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2013-2014 Corporate leaflet


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Published in: Business, Technology
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2013-2014 Corporate leaflet

  2. 2. 136 times around the Earth, that is the distance which Europ Assistance medical aircraft covered in 2013 to assist their customers.
  3. 3. RIOEurop Assistance Brazil is the Group’s number one company in terms of staffing levels. 700 metres in altitude to reach the summit of Corcovado and the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Pele is the only footballer to have won three World Cups. 12.6 million inhabitants
  4. 4. 0 1 CM 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 24 23 5 x 11 cm, that’s the size in centimetres of a car telematic device… Just like your smartphone.
  5. 5. as Europ Assistance interventions in one year (11.7 million). There are almost as many people in Canton, China
  6. 6. When you have finished browsing this document, more than 20 happy moments will have been shared on the Next Moment Facebook page.
  7. 7. 11.7 is the num ber ofyears oflife gained by Europeans in 60 years(63.6 in 1950,75.3 in 2010).Source:United Nations.
  8. 8. With each blink of an eye, Europ Assistance handles nearly 10 calls in the world. CALQUE ROUGE 01 DA ILY YOU WE F O R INNOVATE
  10. 10. LEARNING TO REINVENT OURSELVES —————Having set the Care Revolution in motion, the Europ Assistance Group is continuing to place innovation and transformation at the heart of its strategy. Meeting with Martin Vial, Chief Executive Officer of the Group. ————— The Europ Assistance Group achieved excellent results in 2013. How would you explain these performances? It's true that the results were solid in 2013, the best in our history in absolute terms: our turnover reached €1,374 million and operating result €84 million. These results are mainly the fruit of a collective effort by the 8,000 Group employees whom I would like to thank. They have made Europ Assistance tick everyday, with passion and commitment, since the invention of this profession. And very early on, we became aware of the profound changes taking place in our contemporary society. As has always been the case since the creation of Europ Assistance in 1963, we were able to adapt and innovate to create a new paradigm, and services which are ever closer to the needs of our customers. Without hesitating to change and to fundamentally alter our model. The results are now feeding through and today we are proud of the choices and changes we have made in recent years. Has the Care Revolution really been a game-changer? I am certain of it. In inventing Care Services, we wanted to innovate so as to reinvigorate the assistance sector. A customer-oriented approach has become one of the pillars of this new way of exercising our profession. More attentive, closer, these personalised services are also more inventive as they combine both human intervention and cutting-edge technology. With Care Services, we also significantly rebalanced our business lines, to the benefit of our Health and Home & Family activities which now represent 25% of our turnover, versus less than 10% in 2003. The Care Revolution is a social reality but also an economic one. And the transformation continues…. Europ Assistance has always been able to anticipate in order to transform itself and new and profound changes are now under way: our activities and our distribution models are evolving; our technological expertise is becoming more sophisticated and new synergies with Generali are opening up fresh prospects for development. It is essential to be able to reinvent ourselves in order to keep moving forward. For 50 years, our shareholder Generali has accompanied and supported us in this process of transformation. In fact, transformation is part of the DNA of Europ Assistance. 1,374 84MILLION EUROS TURNOVER OF THE GROUP IN 2013 OPERATING RESULT OF THE GROUP IN 2013 MILLION EUROS 0302 ——
