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Bucovina Best Practice Cultural Tourism in Rural Areas


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Lacramiora Beilic, of Bucovina Tourism Association in Romania, presents about the "Land of Painted Monasteries" as an opportunity for cultural tourism development, during the EUROPETOUR Multiplier Event in Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria.

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Bucovina Best Practice Cultural Tourism in Rural Areas

  1. 1. BUCOVINA REGION The land of painted monasteries Multiplier Event – Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria 7th of April 2017
  2. 2. The Southern part of the former historical region Bucovina is situated in North-East part of Romania, covering today Suceava county. Suceava county is the second largest administrative territory in Romania: • Surface - 8,553 km2 • Population – 634.810 inhabitants • 8 towns, 396 villages. SUCEAVA is the capital of the county (92.120 inhabitants) GENERAL INFORMATION
  3. 3. BRIEF HISTORY OF BUCOVINA • Historically part of Moldavia, the territory of what became known as Bukovina was, from 1774 to 1918, an administrative division of the Habsburg Monarchy and the Austrian Empire. • After World War I, Romania established control over Bucovina. • In 1940, the northern half of Bukovina was annexed by the Soviet Union, and nowadays is part of Ukraine.
  4. 4. Why is Bucovina a tourism destination? 1. Tourism attractions 2. Accessible roads (E 85 from North to South and E576 fom East to West) 3. Main international airport - Suceava 4. Accommodation facilities (around 350 with more than 10.000 beds) 5. Many restaurants 6. Wellness and leisure facilities 7. Walking trails in the mountain area
  5. 5. People...places...and traditions The natural beauties of these lands such as:  the variety of the landscapes, the folklore elements, the achievements of the inhabitants,  the well-known hospitality, represent factors that prove the value of the tourism potential in Bucovina region.
  6. 6. TOP 5 REASONS TO VISIT BUCOVINA 1. UNESCO Monasteries 2. Amazing nature 3. Local crafts and traditions 4. Leisure or active tourism facilities 5. Gastronomy
  7. 7. Bucovina’s Painted Monasteries • These famous monasteries are an extraordinary architectural treasure from 15th-16th Century in the North of Moldavia, Romania. • The unique features of these monasteries and churches are that they are painted - with dramatic and colorful religious scenes - on their outside walls. • In fact, this is the reason why they are known as "The Painted Monasteries" and also to be distinguished from the other old Orthodox Churches and Monasteries which are traditionally always painted on the inside.
  8. 8. Voroneţ Monastery
  9. 9. Moldoviţa Monastery
  10. 10. Suceviţa Monastery
  13. 13. LEISURE Indoor and outdoor pools Wellness and health centers – mineral waters, natural mofettes Salt therapy (Cacica Salt Mine)
  14. 14. ACTIVE TOURISM  Trekking Mountain bike Nordic walking Climbing River rafting Horse riding Zip line Via ferrata
  15. 15. Trekking
  16. 16. Mountain biking
  17. 17. Ski fond
  18. 18. Horse riding
  19. 19. GASTRONOMY Guests are welcomed heartily in Bucovina, with a glass of wine or of traditional home- made “tzuica” (plum brandy) or “afinata” (blueberry liqueur)
  20. 20. … and the local gastronomy is a real adventure with temptations: • the traditional "mamaliga" (polenta) with pork meet and sheep cheese • the smoked trout • the sarmale (meat rolls in cabbage leaves) are all local specialties waiting to be tasted by visitors.
  21. 21. Why is Bucovina a good practice? • Good quality of tourism services • Trained staff • Customer oriented management • Sustainable tourism development
  22. 22. Good Quality of Tourism Services Tourism information Transport Entertainment and cultural events Tourist assistance Leisure and active tourism Gastronomy Accommodation Tourism guidance Booking and confirmation
  23. 23. Trained and motivated staff Qualifying training courses (in all basic level positions: cook, waiter, bartender, receptionist, room maid, travel agent, tour guide a.s.o.) Foreign languages training courses IT and marketing training
  24. 24. SETTING ACTIVITY • Perfect destination for holidays and trips, for spending the free time, for culture and other activities • Unspoiled nature, rich in unique cultural objectives • Hospitality in rural area and fine gastronomy • Easy to reach and safe • Various accommodation / from chalets to boarding houses, inns • Product development, tourism programms • Regional marketing strategy • Co-operation with the central and local administration • Developing promotion materials; • Fair participation, organization of info-trips for tour-operators • Promoting exchange of information, publications, specialists Sustainable Development
  25. 25. PPP future projects With the help of local community - Regional marketing strategy - Co-operation with the central and local administration - Improving the infrastructure - Promoting exchange of information, publications, specialists - Developing promotion materials; - Product development, speciffic tourism programms - Fair participation - Organization of info-trips for tour-operators -Restauration of traditional old houses; - Infrastructure development -Project development and implementation - Co-financing promotion materials Regional associations Investors
  26. 26. Invitation and motto Come in Bucovina as a tourist and leave as a friend!