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Exactly 50 years ago, Europ Assistance 
France was ...
At last! The big day’s here. Alex has arrived at his rented holiday 
home with his three-year-old son Simon. Alex found th...
With 19 days and 1,519 km already behind her, Genia never gets tired 
of exploring the Brazilian highways, soaking up the ...
Lukas has plenty of energy to spare… There’s nothing he likes better 
than playing with his son Niels. And Niels is never ...
— She’s watching over you — 
Lungile’s 270-day pregnancy went like a breeze. It was almost 
as if life hadn’t changed at a...
Receiving day-to-day support to ensure greater peace of mind ...
1, 417M 
56 +65% 
Operating result 
companies and branches 
in 33 countries 
8,000 ...
140 3,200,000 
30,900 6,010 
intervention every 2 seconds 
around the world 
calls processed every second 
around th...
Europ Assistance Group 
Europ Assistance Holding 
Postal address: 7 boulevard Haussmann 
75309 Paris Cedex 09 - Fr...
1963 — 2013 
Managing a worldwide network, Europ Assistance is today 
very much part of the day-to-d...
“We’re all going on a summer holiday!” 
The 1960s also saw the happy advent of the third and later the fourth week of paid...
“More and more of us are travelling...” 
With the car boom in full swing, Fiat, Renault, BMW and Volkswagen competed 
”New horizons” 
1989. The event virtually monopolised the media: the Berlin Wall had come down. 
A world divided into two ...
“A time of great technological progress” 
The rise of the Internet in the 1990s brought with it the promise of a networked...
“This is the Care Revolution!” 
With health, home services and wellbeing, new needs are now appearing. 
New services are b...
“What about social innovation too?” 
The world around us is fragile. Peoples’ basic expectations have changed, with the 
On March 25, Pierre Desnos registers the company Europ Assistance in the French trade ...
— 2001 — 
— 2004 — 
— 2008 — 
— 2003 — 
— 2006 — 
— 2009 — 
— 2002 — 
— 2005 — 
— 2007 — 
• Europ Assistance perfo...
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Europ Assistance 2013 annual report - 50th anniversary edition

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  1. 1. 2013 18,250 DAYS OF CARE SERVICES
  2. 2. GUARANTEEING YOU WELL-BEING AND PEACE OF MIND ON A DAILY BASIS ———— Exactly 50 years ago, Europ Assistance France was founded. This pioneering company invented the assistance concept. From the outset, the Europ Assistance Group has favoured innovation as the driving force of its efforts to serve its clients over these five decades. More recently, during the last 10 years the Europ Assistance Group has developed a new generation of personalised services, the Care Services which have revolutionised the industry, combining human intervention with state-of-the-art technology to provide support to everyone in all of life’s circumstances from day-to-day situations to emergencies. Constantly moving forward, the Care Services meet the need for safety, security and peace of mind expressed by more than 300 million clients worldwide. By continuing the forward-looking approach which has enabled the company to more than double in size in the space of a decade while also improving its profitability, so vital to generating new investment and innovation capacity for its clients, the Europ Assistance Group is strengthening its position as an assistance world leader in a fast changing market. Thanks to the day-to-day commitment and know-how of the Group’s 8000 staff, whose efforts I salute, Europ Assistance can take care of you and meet your own personal assistance needs at any time. 00 01 THE LEADING BRAND FOR CARE SERVICES ———— THE CARE SPIRIT MEANS… Being near… To be able to offer high added value technological and human personalised assistance services, Europ Assistance has placed great emphasis on geographical proximity to its clients. With no fewer than 8,000 staff and 33 subsidiaries, the Group also draws upon 425,000 service providers on five continents. Being ready to listen… Ever attentive to changes in consumption patterns and the demand for new services, Europ Assistance develops tailored product ranges perfectly adapted to the needs of its clients and to national and local markets. Being inventive… As the new technologies are having a severe impact on the way assistance activities are performed and delivered, the Group is constantly designing new products to further expand its range of services, enabling it to react more quickly and more effectively to its clients’ expectations. Being committed… Fully convinced that the Care promise can only be honoured by remaining attentive and committed, Europ Assistance is keen to share a number of common core values with its clients, and staff, including: a pioneering spirit, integrity, value creation, team performance Martin Vial, Group CEO and a commitment to the client.
  3. 3. At last! The big day’s here. Alex has arrived at his rented holiday home with his three-year-old son Simon. Alex found the holiday property of his dreams on the Internet. He spent a long time surfing, hesitating and comparing, but now he’s happy he made the right choice. He knows that the next 21 days he’ll be spending here with Simon will be 21 days of pure joy. Because the staff at Europ Assistance have guaranteed his reservation and will be there to manage any difficulties which crop up. Alex can enjoy his holiday home and the surrounding region with his son. Have a great holiday Simon! — She’s watching over you — As certain times in your life are particularly precious, Esther, a customer service coordinator at Europ Assistance France, proposes solutions for holidaymakers like Alex, keen to protect themselves against any unpleasant surprises related to the rental of holiday properties over the Internet. 02 03
  4. 4. With 19 days and 1,519 km already behind her, Genia never gets tired of exploring the Brazilian highways, soaking up the beauty of her home country and discovering wild beaches, lively plantations and small, traditional villages. As Genia sees it, this journey back to the old country is nothing short of a dream. A dream made up of amazing chance encounters and unforgettable moments. Some would consider a 2,000 km road trip to be a little adventurous but Genia has complete peace of mind. Everything is covered. Wherever she is, Europ Assistance is watching over her, ready to assist her if she needs it. And she’s still got another 11 days’ discovery ahead of her! 04 05 — He’s watching over you — The world’s a big place. This is why Fabio, an assistance representative in Brazil, makes use of the GPS and web technologies developed by Europ Assistance including precisely locating the client’s position, contacting the nearest breakdown mechanic and providing assistance as quickly as possible. Clients can resume their journey with peace of mind. That’s real mobility!