  11. 11. 2013 TURNOVER Breakdown by activity 48 % Automotive 28 % Travel 12 % Health 10 % Home & Family 1 % Other 501963-2013, 50 YEARS OF INNOVATION AND TRANSFOR- MATION Do the synergies you mention open up the way for greater integration of Europ Assistance within its shareholder Generali? Absolutely. Not only is Europ Assistance now fully integrated into the development strategy of the Generali Group, but new levers for improving our performance have been activated, allowing us to contribute to the programme aimed at boosting the operational performances of our shareholder. We are stakeholders in its change process. Through our performance. Through our commitment, and of course, thanks to our ability to innovate. What kind of innovation are you referring to? Technological innovation, in particular. In my view, together with anticipation, it is the key to progress for any intelligent organisation. It is also one of the cornerstones of the Care Revolution. In the space of a few years, technological solutions to deliver personal services remotely have developed to such an extent that they have transformed the way we live, communicate and consume. It is up to us to translate them into comprehensive support solutions. Geolocation, the web, robotics, development of smart applications, telematics and so on, our skills continue to expand. A new digital ecosystem is emerging and creating infinite possibilities for services. This also implies adaptation of our business model. The stakes are high and our customers are demanding it. The 3 main areas for the transformation of Europ Assistance GREATER INTEGRATION Fully integrated into Generali’s development strategy, Europ Assistance is increasing geographical, operational and business management synergies with its shareholder. A TECHNOLOGICAL REVOLUTION Geolocation, the web, smart applications, robotics, telematics, Europ Assistance is anticipating future technological and scientific breakthroughs in order to create ever more connected Care Services. AN EXTENSION OF ACTIVITIES Europ Assistance is pushing ahead with the transformation of its activities by rebalancing the business mix with the development of Health and Home & Family activities and strengthening of BtoC and BtoBtoC distribution channels. 0504 ——
  12. 12. 4 ACTIVITIES TO BE THERE AT ANY TIME Continuous services have changed everything. Not only are our customers now aware that they can initiate a request in any place and at any time, but they also have the opportunity to use the channel of their choice: SMS, email, voice, video, chat, etc. It is truly a new approach to our activities where, more than ever, we are adapting to customers’ preferences in terms of the way they communicate. The development of vehicle telematics has been nothing short of a revolution for the automotive market. Thanks to its sprit of innovation and anticipation, Europ Assistance is now reinventing roadside assistance by means of unprecedented geolocation and remote assistance solutions. The future will necessarily be connected. The health assistance activities are inherently innovative. Because it is essential to be able to exchange and interpret medical data from one point of the globe to another, to monitor high risk patients step by step or company employees and to develop increasingly targeted support programmes, new technological solutions are continuously being built into our services. TRAVEL HEALTH The development of travel deals on the Internet and the emergence of new players on the tourism sector are continuing to transform consumer habits. To be ever closer, ever more attentive to the needs of our customers, we anticipate each change and continue to innovate. Our goal is to provide digital solutions which are increasingly tailored to our customers’ travel practices. HOME & FAMILYAUTOMOTIVE 0706 ——
  13. 13. By developing applications, web and mobile services which are increasingly intuitive, Europ Assistance is anticipating the needs of its customers and supporting them in all their journeys. This means that they can now: • prepare their journey with total peace of mind (formalities by destination, currency converter, key phrases to communicate in the local language, taking out of insurance online or making an insurance claim, etc.), • be assisted or repatriated in the four corners of the globe, • benefit from protection in the event of a non-compliant holiday rental, • and access many other innovative services… In 2013, with the acquisition of CEABS, the Brazilian company specialised in automotive telematics, Europ Assistance further extended its expertise in geolocation and automated assistance services. By installing a unit in their vehicle or by downloading new applications developed by Europ Assistance, customers can for example: • be located and assisted remotely in the event of a breakdown or accident, • relocate their stolen vehicle, • be guided by a teleoperator to optimise a route, find a restaurant, avoid a heavy traffic zone, etc. • be informed in real time of upcoming repairs or maintenance operations to be