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Getting your project started in fp7

  1. 1. Getting your project startedJunior Project Management course – Europa Media TrainingsBudapest, 13-15 April 2011. Ms. Adrienn Cseko Project Manager
  2. 2. Content Who is Who? Consortium Agreement Kick-off meeting Communication and management Things to keep in mind
  3. 3. Who is Who?Project Officer and the Legal European Commissionand Financial Officer:The consortium’s interface with the ECCoordinator: The Consortium’s representative Coordinator towards the EC Keeps the project on trackPartners:Joint responsibility for the Project P1 P2 P3 Pximplementation defined by the GA!Subcontractor(s):Not part of Consortium – profit included Subcontractors
  4. 4. Consortium Agreement Civil contract between the Beneficiaries Why?Mandatory unless… When?
  5. 5. CA – What to include Definitions Technical Provisions Managerial Provisions Steering Committee - powers and roles of the decision making bodies, specific rules of voting Mechanisms for quality assurance and control - Internal deliverables Financial Provisions IPR - dissemination & use Access rights to background Ownership, transfer, protection of foreground General Provisions Check list:
  6. 6. CA - Possible problems and mistakes Applicable law – if you want to base the CA on the Belgian law: get a lawyer from Belgium Lack of definitions – guaranteed disaster!! Hastily prepared Roadmap and consequences for failure or withdrawal not laid out properly IPR, business plans not laid out properly (use annexes)
  7. 7. CA – Information & HelpStandard modular Consortium Agreements:DESCA, IMG4, IPCA, EUCAR Comparison of different CA models and modular agreements are available online Example: Helpdesk:
  8. 8. Getting started with the Kick-off meeting Specify the date well in advance Invite the Project Officer Agenda – everyone should be active at the meeting Organise: Public session? Site visits? Ice-breaking event(s)
  9. 9. Kick-off meeting - what to include? Coordinator’s perspective and the basics - clarifying the project concept and interdependencies between WPs! EC’s perspective Introduction of each partner Work Package presentations by WP leaders Critical path – overview of critical issues IPR issues including the Consortium Agreement Administration, internal monitoring, decision-making structure, financial issues ....
  10. 10. Kick-off meeting - Detailed planningDetailed work planning is crucial for the project WP discussions including: Activities – timeline – resources – partners’ roles and responsibilities Detailed planning for the first 6 months/1st year : Who is doing what when? Deliverables; by whom, by when? Formats - reports, data, templates
  11. 11. Kick-off meeting - Train your partnersInclude a training session on reporting Technical reporting Financial reporting Provide: Templates Practical examples Never assume that the partners already know!
  12. 12. Minutes of the Kick-off meeting Who was present? – signed attendance list What was discussed? Critical points, questions, conclusions Activities in detail, timeline, results, person hours, links to other tasks description of responsible task deadline the task person/partner 1 task 1.1 task 1.2 task 2 task 2.1 task …
  13. 13. …and for the first few months… Test and implement your project management systems and routines: Intranet Protocol on delivery and reporting (in-house deliverables) Test your communication protocols; sometimes e-mail is not enough „In-house” deliverables – monitoring performance Arising problems: if there is smoke there is fire!!!
  14. 14. Final remarksNever underestimate the human factorSet the good, efficient and pleasant working stylefrom the very beginningDeadline is deadline!Be proactive and creativeKeep your Project Officer and your partners happy☺
  15. 15. Thank you for your attention! Adrienn Cseko © Geonardo Ltd. It is not allowed to use or distribute the content and design of the presentation without prior agreement.