  5. 5. Lukas has plenty of energy to spare… There’s nothing he likes better than playing with his son Niels. And Niels is never bothered by his father’s diabetes. Lukas has been living with diabetes for 35 years now and has learned to manage it thanks to the staff at Europ Assistance. Following their advice and keeping to a few simple rules in his day-to-day life, he can enjoy family outings, trips and sport. Thanks to the presence of a medical team at his side, Lukas has been getting the most out of life for 1,462 days now and certainly intends to continue that way! Niels couldn’t agree more. 06 07 — They’re watching over you — In Austria and elsewhere, doctors, nurses, sports specialists, nutritionists, psychologists and many other professionals coordinate the monitoring of patients suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes.
  6. 6. — She’s watching over you — Lungile’s 270-day pregnancy went like a breeze. It was almost as if life hadn’t changed at all. Lily was there and Lungile could only think of her. Even during her 30-day house move, because the men and women from Europ Assistance managed everything: the removal teams, cleaning, insurance for the new home, etc. For her part, Lungile could only think about Lily. She knew that everything would be ready for her arrival. Today, Lungile and Lily enjoy a relaxed and trouble-free life in their new home. 08 09 House moves are key life events but need not be stressful if you’ve got the right people to help you. Emily, an assistance representative in Johannesburg, handles the preparations, assisting and monitoring clients moving home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. She coordinates the proposed solutions and ensures genuine peace of mind for her customers. That’s the true meaning of freedom!
  7. 7. CARE SERVICES: ACCOMPANYING YOU IN A CHANGING WORLD ———— Receiving day-to-day support to ensure greater peace of mind in your personal, family or professional life is now possible thanks to the Care Services, which draw upon the extraordinary potential offered by the new technologies. The Care Services offer our clients access to better adapted, more efficient and faster solutions. ATTENTIVE TO THE NEEDS OF THE MARKET ———— For the last 13 years, each year Europ Assistance has had the “Baromètre Vacances” (Holiday Barometer) survey performed by a French market research company (Ipsos). Involving 3,500 Europeans, this leading survey seeks to estimate the holiday intentions of citizens in seven countries including the reasons for their choices, the holiday destinations and the types of stay they prefer. To mark the 50th anniversary of its founding, Europ Assistance is naturally keen to look back on the major improvements achieved over the last half a century where holidays and travel are concerned. Assistance naturally ranks highly. The “Baromètre Santé et Société” (Health & Society Survey) performed at the initiative of Europ Assistance over the last seven years by the French company CSA, makes it possible to annually review the practices, expectations and concerns of citizens from nine European countries and the United States where health is concerned. This is a good way to anticipate the far-reaching changes underway in the health sector. THE “BAROMÈTRE SANTÉ & SOCIÉTÉ” (HEALTH & SOCIETY SURVEY) / CSA Source: Baromètre Santé & Société – Europ Assistance/CSA 2013. The top three improvements viewed as most important in the tourism and holiday fields over the last 50 years by Europeans: SERVING THE MAJOR INTERNATIONAL GROUPS ———— Europ Assistance Global Corporate Solutions (GCS) is today an international activity branch of the Europ Assistance Group offering major international groups and international players in the health field a complete range of health, safety and security solutions for their local employees, business travellers and expatriates. The delivery of on-site medical care solutions, the management of health plans, medical evacuation services, support with employee mobility, the organisation of health care abroad, prevention and information campaigns, local and international health plan management, etc., are all examples of the human and material resources managed and centralised by the Europ Assistance Group’s global health division. TRAVEL —— In addition to its traditional core activity of medical repatriation, Europ Assistance also develops innovative products and services enabling its clients to assemble custom solutions to suit their needs, adapted to their new travel preferences. > Digital Travel Solutions: Europ Assistance has designed a complete range of web-based and mobile solutions to help travellers during their trips abroad including: details of official documents and formalities for each destination, keywords and phrases in the local language, a currency converter, important information about health and travel risks, the online subscription of travel assurance and assistance, online claim declarations, access to your personal account and travel planning tools, etc. AUTOMOTIVE —— Europ Assistance is constantly adding to its range of services to provide support for increasingly mobile clients. A range of innovative web services and mobile applications have joined a unique network which can be deployed at any time to guarantee the safety, security and well-being of drivers. > Automotive App Solutions: An application which allows for a GPS connection with the assistance centre in the event of a breakdown and the automatic transmission of the information needed for a breakdown repair. > Central Telematic Solution: This platform centralises data flows from telematic units installed in the vehicles by the car manufacturers, allowing for the tracking of stolen vehicles, the localisation of broken down or accident damaged vehicles, and the remote assessment of the type of repair necessary, etc. Tomorrow is already here! HEALTH —— With longer life expectancy, constantly increasing requirements for protection or new challenges concerning health and dependency, Europ Assistance provides personalised assistance, medical supervision and teleassistance solutions. > The monitoring of chronic illnesses: Thanks to the incredible progress achieved in the health field, the Europ Assistance Group is constantly updating its activities. In the health field too, Europ Assistance has made the new technologies a source of well-being for its clients through a series of programmes which combine (for example) screening, support and home-based monitoring for patients suffering from high blood pressure, in liaison with their GP. A nurse performs the ECG, which is then assessed off-site. HOME —— Day after day, Europ Assistance designs high quality home services to support its clients in all kinds of day-to-day situations throughout their lives. > Easy: This loyalty programme was designed by Europ Assistance in Italy to make daily life easier for its customers. Among other things it includes a 24 hours a day personal assistant and planning manager (who manages daily tasks, home emergencies, medical assistance and appointment-making), protection against fraud and identity theft, a medical passport and an electronic health record (with medical files being stored in electronic form for use at home and when travelling, etc.). 10 11 68% 72% of Europeans and Americans believe that medical repatriation is a major improvement when it comes to saving lives... the development of air transport 53% 71% ... to travelling as a family the possibility to arrange your holidays by Internet 44% 69% ... to discovering far away and less well-known countries. being assisted and protected in the event of problems during your holidays THE “BAROMÈTRE VACANCES” HOLIDAY BAROMETER / IPSOS Source: Baromètre Vacances Ipsos – Europ Assistance 2013.