performed on their vehicle, • and access many other innovative services... Thanks to the Group’s technological investments and the quality of human relations, which remains a key priority for Europ Assistance, the customers are able to: • alert our teams in the event of emergencies at any moment, thanks to a fixed or mobile teleassistance system, • benefit from advanced monitoring in the event of chronic illness, even when travelling, • follow a specialised and multidisciplinary rehabilitation programme in the event of a serious accident, • benefit from an assistance contract in the professional sphere, • and access many other innovative services... TRAVEL AUTOMOTIVE HEALTH HOME FAMILY NUMBER OF INTERVENTIONS PERFORMED IN 2013 Breakdown by activity 4,000,000 Automotive 700,000 Travel 1,000,000 Home Family 1,200,000 Health 4,800,000 Others Because our customers seek ever greater comfort and peace of mind, Europ Assistance, the pioneer in Care Services, has developed a new generation of personalised services which include: • daily support in all circumstances of life, from the most occasional to the most unexpected: childcare, help with homework, lost keys, emergency home repairs, etc. • an enhanced work-life balance through personalised practical assistance, • and many other innovative services... 300 MILLIONcustomers covered by Europ Assistance or via its partners 132 countries in which Europ Assistance intervened in 2013 44 companies branches located in 33 countries 75 % of turnover achieved outside France 0908 ——
  14. 14. Genia 28 years old São Paulo, Brazil A tireless globetrotter Innovation means providing you with increasingly effective support on the road CENTRAL TELEMATIC SOLUTION Geolocation, contacting the nearest breakdown service, rapid intervention, etc. All around the world, Europ Assistance is watching over you thanks to GPS and Web technologies. There are moments we dream of for a very long time. And for Genia, the big day has finally arrived since she is setting off on the journey of a lifetime: a mammoth road trip around her native Brazil. The plan is for 2,500 km of pure happiness, punctuated by natural landscapes and amazing encounters. With her car, her iPhone and Europ Assistance watching over her by satellite ... Genia is certain that she’ll have the time of her life. Follow Genia’s adventures by scanning this code or at AUTOMOTIVE OF MOBILITY THE CAR FOR ALL YOUR DREAMS 1110 ——
  15. 15. OF ESCAPE FOR ALL YOUR MOMENTS Alex, Sandra and Rudy 33, 30 and 5 years old Madrid, Spain A close-knit family Alex, Sandra and their son Rudy hail from the lively streets of Madrid. And it is in West Palm Beach, Florida, that these city dwellers are spending their first family vacation. For little Rudy, it’s a real voyage of discovery. His parents look on him tenderly as he splashes about in the waves. And they’ve got total peace of mind too since they know that, thanks to Europ Assistance, their stay will go like a dream. Check out the vacation of Alex, Sandra and Rudy by scanning this code or at Innovation means guaranteeing you wonderful holidays worldwide EASY RENTAL No more unpleasant surprises on holiday since with Easy Rental, Europ Assistance protects you in the event of cancellation, fraud or non-compliance of the leased accommodation. TRAVEL 1312 ——
  16. 16. André is 76 but doesn’t look his age. Whether on foot or bicycle, this active type spends most of his afternoons travelling around his home city of Bordeaux in southwest France. And no-one can stop him, not even his wife. For him, there is no question of giving up his freedom. So, how can she be reassured when he’s out alone, sometimes for hours on end? By slipping his Europ Assistance Géotel into his pocket, says Monique with a smile. Follow André’s outings by flashing this code or at OF HAPPINESS FOR ALL YOUR MOMENTS André and Monique 76, 75 years old Bordeaux, France Active grandparents MOBILE TELEASSISTANCE Enjoy your outings with peace of mind. With Géotel or Géoveil telephones in France, for example, you have a real mobile phone which doubles as a 24/7 warning device... Innovation means always doing more for your freedom HEALTH CARE 1514 ——
