePoint Governance? presented by Anders Skjonaa


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When implementing SharePoint you might think that you are adding just another technology to your heterogeneous IT environment. But after a while you realize, that users are doing things with SharePoint that you did not expect them to do. This talk dives into the dynamics of adopting SharePoint as a platform, and shows you a how to setup an operational governance practice using a structured governance framework.

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Why Are We Still Talking About SharePoint Governance? presented by Anders Skjonaa

  1. 1. Why are we still talking about SharePoint Governance? A practical approach to governing SharePoint in your business Anders B. Skjønaa Partner Anders@SharePointPeople.dk
  2. 2. About me… • Founder and Owner of SharePointPeople • 16 year in the it industry • 10 years with SharePoint • 5 years with Microsoft • Primary focus on Governance and Adoption in mid-sized and large corporations across Europe • Built ”SharePoint Governance Framework” and publishes articles and blogpost on the subject frequently, as well as speaks at conferences and events. • Run ”SharePoint Governance Master Classes”
  3. 3. This session • Principles of Governance • SharePoint Platform Governance – Organization and Drivers • SharePoint Governance Framework • Operational Governance or Management? • Practical Implementation Guide
  4. 4. Setting a few things straight… • Understanding Governance is hard… • Governance is NOT operations management • Governance is there from DAY 1 • Governance is a practice – not a task • It IS expensive NOT to do it…
  5. 5. Governance Principles
  6. 6. Principles of a Governance practice Compliance People Productivity Driving Goals Process Governance as a practise Culture Quality Realizing your business Technology Defining goals and building plans Stay in control and turn challenges into opportunities
  7. 7. SharePoint Governance Principles The goal is to ensure that SharePoint investments deliver on business goals! Governance is effectively conducted through a solid framework Reference frameworks for governance: www.isaca.org
  8. 8. SharePoint Platform Governance
  9. 9. Blue Governance ”Green Governance” relates to applications and has a business focus. Contract Management Extranet Intranet Document Management Green Governance SharePoint Platform Governance Examples: • Regulatory Compliance • Update frequency • Branding • Taxonomi (Metadata and tagging) • Workflow / proces latency • Training / Adoption ”Blue Governance” relates to the SharePoint infrastructure. Focus on driving the platform to meet changing requirements, including maintaining the Service Catalogue. SharePoint Service (Providing a common platform for applications) Storage Operating system Directory Examples: • Application ”on-boarding” • Backup / Restore procedures • Change Request procedures • Security • Etc.
  10. 10. Organization and Drivers Value to Business Platform Governance Board User Adoption Productivity & Quality Service Compliance & Security
  11. 11. Application C Application B Application E Application D Application A Service Service Service Service Service Role definitions from SharePoint Governance Framework Master classes
  12. 12. SharePoint Governance Framework
  13. 13. SHAREPOINT VISION Business Driver B Driver A System1 System2 System3 System4 System5 Policy Control Control Procedures/Guides O P E R AT I O N A L S TA F F Policy Control Control Policy Control Procedures/Guides System6 Policy Policy Control Control Policy Policy Control Control Policy Control Policy Policy Control Control Policy Policy Procedures/Guides Business Driver C GOVERNANCE BOARD Business RISK MANAGEMENT will help to control operations to enable you to proactively steer towards your business goals
  14. 14. SHAREPOINT VISION System1 System2 CustomerPortal System5 Policy Control Control Procedures/Guides O P E R AT I O N A L S TA F F Policy Control Control Policy Availability Procedures/Guides System6 Policy Service Logins Masterpages Security Branding Control Retention Policy Control Content Policy Control Control Policy Policy Procedures/Guides COST GOVERNANCE BOARD PRODUCTIVITY QUALITY RISK MANAGEMENT will help to control operations to enable you to proactively steer towards your business goals
  15. 15. Operational Governance or Management?
  16. 16. Governance in relation to Management S H A R E P O I N T FA R M S Governance Practise GOVERNANCE FRAMEWORK • Systems • Policies • Controls • Procedures Controls Controls Controls MANAGEMENT TOOLS • Usage Statistics • Reporting • Backup and Recovery • Service Monitoring • PowerShell W E B A P P L I C AT I O N S SITE COLLECTIONS SITES LISTS & LIBRARIES