  8. 8. 12 13 1, 417M Consolidated 56 +65% (2012/2011) Operating result 44 companies and branches in 33 countries 8,000 employees 72% of revenue achieved outside France €254 M of shareholders’ equity revenue € GROUP MANAGEMENT AND ORGANISATION Europ Assistance Holding Board of Directors ———— Claude Tendil, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer of Generali France Martin Vial, Member of the Board, Chief Executive Officer Sergio Balbinot, Member of the Board, Member of the Executive Committee and Group Chief Insurance Officer of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A Michel Beauchesne, Member of the Board, Chief Executive Officer of La Réunion Aérienne Alessandro Dona, Permanent Representative of Generali Vie, Member of the Board, Group Insurance Operations Director of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A Thomas Saunier, Permanent Representative of Generali Iard, Member of the Board, Managing Director of Generali France Valter Trevisani, Permanent Representative of Generali France, Member of the Board, Deputy Managing Director of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A Paolo Vagnone, Member of the Board, Member of the Executive Committee and Head of Global Business Lines of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A GROUP EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE ———— Odile Collignon Deputy Managing Director Resource Centre* GENERALI & EUROP ASSISTANCE ———— Martin Vial CEO Paolo Frapiccini Executive Vice International Sales and Switzerland, Austria, Eastern Europe Region Managing Director of Europ Assistance Italy Thierry Depois Executive Vice President Re-engineering, Operations and Information Systems* France, Benelux, North America Region and Managing Director of Europ Assistance France Manrico Iachia Executive Vice and Prospective Centre* Iberian Peninsula, South America, Asia and Africa Managing Director of Europ Assistance Portugal A powerful shareholder. A shared adventure. President Marketing* Italy, Germany, and President Innovation Region and Europ Assistance and the Generali Group go back a long way together. Their relationship begins with a meeting between two men. These were Europ Assistance’s founder Pierre Desnos and André Rosa, the President of the French insurance company Concorde, controlled by Generali, which provided him with the resources he needed to make a success of his human-centric business project. Fifty years later, thanks to the ongoing commitment of Generali, its main shareholder since it was founded and its sole shareholder since 2002*, the Europ Assistance Group has today become a world leader in this sector, an international Group and a powerful, widely recognised brand. Today, the close links between Europ Assistance and Generali not only bear witness to their historical ties but also offer great promise for the future. As a highly committed shareholder from the outset, which has helped Europ Assistance to expand, the Generali Group is a key partner with whom Europ Assistance achieves almost 15% of its turnover globally. The Europ Assistance Group’s 8,000 staff are working to contribute to the new global ambitions and reach of Generali Group, with the same pioneering spirit they have displayed for half a century now. * After the Fiat Group left that year, having held a 40% shareholding since 1994. 2012 TURNOVER Breakdown by activity 48% Automotive 26% Travel 10% Home & Family 15% Health 1% Other 100% Total NUMBER OF INTERVENTIONS PERFORMED IN 2012 Breakdown by activity 4,000,000 Automotive 800,000 Travel 1,000,000 Home & Family 1,200,000 Health 5,400,000 Other 12,400,000 Total M * Group cross-functional divisions
  9. 9. 1 2 140 3,200,000 30,900 6,010 intervention every 2 seconds around the world calls processed every second around the world countries in which Europ Assistance intervened in 2012 EUROP ASSISTANCE: A GLOBAL POWER, JUST AROUND THE CORNER ———— 14 15 208 countries covered by the Group’s correspondents 400 medical professionals 8,000 employees 4,700 Care Makers, Europ Assistance’s assistance representatives throughout the world 425,000 listed partners Subsidiaries Customers assistance centers Correspondents’ offices drivers receive breakdown repairs from Europ Assistance worldwide tickets issued to repatriate our clients hours flown by air ambulances 300 MILLION clients covered by Europ Assistance or via its partners 12.4 million interventions performed in 2012 62 million calls handled by assistance representatives per year 35 customers assistance centers Angers, Athens, Badajoz (Spain), Barcelona, Beijing, Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Fort Lauderdale (USA), Geneva, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Le Mans (France), Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, Papeete, Paris, Prague, Rende (Italy), Rostock (Germany), San Diego, Santiago (Chile), São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Toronto, Warsaw, Vienna, Washington DC, Zurich. 44 companies and branches in 33 countries Angola, Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, Chile, China, Congo, Czech Republic, France, French Polynesia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United States.
