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Europe InfoGroup (EN)


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The solution to promote research and development of new solutions is to invest in new forms of "modus operandi" with strategy and awareness; for example, to invest in new financing instruments, such as European funding programs direct and indirect, the bank funds European investment Bank (EIB); or as the formula of public-private partnerships (PPP); or as other forms, such as crowdfunding or venture capital.

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Europe InfoGroup (EN)

  1. 1. Avv. Alessandra Finocchio Dr.ssa Lucia Di Giambattista IDEA, CREATIVE, BUSINESS NEW OPPORTUNITIES OF FUNDING
  2. 2. ABOUT US “Europe InfoGroup is a working group that brings together the professionals to give support to the enterprises, research institute, no-profit organization acting National- European-International level, in different areas.”
  3. 3. MISSION  Supporting the Ideas  Highlighting the Creative  Developing the Business
  4. 4. SERVICES OFFERED  Information on the different funding instruments and on calls actived.  Research call for proposal and call for tenders.  Idea development and writing of the proposal (including templates, Gantt / Pert diagrams, budget, etc.).  Proposal presentation (including the collection and the sending corporate documents)  Search Partners (industry, academia and the public entity)  Creating Consortiums, ATI, etc.  Drafting specific agreements (confidentiality, cooperation and intellectual property protection)  Consortia Management, ATI, etc.  Project management (technical, administrative - legal)  Reporting project  Registration to the Participant Portal Committee (PIC number, LEAR)  Registration Mark (National / European Office)
  5. 5. OTHER SERVICES  Legal Advice and Assistance  Consultancy in the Business Development  Consultancy in the Marketing & Communication  Consultancy in the HR Recruitment
  6. 6. Email: