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Building a Research Infrastructure on the First World War across Borders - Dr Anna Bohn, CENDARI Researcher, Freie Universitat Berlin


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Building a Research Infrastructure on the First World War across Borders - Dr Anna Bohn, CENDARI Researcher, Freie Universitat Berlin

  1. 1. This is 40 point text Gill Sans or another sans-serif text is easiest to read from a distance CENDARI Collaborative European Digital Archival Infrastructure Building up a research infrastructure on the First World War across borders Dr. Anna Bohn Freie Universität Berlin
  2. 2. Directory of Cultural Heritage Institutions
  3. 3. Items on the Subject First World War in the European Library
  4. 4. CENDARI and The European Library • TEL partner institutions can contribute First World War collection descriptions for CENDARI • Increase visibility of resources • provide access to comparable and related collections holdings across institutional and national borders for historical research • can serve as a basis for Research Guides on the First World War
  5. 5. Research Guide Fall of Dynasties: Imperial Russia, Austria-Hungary, German Empire and Ottoman Empire
  6. 6. Item: Le grand-duc Peter Nicholaevitch, BNF
  7. 7. Research Guide Submarine Warfare Left: Signal code book of the Imperial German Navy, National Archives, Kew, Room 40 Middle: log book submarine, Federal Archives Germany. Right: IWM Film 1917: Der Magische Gürtel, poster, IWM
  8. 8.  combines a transnational approach with different media types and sources  defines lists of subjects, creators (persons and corporate bodies), events, locations related to submarine warfare  identifies institutions and their holdings /collections relevant to the topic  establishes links between different holdings/collections  adds annotations to the description of records and/or digitised objects  refers to related archival guides, literature etc. Research Guide: Submarine Warfare
  9. 9. Cooperation with other projects Archives Portal Europe APEx 1914-1918-online. International Encyclopaedia of the First World War DARIAH-EU Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities EFG1914 Europeana collections 1914-1918 http://www.europeana- EHRI European Holocaust Research Infrastructure
  10. 10. Would you like to contribute information on your First World War resources? Please contact us by E-mail: (The European Library) (Freie Universität Berlin) Website: Twitter: @CendariProject Thank you!