  10. 10. 16 17 Europ Assistance Group Europ Assistance Holding Postal address: 7 boulevard Haussmann 75309 Paris Cedex 09 - France Office: 1-3 avenue François Mitterrand 93200 Saint-Denis - France Tel.: +33 (0) 1 58 34 23 00 Europ Assistance - Global Corporate Solutions (GCS) GCS Headquarters Europ Assistance - IHS Services SAS 7 boulevard Haussmann 75309 Paris Cedex 09 France Tel.: +33 (0)1 58 34 23 79 GCS - ITPA Division CMN Global Inc. 150 Commerce Valley Drive West, 9th Floor Thornhill - Ontario - Canada L3T 7Z1 Tel.: +1 905 669 4333 Care Management Network Inc. 83 Sandringham House, Shirley Street P. O. Box AP 59217 slot 2052 Nassau - Bahamas Tel.: +1 242 397 04 27 GCS Angola Europ Assistance IHS Services Angola, Lda Rua Comandante Stona n°144 Bairro Alvalade - Luanda - Angola Tel.: +244 222 012 639 GCS Chad Europ Assistance IHS Services Chad Route de Farcha, Base SOGEA SATOM, Porte n°5, BP 762 - N’Djaména - Chad Tel.: +235 22 52 31 00 GCS Congo Europ Assistance-IHS Services Congo SARLU CMC Medico Medical Center c/o CMC Medico, Quartier Centre-Ville B.P.4473 Pointe Noire - Congo GCS French Polynesia Europ Assistance Océanie 22 Rue Nansouty BP 40196, 98713, Papeete, Tahiti Tel.: +689 50 78 50 GCS Nigeria EA-IHS Services Nigeria Limited Bishop Moynagh Avenue, State Housing Estate - PMB 1017 Cross river state - Calabar - Nigeria RC: 860878 Tel.: +234 706 782 7241 France Europ Assistance France 1 promenade de la Bonnette 92633 Gennevilliers Cedex Tel.: + 33 (0)1 41 85 85 85 Bien-Être à la Carte - Bien-Être Assistance 1, rue Mozart 92587 Clichy Cedex Tel.: +33 (0)1 53 58 73 00 Icare 160 bis rue de Paris 92100 Boulogne Tel.: + 33 (0)1 41 10 19 00 Océalis 14 terrasse Bellini 92800 Puteaux Tel.: +33 (0)1 70 72 46 10 Germany Europ Assistance Versicherungs-AG Infanteriestrasse 11 D-80797 München Tel.: +49 (0)89 55 987 0 Greece Europ Assistance Greece Pireus st. 205 Panagi Tsaldari Tavros 17778, Athens Tel.: +30 210 349 7000 Hungary Europ Assistance Hungary 1134 Budapest Dévai utca 26-28 Tel.: +36 1 458 44 25 India Europ Assistance India Pvt. Ltd. C-301, Business Square Andheri Kurla Road, Chakala Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400093 Tel.: +91 22 6734 7878 Ireland Europ Assistance Holding Irish Branch 3rd floor, 13-17 Dawson St Dublin 2 Tel.: +353 (0) 1 897 3200 Italy Europ Assistance Italy Piazza Trento, 8 20135 Milano Tel.: + 39 02 58 38 41 Poland Europ Assistance Polska ul. Wołoska 5 02-675 Warsaw Tel.: +48 22 205 50 00 Portugal Europ Assistance, Companhia Portuguesa de Seguros, SA Avenida Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro nº75 10º andar - 1070-061 Lisbon Tel.: +351 21 386 00 03 GCS South Africa Europ Assistance International Health Solutions (Proprietary) Limited Valley View Office Park, 680 Joseph Lister Street, Constantia Kloof Extension 31 Florida 1709 - Republic of South Africa Tel.: +27 11 991 9032 GCS USA GMMI Inc. 1300 Concord Terrace, Suite 300, Sunrise FL 33323 USA Tel.: +1 954 370 6404 Argentina Europ Assistance Argentina Carlos Pellegrini 1149 8 piso C1009ABW Buenos Aires Tel.: +54 11 43 22 47 00 Austria Europ Assistance Gesellschaft m.b.H. Kratochwjlestrasse 4 1220 Wien Tel.: +43 1 319 55 70 Belgium Europ Assistance Belgium SA Bd du Triomphe 172 1160 Bruxelles Tel.: + 32 (0) 2 533 75 75 Brazil Europ Assistance Brasil Alameda Tocantins, 125 - 3º, 5º ao 9º e 17º andares CEP: 06455-020 - Alphaville - Barueri - SP Tel.: +55 11 4133 9080 Canada Europ Assistance Canada 150 Commerce Valley Drive West, 9th Floor Thornhill, Ontario L3T 7Z3 Canada Tel.: +1 905 669-4333 Tel.: +1 800 310 6970 Chile Europ Assistance Chile Avenida Andrés Bello 2115, Piso 2, Providencia, Santiago de Chile Tel.: + 56 (2) 25 83 68 00 China Europ Assistance Travel Assistance Services (Beijing) Co Ltd Rm 2107, The Exchange Beijing, No 118 Yi, Jianguo Rd, Chaoyang District, 100022 Beijing, P.R. Tel.: +86 10 6567 8005 Czech Republic Europ Assistance Czech Republic Na Pankraci 1683/127 140 00 Praha 4 Tel.: +420 221 586 111 Romania Europ Assistance Romanian Branch 59th Popa Tatu Street, 2nd Floor, 6th Flat 010803, Bucharest Tel.: +40 213 006 096 Russia Europ Assistance CIS Letnikovskaya st. 11/10, b.3 115114 Moscow Tel.: +7495 787 2179 Serbia Europ Assistance Hungary - Ogranak u Beogradu Gandijeva 76a, 11070 Novi Beograd Tel.: +381 (11) 228 45 82 Singapore Europ Assistance Worldwide Services Pte Ltd 3 Pickering Street #02-15 Nankin Row China Square Central Singapore 048660 Tel.: +65 6557 2129 South Africa Europ Assistance South Africa (Pty) Ltd Valley View Office Park 680 Joseph Lister Street Constantia Kloof, Ext 31 Tel.: +27 (0)11 991 8000 / 9000 Spain Europ Assistance España SA Calle Orense, 4 28020 Madrid Tel.: +34 91 514 99 00 Switzerland Europ Assistance Suisse Air Center - Chemin des Coquelicots 16 1214 Vernier / Genève Tel.: +41 22 939 22 44 Turkey Europ Assistance Yardım ve Destek Hizmetleri Ticaret Anonim Sirketi Ortaklar Caddesi Bahçeler Sokak No:20 Kat:2 Mecidiyeköy Istanbul Tel.: +90 (0) 212 337 20 02 United States Europ Assistance USA 4330 East West Highway, Suite 1000 Bethesda, MD 20814 Tel.: +1 240 330 1000 CSA Travel Protection 4181 Ruffin Road, Suite 150 San Diego, CA 92123 Tel.: +1 858-810-2004 OUR SUBSIDIARIES WORLDWIDE ———— You can find full details of the Europ Assistance Group’s companies at