  17. 17. Hannah 32 years old Durban, South Africa Addicted to her circle of friends HOME FAMILY EVENINGS FOR ALL YOUR ENDLESS What is the best time to go home in the evening? Hannah just can’t decide and has already changed her mind several times tonight. From Durban’s trendy bars to lively nightclubs, it’s hard to say goodbye to her friends who are clearly up for a good time! And now it’s already 5am and Hannah still wants to stick around... No problem since with Europ Assistance, she can go home with peace of mind at any time, even without getting back behind the wheel. Relive Hannah’s evening by flashing this code or at Innovation means watching over you until the end of the night TAKE ME HOME The night out is going on later than planned and you’d rather not drive? Just call one of our experienced drivers who will take you home in your own vehicle. A service already available in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. 1716 ——
  18. 18. Always one step ahead In 2004, Italy, Europ Assistance tested its first vehicle telematics service. In light of the promising success of this technology, which will soon be mandatory on all new vehicles (detection of an accident and automatic alert of emergency services), the Group is committed to developing new services associated with geolocation, but also creating new information transfers between the vehicle, the driver, the manufacturer, the insurer and the assistance service, etc. Traffic or weather information, personalised services on board or remotely, speed, driving behaviour ... all data which will interact to optimise journeys made by drivers, thus making their lives that much easier. In keeping with this strategy, in 2013 the Europ Assistance Group acquired the CEABS company in Brazil, specialising in vehicle telematics. VEHICLE TELEMATICS A NEW WORLD OF CONNECTED SERVICESFor some years now, Europ Assistance has been closely involved in the fields of vehicle telematics, geolocation and interactive telemedicine solutions. These strategic choices mean it is now carving out a leading role in connected services. Being permanently connected to our customers Having developed its first online services solutions for its travel activity in the early 2000s, Europ Assistance is now offering a digital multi-channel strategy. Each new application developed for its health, travel, automotive or home activity, each online service on its e-commerce sites provide an opportunity to respond more directly and precisely to the needs of end customers. In seconds, anywhere, at any time, they can declare a loss or incident, be located and call for help, but also be assisted by a counsellor to resolve everyday situations. Making our processes even more efficient Innovations developed by Europ Assistance are also aimed at optimising its business model. In particular, the integration of advanced technologies makes it possible to facilitate the exchange and analysis of data from one platform to the next, to coordinate the different services remotely from one country to another and to simplify back office processes. It also contributes to large-scale deployment of local initiatives to duplicate our most innovative services from one country to the next. 1918 ——
  19. 19. PEOPLE AT THE HEART OF ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL PROGRESS Ashoka is the largest association supporting social entrepreneurship worldwide. It aims to encourage and support innovative solutions to current social and environmental challenges. By offering local support to the projects of committed and dynamic social entrepreneurs, Ashoka allows them to increase the impact of their activities on society. Ten companies in the Group are actively involved in this project, each of which supports a fellow (social entrepreneur) who acts or innovates in the areas of health and personal or home services. By providing financial and operational support, they offer them access to Europ Assistance Group methods and know- how in order to organise and support the development of their initiative. Convinced that the impact of a company’s activities is felt at all levels of society, whether human, socio- logical or economic, the Europ Assistance Group has chosen to positively reinforce its social and societal footprint. The main stages of the company’s development are not considered simply in terms of profit, but also val- ue creation at the service of society as a whole. The positive economics approach has led Europ Assistance to make a long-term com- mitment to a whole host of associations, including Ashoka and AMREF. This partnership entails 3 key challenges: to promote social entrepreneurship, to develop a culture of corporate social responsibility within the 44 companies making up our Group and lastly, to enhance the network of service providers by means of the social entrepreneurs whom we have been supporting for years. Martin Vial, Chief Executive Officer