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Co dem europa_intercluster_05.04.2011


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Sustainable Construction InterCluster Club meeting -
April 5th, Brussels

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Co dem europa_intercluster_05.04.2011

  1. 1. Ensemble, construisons durablement l’avenir !<br />Sustainable Construction & Eco Materials<br />
  2. 2. Ensemble, construisons durablement l’avenir !<br />3 Missions for local <br />& sustainable development<br />To Help universities and private R&D company for transferring eco materials innovations to regional industry, and to help industry to have new eco products on a sustainable market.<br />To create, reinforce and animate a professional network for green building activities. From the conception of buildings to destructions.<br />To test innovations (materials and others) on experimental sites<br />Collaborators in R&D for your Green Building and Material innovations<br />
  3. 3. Ensemble, construisons durablement l’avenir !<br />We sell our expertise for industrial development <br />Eco materials characterization<br /><ul><li>Mechanical behavior in climatic room (Traction, compression,…)
  4. 4. Choc resistance
  5. 5. Thermal behavior (conductivity and dynamic behavior)
  6. 6. Water absorption, water and steam permeability</li></ul>Eco materials process<br /><ul><li>Processing materials
  7. 7. Plant particles treatments
  8. 8. Matrix modifications</li></ul>Green building & eco materials network<br /><ul><li>Technical meetings
  9. 9. Information, knowledge center
  10. 10. 1st level diagnostic in green building</li></ul>Green building & eco materials experimentation<br /><ul><li>Testing materials and innovative technologies in situ
  11. 11. Monitoring building performances, insulation efficacy
  12. 12. Testing air quality</li></li></ul><li>Ensemble, construisons durablement l’avenir !<br />GREENBUILD NETWORK<br />CoDEM is an active member of several networks:<br /><ul><li>Regional network for Environmental Construction Quality:</li></ul><br />-Regional network for education in construction<br />-Member of IAR “Industrie & AgroRessources” world class competitiveness cluster<br /> Chairing the “agro materials & construction” commission<br />-Founding Member of FRANCE GBC<br />
  13. 13. Ensemble, construisons durablement l’avenir !<br />Member of the Inter-cluster Group<br />PLAN BÂTIMENT GRENELLE<br /><ul><li>Programs exchange and best practices
  14. 14. Skills reinforcement
  15. 15. National pilot Identification on specificthemes relating to the development ofeco-construction</li></ul>The inter-cluster promotes knowledge sharing, experiments and ways to rise to large projects.<br />
  16. 16. Ensemble, construisons durablement l’avenir !<br />Thankyou for attention<br />Blaise DUPRE, General Manager<br />Contact :<br /><br />+33 322 342 705<br />