  12. 12. A HISTORICALLY STRONG BRAND ———— Managing a worldwide network, Europ Assistance is today very much part of the day-to-day lives of tens of millions of consumers around the world. Benefiting from its proud history, the attractiveness of its range of products and services and its value in the eyes of the general public, the Europ Assistance brand is known, recognised and appreciated by its clients. Its brand recognition level is particularly high in France, Italy, Belgium and Spain, where the company has been based for a long while. Everywhere around the world, the Europ Assistance brand, which is chiefly included in the packages offered by its clients and partners, is synonymous with innovation and performance. For this reason it is not only a highly appreciated brand in its own right, but above all one which is preferred and chosen by hundreds of other major brands. 00 01 OUR STORY: IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU ———— 50 years of attentively tracking emerging needs. This admirably sums up Europ Assistance’s history. The story of Europ Assistance begins back in 1963, at the initiative of Pierre Desnos: he was the first to identify the emerging needs of holidaymakers back then, fully appreciating the scale of the changes underway and the unprecedented growth in tourism and motoring. He invented the assistance concept, which in turn gave rise to the Group. This new business activity quickly came on to play important role in the day-to- day life of consumers wishing to enjoy maximum protection during their trips, whether on holiday or in their car. After the 1980s, a time of international expansion, a decisive moment came in the 2000s with the creation of two new activities: health and personal services. This was a response to what we refer to as the “Care Revolution”, characterised by an ever-growing need for personalised services, the continued growth in demand for care, increasing urbanisation, greater mobility and rising life expectancy, etc. Over the course of half a century, the Europ Assistance Group has enjoyed the unwavering support of its shareholder, Generali, in the development and promotion of assistance around the world. By combining human intervention with the latest technology, moving from assistance in specific situations to ongoing assistance with day-to-day life, we have rolled back the boundaries of the assistance industry and created a new generation of services for the benefit of all of our clients: the Care Services. This new concept has become a day-to-day reality for our 300 million customers worldwide. Martin Vial, Group CEO Pierre Desnos: a visionary If assistance is today a universal concept available worldwide, this is thanks to the extraordinary intuition of one man, Pierre Desnos. By inventing the medical repatriation concept in 1963, he not only created Europ Assistance but a complete industry which has since gone on to anticipate new consumer needs. Pierre Desnos was also an entrepreneur, ahead of his time in the marketing field. Here, we are talking about marketing in the noble sense of the term: offering consumers useful services to make their lives easier. Pierre Desnos was always attentive to the winds of change and was always a keen source of new ideas, instilling in his Group a modern and resolutely forward-looking corporate spirit. When he passed away in 2007 Pierre Desnos left behind him an incredible human and entrepreneurial success story of which all of the Group’s staff are the heirs and protectors. For now and always. France Aided brand awareness Belgium Aided brand awareness Italy Aided brand awareness Spontaneous brand awareness Spontaneous brand awareness Spontaneous brand awareness Europ Assistance is the first assistance brand mentioned by the French, Belgians and Italians among all assistance brands. Europ Assistance has advertised since its inception in France and in many other countries. 73% 84% 52% 26%* 25%** 25%*** Sources: * TNS Sofres (September 2012), ** Ipsos (March 2013), *** Doxa (December 2012).
  13. 13. “We’re all going on a summer holiday!” The 1960s also saw the happy advent of the third and later the fourth week of paid holiday in France. The whole of French society discovered tourism, camping, youth hostelling and holiday camps. People were happy, keen to enjoy a lungful of fresh air at the seaside or in the country! Extended summer holidays became the norm, with the ideal holiday being as long as possible, taken at a single stretch in summer. This period also saw the start of foreign holidays in Spain, Italy and later in Greece. With the launch of Europ Assistance, anyone could now travel with total peace of mind, knowing that they would be supported and assisted if needed 1960S T H E 1963, THE EMERGENCE OF THE ASSISTANCE CONCEPT Profoundly moved after hearing of the problems encountered by a couple of friends who suffered an accident in Spain and their difficulty in obtaining immediate help, Pierre Desnos became aware of the lack of protection available to travellers. With the help of Generali’s French subsidiary, the insurance company Concorde, he founded Europ Assistance and invented a completely new concept of assistance. On May 2, 1963, a telephone number – Pigalle 73-19 – became available to all French citizens looking to travel abroad with total peace of mind! If you were ill, injured or involved in an accident, a simple phone call was now all it took to organise your repatriation by air ambulance. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE 1960s… 02 03 1964 1965 1967 A year after it was founded, the Europ Assistance Group opened its first subsidiary outside France, in Belgium. The Group’s international adventure was now underway. The Group offered its French clients a United States-Canada subscription. Europ Assistance signed an agreement with the French aircraft manufacturer Marcel Dassault for the continuous provision of a Falcon 20 fitted out as an air ambulance.