of Europ Assistance Group ASHOKA Support projects which will make a difference Strengthening the health system in Africa with AMREF Flying DoctorsAMREF The leading African public health organisation, AMREF Flying Doctors helps the most isolated communities in Africa. It has developed specific programmes on that continent which focus on care and the development of skills of African health professionals. With numerous air ambulance flights each year, the Flying Doctors allow In particular, it helps the organisation to meet three major challenges in the field: • the training of midwives and health professionals, • the fight against major epidemics (HIV / AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis), • the development of telemedicine activities through exchange and transfer of expertise and technology. Europ Assistance to intervene in zones where access can sometimes be challenging. Global Corporate Solutions (GCS), the Group division dedicated to health and safety activities worldwide, particularly in Africa, decided to reinforce this close contact by offering AMREF Flying Doctors favoured support. Fellows, supported by 10 companies in the Group Europ Assistance 3,000 10 social entrepreneurs supported by Ashoka around the world. 2120 ——
  20. 20. AROUND THE WORLD EUROP ASSISTANCE WATCHES OVER ITS CUSTOMERS In recent years, Europ Assistance has successfully implemented a major geographic rebalancing process in order to develop all around the world. Today, the Group operates in 33 countries, through its 44 companies and branches and generates more than a quarter of its turnover outside of Western Europe. 8,200 employees 300 million customers covered worldwide 208 countries covered 4,700 Care Makers (assistance coordinators) 425,000 listed partners 35 call centres Angers, Athens, Badajoz (Spain), Barcelona, Beijing, Brussels, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Fort Lauderdale (USA), Geneva, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Le Mans (France), Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, Munich, Papeete, Paris, Prague, Rende (Italy), Rostock (Germany), San Diego, Santiago (Chile), São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore, Toronto, Warsaw, Vienna, Washington DC, Zurich. 44 companies and branches in 33 countries Angola, Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, Chad, Chile, China, Congo, Czech Republic, France, French Polynesia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United States. A strong presence in emerging countries With the development of travel activities in South America and automotive activities in Brazil and South Africa, Europ Assistance is accelerating its deployment in the BRICS countries. Strategic projects conducted with Generali are also aimed at boosting their joint presence internationally, with a particular focus on China. A diversified geographic footprint In 2003, the activity of Europ Assistance was mainly concentrated in Western Europe (93% of turnover). Today, Europ Assistance achieves more than a quarter of its business outside Europe. SUBSIDIARIES CALL CENTRES AGENTS’ OFFICES 2322 ——
  21. 21. Thanks to its results and the new synergies developed with its shareholder Generali, Europ Assistance is reaffirming its international influence and the performance of its global organisation. EUROP ASSISTANCE GROUP AN AGILE A SOLID GROUP MANAGEMENT AND ORGANISATION Board of Directors of Europ Assistance Holding Global Corporate Solutions (GCS) Europ Assistance - Global Corporate Solutions (GCS) is the international division of the Europ Assistance Group dedicated to providing healthcare and risk management solutions to international organisations for expatriates, business travellers and local employees. The innovative business model includes the GCS Centre for Coordination and Control (C3) overseeing all GCS operations in the world, its Contact Centres (C2) based in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific and available on a 24/7 basis to ensure continuity of service throughout the world, as well as its International Network Department and Management Centre based in Toronto, centralising all administrative Claude Tendil, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chairman of Generali France Martin Vial, Member of the Board, Chief Executive Officer Sergio Balbinot, Member of the Board, Member of the Generali Group Management Committee (GMC), Group Chief Insurance Officer of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A Alessandro Dona, Permanent