  17. 17. Governance and Management Governance Practise S H A R E P O I N T FA R M S • Code deployment (Dev/Test/Staging/Production) • User Access • Controls Controls Controls Internet, Partner site, Internal… • Performance in different regions of the world • Redundancy • Security
  18. 18. Governance and Management W E B A P P L I C AT I O N S Governance Practise • • • • Upgrading individual apps. Service applications URL acces Security • • Controls Controls Controls • • • • Authentication Mode (Classic or Claims) Application isolation Blocked File Types Maximum Upload size SharePoint Designer support Self Service Site Creation
  19. 19. Governance and Management SITE COLLECTIONS Governance Practise Controls Controls Controls • • • • • • • • • Ownership Administration Locks & Quotas SharePoint Designer (Again!) Features (Also multiple places) Sandboxed Solutions Search Auditing User Management
  20. 20. A high-level, but practical Implementation Guide to SharePoint Governance
  21. 21. Governance Practise implementation phases 1. Planning & Organizing 2. Aquisition & Implementation 3. Delivery & Support 4. Monitoring and Evaluating
  22. 22. SharePoint Governance Implementation Guide PLANNING AND ORGANIZING 1. Planning and Organizing Establish Governance Board • 2. Identify business goals (Business Impact Areas) • Aquisition and Implementation 3. 5. Monitoring and Evaluating Ensure funding for the lifetime of the platform. This includes a reasonably calculated yearly governance and development cost. Build the Platform Service Catalogue • 6. If you dont have one, build it now – include strong and clear platform vision Get the management committed • Delivery and Support Get inspiration from the governance principles; Business impact, Security, Productivity, Compliance Update your business plan • 4. Use the governance organization model Limit the catalogue to the services you need now, and make a service roadmap for the rest Define Change Management procedures How, what, who? 7. Create communication plan • Strong communication is required to get people to act in compliance
  23. 23. SharePoint Governance Implementation Guide AQUISITION AND IMPLEMENTATION Planning and Organization 1. Identify existing relevant policies • • Corporate policies may have impact on platform design You must design your SharePoint services to comply with these policies 2. ”Aquisition” of solutions running on the platform Aquisition and Implementation • 3. Identify what systems should be controlled • 4. Delivery and Support 6. A Policy describe how a system supports specific business impact Create the operational team for each service and system • Monitoring and Evaluating A system is ANYTHING that has a policy attached All systems MUST have a reasonable business impact! Build policies for all systems • 5. Start easy and create a ”pipeline” This team will change during the lifetime of the platform. Run relevant training activities • • It is important to create a shared vision for the platform – top to bottom. Introducing the framework help people understand their role and resposibilties
  24. 24. SharePoint Governance Implementation Guide DELIVERY AND SUPPORT Planning and Organization 1. Create your ”Governance Center” • 2. Create meeting schedule • Aquisition and Implementation 3. • 4. Make sure you manage expectations and gain trust among business users Dont launch ANYTHING before you are READY Communicate broadly • • Monitoring and Evaluating Make sure the governance board meets often and quickly gets into the proces of driving this organization Master Change Management from day one • Delivery and Support Dont let your hard work end up in a document Use business impact areas and solutions to give examples of what value SharePoint will bring to the organization Engage the management team on a regular basis
  25. 25. SharePoint Governance Implementation Guide MONITORING AND EVALUATING Planning and Organization 1. • 2. Aquisition and Implementation Monitor business impact status daily Keep a high communication level • 3. Delivery and Support Monitoring and Evaluating Governance must be visible and procedures transparent Drive Change Management hard • 4. The SharePoint governance lead should spend about 20% of time on this – perhaps more in the early endavours Things will change as the platform gets adopted – and they should! Cash in... • By maintaining a fixed focus on the business impact of SharePoint, using The SharePoint Governance Framework will continue to help you drive value from your investment.
  26. 26. =SUM(Slide1:Slide25) • Principles of Governance – Business Impact, Security, Compliance & Productivity • SharePoint Platform Governance – Organization and Drivers • Use a Framework • Operational Governance is related to Management, but they are NOT the same!
  27. 27. Anders B. Skjoenaa @skjoenaa sharepointpeople.wordpress.com www.sharepointpeople.dk anders@sharepointpeople.dk