  14. 14. “More and more of us are travelling...” With the car boom in full swing, Fiat, Renault, BMW and Volkswagen competed with the stylish American models out on the holiday roads of Europe. Now more mobile than ever, European holidaymakers began travelling much further. In villages along the holiday routes, wayside grocers’ shops began installing petrol pumps to top up passing cars. Travelling still had an exotic touch of adventure about it, including the uncertain reliability of the family car, and frequent punctures, etc. Drivers now knew that they were protected if a problem arose. This was also the period when young idealists turned their backs on the consumer society and took to the highways heading for Kathmandu or Istanbul. Air travel became more accessible thanks to charter flights. To support these new travellers, Europ Assistance’s cover extended to these new, faraway destinations 04 05 T H E 1970S 1977: EUROP ASSISTANCE CELEBRATES ITS 10 MILLIONTH CLIENT In just over a decade, assistance had become a commodity, increasingly in demand from consumers while tourism and car ownership had both also boomed. Holidaymakers were encountering new obstacles for which they were not always prepared when discovering new countries (road accidents, breakdowns, the impossibility of obtaining spare parts, etc.), obstacles which were included in Europ Assistance’s cover. No one would seriously think of setting of on holiday or getting behind the wheel without having taken out an assistance contract. Whether travelling to the other side of the world or just around the corner, by plane or by car, assistance was available everywhere and for everyone. And Europ Assistance played a valuable part in this. In France of course but also worldwide. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE 1970s… 1977 1978 1978 Europ Assistance issued the first contract in France covering faraway countries such as Brazil and Kenya. Europ Assistance Belgium chartered its first “Snow Plane” with the aim of repatriating Belgian citizens injured during their skiing holidays in the French Alps. This campaign has been repeated every year since. July 11, a tanker truck exploded near the “Los Alfaques” campsite in Spain, killing more than 200 holidaymakers and injuring 200 more. Europ Assistance was fully mobilised to help the victims.
  15. 15. ”New horizons” 1989. The event virtually monopolised the media: the Berlin Wall had come down. A world divided into two self-contained “blocs” was now over. New destinations were possible. With the progress in transport and communication technology, we could now dream of a world without borders, free of distances, in which inhabitants could move around freely. Tourism enjoyed a spectacular surge. High-speed trains were introduced. Ever more airline companies were introducing package deals in partnership with hotel chains and car hire firms. People could now travel easily and inexpensively to the four corners of the earth! Europ Assistance paved the way by organising its network of local agents and carrying out a detailed inventory of the resources available at each destination including healthcare establishments, the condition of roads, helicopters, etc. Everything was now ready to assist travellers keen to get off the beaten track. Europ Assistance was leading the way once again 1980S T H E 1981: EUROP ASSISTANCE EXPANDS OUTSIDE EUROPE At the end of the Cold War, the economic, technical and cultural superiority of the United States was more evident than ever. The American way of life, a symbol of prosperity and consumption, attracted Europeans in ever larger numbers across the Atlantic to discover the American dream. In response to this trend, the Group also expanded in the US, initially to support its clients in a country whose extremely expensive health system encouraged travellers to take out decent insurance and assistance cover. Later, in 1981 this was followed by the creation of the first subsidiary in the United States. This marked the start of the Group’s international expansion beyond Europe’s borders. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE 1980s… 06 07 1980 1984 1989 The opening of a subsidiary in Germany. Europ Assistance opened a representation office in China, as a support centre for its clients. After Europe and North America, the Europ Assistance Group expanded in a third continent, Africa, with the creation of a new South African subsidiary.
  16. 16. “A time of great technological progress” The rise of the Internet in the 1990s brought with it the promise of a networked society and access to knowledge for all. Information could now travel around the world in the blink of an eye. It was finally possible to demand everything, right now! While awaiting the arrival of broadband, you still had to ask mom to hang up the phone before you could surf. This was also the era in which mobile telephones first appeared, although back then these were huge, bulky devices which required an antenna to connect to the rudimentary networks of the day. Fully in keeping with the innovation culture found at Europ Assistance, this new technology made it possible to improve and expand the Group’s products and services and to speed up the expansion of its activities 08 09 1990S T H E 1993: EUROP ASSISTANCE LAUNCHES TELEASSISTANCE With communication revolutionised by the development of the mobile telephone and the Internet, Europ Assistance launched an initial teleassistance solution enabling elderly and dependent persons to inform their friends and family or the emergency services if they encountered difficulties. Thanks to these new technologies combined with human input, the Group was able to constantly innovate from there on to develop high added value personal services. This marked the start of a new era. The foundations have been laid for a genuine revolution. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE 1990s… 1991 1997 1997 The Group performed 740,000 interventions worldwide and had 1,300 staff (including 361 in France). Following a coach accident in Turkey, around 20 Japanese clients were repatriated in record time onboard a Boeing 747. This operation required a medical team of 15 people and 1.8 tonnes of medical equipment. The creation of Europ Assistance Holding and the launch of the first Group website:
  17. 17. “This is the Care Revolution!” With health, home services and wellbeing, new needs are now appearing. New services are being launched. The task is to meet an ever greater demand for personal services, in which human relationships take precedence. This revolution reflects a change in mentality and the major social changes witnessed around the world. These include an ageing population, increasing urbanisation, the breakup of the family unit and the increased focus on health and well-being. All factors which are driving the demand for personal services in both industrialised countries and the emerging nations. The Care Revolution is underway 2000S T H E 2007: EUROP ASSISTANCE INVENTS THE CARE SERVICES Needs were changing. Everyone was keen to make the most of their private and family life, and to focus on the things that matter: their health, their home, their free time, their travel and their holidays. With the Care Services, Europ Assistance reinvented the traditional range of assistance products by offering millions of clients a new generation of assistance services. This concept was designed to satisfy a new and growing need expressed by consumers: to receive personalised, continuous assistance meeting their requirement for well-being, health and help with all of life’s little day-to-day problems. Yet another invention from Europ Assistance! OTHER HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE 2000s… 10 11 2004 2004 2007 Launch of the Columbus plan, a global strategic plan based on the development of two new activities: Health and Home Family assistance. The Group’s turnover exceeds €1 billion. Following the tsunami which devastated south-east Asia, Europ Assistance organised a global crisis cell to coordinate operations for all 15 Group subsidiaries concerned by this disaster. Among the resources deployed, the Group chartered an Airbus converted into a flying hospital, the first of its kind. 2008: Publication of The Care Revolution In 2008, Europ Assistance Group’s CEO Martin Vial published The Care Revolution, a book which would go on to become a reference in the assistance field. In his book, Martin Vial argued that the new technologies combined with local services would now make it possible to offer a wider range of assistance services and to give assistance greater economic value.