Representative of Generali Vie, Member of the Board, Group Insurance Operations Director of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A Thomas Saunier, Permanent Representative of Generali IARD, Member of the Board, Managing Director of Generali France Valter Trevisani, Permanent Representative of Generali France, Member of the Board, Deputy Managing Director of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A Paolo Vagnone, Member of the Board, Member of the Generali Group Management Committee (GMC) and Head of Global Business Lines of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A Generali and Europ Assistance, a new common ambition Europ Assistance is a committed stakeholder in the profound transformation under way by Generali. Geographic prioritisation of activities, development of joint innovation projects, cost reduction programme ... Europ Assistance helps improve the performance of its shareholder and the implementation of synergies to deliver unique solutions and services to their customers. OF SHAREHOLDERS' EQUITY €270M 2013 TURNOVER Breakdown by activity 48% Automotive 28% Travel 12% Health 10% Home Family 1% Other operations on a 24/7 basis. Today, with more than 5,000 corporate customers, 5 million members covered, 550 employees worldwide and 30 medical operations on remote sites, GCS is a leading player in the global corporate market. Driven by a growing activity, GCS is confident of continued success with the support of its partners, and the qualities and values we recognise: customer focus, flexibility, high standards of service, transparency and social responsibility. As for all Europ Assistance Group activities, GCS is part of Generali Global Business Lines, a unique platform offering a full range of solutions including social security coverage plans, insurance specific to the risks of companies and assistance services. TURNOVER OF €1,374 M OPERATING RESULT OF €84 M 15 % OF TURNOVER IS ACHIEVED VIA GENERALI GROUP EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Martin Vial CEO Global Corporate Solutions Emmanuel Légeron *Group cross-functional divisions Odile Collignon Deputy Managing Director Resource Centre* Thierry Depois Executive Vice President France and Benelux Region and Managing Director of Europ Assistance France Paolo Frapiccini Executive Vice President International Sales and Marketing* Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Eastern Europe Region and Managing Director of Europ Assistance Italy Manrico Iachia Executive Vice President Innovation and Prospective Centre* Iberian Peninsula, South America, Asia and Africa Region and Managing Director of Europ Assistance Portugal Chris Carnicelli Executive Vice President North America Region Massimo Maltempi Chief Operational Officer (COO) Stéphane Vermersch Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 2524 ——
  22. 22. OUR SUBSIDIARIES IN THE WORLD Europ Assistance Group Europ Assistance Holding Postal address: 7 boulevard Haussmann 75309 Paris Cedex 09 – France Office: 1-3 avenue François Mitterrand 93200 Saint-Denis – France Tel.: +33 (0)1 58 34 23 00 Europ Assistance - Global Corporate Solutions (GCS) GCS Headquarters Europ Assistance - IHS Services SAS 7 boulevard Haussmann 75309 Paris Cedex 09 - France Tel.: +33 (0)1 58 34 23 79 GCS - ITPA Division CMN Global Inc. 150 Commerce Valley Drive West, 9th Floor Thornhill - Ontario - Canada L3T 7Z1 Tel.: +1 905 669 4333 Care Management Network Inc. 83 Sandringham House, Shirley Street P. O. Box AP 59217 slot 2052 Nassau - Bahamas Tel. : +1 242 397 04 27 GCS Angola Europ Assistance IHS Services Angola, Lda Rua Comandante Stona n°144 Bairro Alvalade - Luanda - Angola Tel.: +244 222 012 639 GCS Chad Europ Assistance IHS Services Tchad Route de Farcha, Base SOGEA SATOM, Porte n°5, BP 762 - N’Djaména - Tchad Tel.: +235 22 52 31 00 GCS Congo Europ Assistance-IHS Services Congo SARLU CMC Medico Medical Center c/o CMC Medico, Quartier Centre-Ville B.P.4473 Pointe Noire - Congo GCS French Polynesia Europ Assistance Océanie 22 rue Nansouty BP 40196, 98713 Papeete, Tahiti, Polynésie Française Tel.: +689 50 78 50 GCS Nigeria EA-IHS Services Nigeria Limited Bishop Moynagh Avenue, State Housing Estate - PMB 1017 Cross river state - Calabar - Nigeria RC: 860878 Tel.: +234 706 782 7241 Icare 160 bis rue de Paris 92100 Boulogne Tel.: + 33 (0)1 41 10 19 00 Océalis 14 terrasse Bellini 92800 Puteaux Tel.: +33 (0)1 70 72 46 10 Germany Europ Assistance Versicherungs-AG Infanteriestrasse 11 D-80797 München Tel.: +49 (0)89 55 987 0 Greece Europ Assistance