  18. 18. “What about social innovation too?” The world around us is fragile. Peoples’ basic expectations have changed, with the emphasis now on an equitable and sustainable lifestyle. People now buy local, share, barter and recycle. These are all beneficial habits for the planet but also for our budgets. The economic crisis is here, impacting on employment and making each of us more vulnerable. The issues of poverty and the lack of access to essential services for many population groups is viewed as a source of injustice by citizens around the world. Taking note of this, Europ Assistance is committed to the notion of developing a positive social footprint. The company is seeking to assess the social and societal impact of its activities on its ecosystem and continues to expand in keeping with its values, displaying a genuine focus on the long-term 2010S T H E THE GROUP IS COMMITTED TO ACHIEVING A POSITIVE SOCIAL FOOTPRINT The Group has committed itself to supporting social entrepreneurship internationally, one of its key corporate social responsibility goals, by working with Ashoka, the largest international association operating in this field to directly contribute to the development of this model in 10 countries by selecting and supporting 10 “Fellows” whose projects are chiefly related to dynamic innovation in the fields of health and family services. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE 2010s… 12 13 2010 2010 2013 The Group adopts a new global corporate slogan: “You live, we care” expressing the highly innovative “Care Services” concept. Europ Assistance celebrates its 50 years of experience serving 300 million clients. The Group now has 8,000 staff including 4,700 assistance coordinators. The Europ Assistance adventure continues. The creation of “Europ Assistance First Selected Green Network“, the first network of approved environmentally friendly service providers in the automotive field.
  19. 19. 50 YEARS OF EUROP ASSISTANCE ———— On March 25, Pierre Desnos registers the company Europ Assistance in the French trade register and a new business activity is born: assistance. The company begins trading in Paris with 12 permanent staff, 17 agents, and 160 assistance interventions for this first year. • Europ Assistance opens its first subsidiary outside France, in Belgium. • The first Mystère 20s enter service at Europ Assistance, facilitating medium and long distance medical transportation. • Europ Assistance signs an agreement with Marcel Dassault to secure the permanent availability of an “air ambulance” version of the Falcon 20. — 1964 — — 1967 — — 1976 — — 1966 — — 1971 — — 1978 — — 1965 — — 1968 — — 1977 — — 1981 — — 1991 — — 1980 — — 1989 — — 1984 — — 1993 — • Europ Assistance proposes a USA-Canada subscription for its French clients. • Europ Assistance enters the French market for corporate services and now provides specific contracts covering staff while travelling and expatriates. • Europ Assistance comes to its clients’ aid during the fire on the cruise liner “Heleanna” with 1,200 passengers onboard. • On July 11, Europ Assistance swings into action to help those of its clients who are victims of the explosion of a tanker truck in Spain. The images are seen worldwide. • Europ Assistance Belgium charters the first “Snow Plane”. • Europ Assistance sets up in Italy. • Expansion continues in Europe with the ope-ning of a subsidiary in Spain. • The Group celebrates its 10 millionth client and introduces its first contract in France co-vering faraway countries such as Brazil and Kenya. • The company continues to expand on the American continent with the opening of a subsidiary in the United States. • In 1991, the Europ Assistance Group performs 740,000 interventions worldwide and has 1,300 staff. • Europ Assistance sets up in Greece by creating a branch there. • Opening of a subsidiary in Germany. • Europ Assistance opens a representation office in China. • Europ Assistance sets up on a third continent with the creation of a new subsidiary in South Africa. • The creation of Europ Assistance Portugal. — 1963 — — 1994 — — 1996 — • The Fiat Group acquires a 40% shareholding in Europ Assistance. At the time, Generali owns 53 % of Europ Assistance’s equity. • The Europ Assistance Group launches its first website: • The opening of four new subsidiaries in Switzerland, Hungary, Argentina and Singapore. Europ Assistance Holding is founded in Paris to manage the 20 companies in the Group, which now performs 3,171,758 assistance missions. • Europ Assistance repatriates Japanese clients following a coach accident in Turkey. • Europ Assistance sets up in Brazil, Poland and Austria. In Italy, Europ Assistance VAI now offers motorway assistance services. — 1997 — COMPANY 160 INTERVENTIONS 8,000 STAFF 33 COMPANIES 12.4 MILLION INTERVENTIONS IN 1963 IN 2013 122 AGENTS WORLDWIDE 17AGENTS WORLDWIDE 12 1 PERMANENT EMPLOYEES
  20. 20. 16 17 — 2001 — — 2004 — — 2008 — — 2003 — — 2006 — — 2009 — — 2002 — — 2005 — — 2007 — • Europ Assistance performs 6,500,000 assis-tance missions worldwide and continues its expansion, setting up in Russia and the Czech Republic. • Europ Assistance sets up in Chile. • The Group acquires the company Icare (the French leader for mechanical breakdown war-ranties). • Europ Assistance launches the Columbus strategic plan. • On December 26, following the tsunami in South East Asia, the consequences are seri-ous for the Group (with 115 clients injured, 18 dead and 53 missing). The Europ Assistance Group mobilises 150 staff 24 hours a day to deal with more than 1,000 clients and charters an Airbus converted into a flying hospital, the first of its kind. • The opening of new sites: in India with a new subsidiary based in Mumbai, and in Romania. Europ Assistance France joins forces with Accor Services to create Bien-être Assistance. • The first online “Plug Sell” solution is launched. This global e-commerce platform is specially designed for travel agencies, tour op-erators and airline companies. it is deployed in 24 countries. • The Europ Assistance Group achieves a turnover of more than 1 billion. • The Group’s CEO, Martin Vial, publishes “The Care Revolution”. • The Group continues its geographical expan-sion in America with the acquisition of two companies: GMMI in the health field in Florida and CSA Travel Protection in San Diego, in the Travel field. The Group opens a subsidiary in Angola. • Europ Assistance tests a remote interactive medical solution for isolated environments during the “Vendée Globe” round the world yacht race. • The creation of Europ Assistance Irish Branch, an Irish company which manages the Europ Assistance Group’s international risks. • The acquisition of the company The Canadian Medical Network, specialising in the manage-ment of medical services and networks. The Group opens a subsidiary in Canada and in the Bahamas. • Europ Assistance opens a subsidiary in Chad through its international health division. • Along with the French polling company CSA, the Group publishes the first “Barometer” sur-vey into public opinions of the health systems in five European countries (Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy and Sweden) this initiative is intended to support and promote the Group’s expansion in the health field. • Europ Assistance sets up in Serbia. • In Brazil, the Group pursues new ambitions and joins forces with Bradesco Seguros in a joint-venture. Europ Assistance Brazil is today the leading Group company in workforce size. • Europ Assistance opens a subsidiary in Polynesia, based in Tahiti, as a support centre for this part of the world. The Generali Group now owns 100% of the Europ Assistance Group’s equity following the withdrawal of the Fiat Group. • The launch of the Group’s new visual identity. • Europ Assistance obtains an operating licence from the Chinese authorities authorising it to expand its activities in China via a subsidiary controlled 100% by the Group. — 2010 — — 2011 — • Europ Assistance strengthens its presence in personal services fields by taking control of “Bien être à la carte” and joins forces with Malakoff Méderic. • With the creation of CP Asistence sro, a joint venture with Ceská pojištovna, the largest Czech insurance company, Europ Assistance — 2012 — — 1998 — — 2000 — • Europ Assistance adopts a new global sig-nature: “Premiers à vos côtés. With you all the way” and launches the first pan-European “Barometer” holiday survey involving a sample of 3,500 European consumers. • In July, a coach accident on the A71 in France leaves 2 people dead, 12 seriously injured and 50 suffering light injuries. The coach is carrying a group of young Belgians on their way back from Clermont-Ferrand. The whole of Europ Assistance Belgium is fully mobilised to assist its clients. • Europ Assistance takes control of Océalis, a French direct distribution company providing teleassistance. • Europ Assistance sets up in Turkey and in Cameroon. • After doubling in size and tripling its results within 5 years, Europ Assistance now intends to become the most innovative company in the care services sector by 2015. • The Group adopts its new worldwide slogan: “You live, We care”. With EA-live, the version 2.0 of the Group’s in-ternal information system, all Europ Assistance staff worldwide are now constantly connected with one another. • The Europ Assistance Group makes support for social entrepreneurship a global commitment in terms of its corporate social responsibility and joins forces with Ashoka. • The creation of the “Europ Assistance First Selected Green Network”, the first network of approved, environmentally friendly service providers in the automotive field. • Creation of a Global Corporate Solutions Divi-sion that groups together all the activities and subsidiaries dedicated to Travel and Health care services to the staff of leading international companies. • The Group’s Global Corporate Solutions divi-sion sets up in the Congo. • The Global Corporate Solutions Division opens a subsidiary in Nigeria. • The Group assists 3 million drivers and issues 34,500 airline tickets to repatriate its clients. • 115 million people are now covered by Europ Assistance worldwide and 3.75 million cases are handled each year by 2,300 staff. — 2013 — strengthens its presence in the Czech Republic in the Automotive, Travel, Health and Home Family markets. • The Group introduces its “Twicare” corporate social network for the 80 members of the Group Council. Europ Assistance, the leader for Care Services, is present in 33 countries via 44 companies. Europ Assistance celebrates its 50 years’ expertise serving its 300 million clients worldwide and now has 8,000 staff and 4,700 assistance coordinators. Next moments: an innovative, forward-looking concept to be shared on Facebook! On Facebook, the Europ Assistance brand invites surfers to share their “Next moments”, those happy, carefree moments which sometimes occur after life’s more difficult events. In doing so, the Group uses the social networks to create a favoured relationship with its various target groups including the youngest, and to associate itself with their interests. An innovative way to boost the visibility of the Europ Assistance brand and to set the company resolutely on the road to the future. Europ Assistance Group Postal address : 7 boulevard Haussmann – 75309 Paris Cedex 09 – France Office : 1-3 avenue François Mitterrand – 93200 Saint-Denis – France Tel. : +33 (0) 1 58 34 23 00 – Fax : +33 (0) 1 58 34 23 99 – Design and production: – Photo credits : Getty Images, Corbis, photothèque Europ Assistance, X. This document is printed on paper made up of 100% recycled pulp, made in a factory with ISO 14001 certification, by an approved “Imprim' Vert“ printer.