Greece Pireus st. 205 Panagi Tsaldari Tavros 17778 ,Athens Tel.: +30 210 349 7000 Hungary Europ Assistance Hungary 1134 Budapest Dévai utca 26-28 Tel.: +36 1 458 44 25 India Europ Assistance India Pvt. Ltd. C-301, Business Square Andheri Kurla Road, Chakala Andheri (East), Mumbai - 400093 Tel.: +91 22 6734 7878 Ireland Europ Assistance SA Irish Branch 3rd floor, 13-17 Dawson St Dublin 2 Tel.: +353 (0) 1 897 3200 Italy Europ Assistance Italy Piazza Trento, 8 20135 Milano Tel.: + 39 02 58 38 41 Poland Europ Assistance Polska ul. Wołoska 5 02-675 Warsaw Tel.: +48 22 205 50 00 Portugal Europ Assistance, Companhia Portuguesa de Seguros, SA Avenida Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro nº75 10º andar 1070-061 Lisbon Tel.: +351 21 386 00 03 Romania Europ Assistance Romanian Branch 59th Popa Tatu Street, 2nd Floor, 6th Flat 010803, Bucharest Tel.: +40 213 006 096 GCS South Africa Europ Assistance International Health Solutions (Proprietary) Limited Valley View Office Park, 680 Joseph Lister Street, Constantia Kloof Extension 31 Florida 1709 - Republic of South Africa Tel.: +27 11 991 9032 GCS USA GMMI Inc. 1300 Concord Terrace, Suite 300, Sunrise FL 33323 USA Tel.: +1 954 370 6404 Argentina Europ Assistance Argentina Carlos Pellegrini 1149 8 piso C1009ABW Buenos Aires Tel.: +54 11 43 22 47 00 Austria Europ Assistance Gesellschaft m.b.H. Kratochwjlestrasse 4 1220 Wien Tel.: +43 1 319 55 70 Belgium Europ Assistance Belgium SA Bld. du Triomphe 172 1160 Bruxelles Tel.: + 32 (0) 2 533 75 75 Brazil Europ Assistance Brasil Alameda Tocantins, 125 - 3º, 5º ao 9º e 17º andares CEP: 06455-020 - Alphaville - Barueri - SP Tel.: +55 11 4133 9080 Chile Europ Assistance Chile Avenida Andrés Bello 2115, Piso 2, Providencia, Santiago de Chile Tel.: + 56 (2) 25 83 68 00 China Europ Assistance Travel Assistance Services (Beijing) Co Ltd Rm 2107, The Exchange Beijing, No 118 Yi, Jianguo Rd, Chaoyang District, 100022 Beijing, P.R. Tél. : +86 10 6567 8005 Czech Republic Europ Assistance Czech Republic Na Pankraci 1683/127 Czech republic 140 00 Praha 4 Tel.: +420 221 586 111 France Europ Assistance France 1 promenade de la Bonnette 92633 Gennevilliers Cedex Tel.: + 33 (0)1 41 85 85 85 Bien-Être à la Carte - Bien-Être Assistance 1, rue Mozart 92587 Clichy Cedex Tel.: +33 (0)1 53 58 73 00 Russia Europ Assistance CIS Letnikovskaya st. 11/10, b.3 115114 Moscow Tel.: +7495 787 2179 Serbia Europ Assistance Hungary - Ogranak u Beogradu Gandijeva 76a, 11070 Novi Beograd Tel.: +381 (11) 228 45 82 Singapore Europ Assistance Worldwide Services Pte Ltd 3 Anson Road #24-03 Springleaf Tower Singapore 079909 Tel.: +65 6557 2129 South Africa Europ Assistance South Africa (Pty) Ltd Valley View Office Park 680 Joseph Lister Street Constantia Kloof, Ext 31 Tel.: +27 (0)11 991 8000 / 9000 Spain Europ Assistance España SA Calle Orense, 4 28020 Madrid Tel.: +34 91 514 99 00 Switzerland Europ Assistance Suisse Avenue Perdtemps 23 1260 Nyon Tel.: +41 22 939 22 44 Turkey Europ Assistance Yardım ve Destek Hizmetleri Ticaret Anonim Sirketi Ortaklar Caddesi Bahçeler Sokak No:20 Kat:2 Mecidiyeköy / Istanbul Tel.: +90 (0) 212 337 20 02 United States Europ Assistance USA 4330 East West Highway, Suite 1000 Bethesda, MD 20814 Tel.: +1 240 330 1000 CSA Travel Protection 4181 Ruffin Road, Suite 150 San Diego, CA 92123 Tel.: +1 858-810-2004 Find all the Europ Assistance Group subsidiaries at 2726 ——
  24. 24. YOU WE F O R CONTINUE TO INNOVATE 28 In 10 years, the Group has tripled in size. Its ambition is to constantly innovate in order to be present alongside customers around the world.
  25. 25. Europ Assistance turned an Airbus into a flying hospital to organise relief in Southeast Asia following the tsunami. That was already 10 years ago.
  26. 26. 300 million people are covered by Europ Assistance or one of its partners, almost as much as the population of the United States (314 million).
  27. 27. Cars, toothbrushes, watches, refrigerators ... it is estimated that by 2020, connected objects will number over 26 billion. There are 5 billion today (mainly phones and tablets). Source: Gartner economic research firm 2014.
  28. 28. CONNECT Connectedobjectsare revolutionisingtheCare Servicesprofession will be downloaded on average per week by each user. new application 14of the world’s population will be equipped with a smartphone in the next two years.
  29. 29. AndEuropAssistancecontinuesitstransformationsoastotakeitscustomersstillfurther Designandproduction:–Photos:GettyImages,EuropAssistancelibrary–Coordination:EstherNalda.
  30. 30.