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Webinars and Online Courses as Tools in Career Guidance and Guidance for Mobility


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Ivana Vulić, Ružica Madžarević and Sofija Petrović
Workshop presentation from Cross-Border Seminar 2017 in Belgrade

Published in: Education
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Webinars and Online Courses as Tools in Career Guidance and Guidance for Mobility

  1. 1. Webinars and online courses as tools in Career guidance and guidance for mobility Ivana Vulić, Ružica Madžarević and Sofija Petrović Euroguidance Cross-Border Seminar - Guidance 4.0: Innovative Practices for New Skills
  2. 2. What are webinars and online courses? • Webinar – live internet presentation • Online course – longer internet presentation, usually segmented in lessons – Both are delivered through specialized internet platforms – Can combine video materials, presentations and/or reading materials
  3. 3. Advantages of using these tools • Accessibility • Enables fast and simultaneous communication • Has a motivational effect, especially with youth
  4. 4. Steps in planning and designing webinnars and online courses
  5. 5. 1. Get use to webinar or online course tool • Research – Tools within platform – How many people can tool accommodate – Is there an option to record the webinar for later viewing • Find out how to interactively include participants (web-streaming audio and video, chat, forum, rising hand, live feed)
  6. 6. 2. Plan the visuals for the webinar • Make introductory slide with technical information • Provide overview of webinar agenda at the begining • Use less text, use illustrations when possible • Plan more frequent change of slides
  7. 7. 3. Promote the webinar to a target group • Create link for online registration • Use possibilities of social network • Include partners in promotion
  8. 8. Engage additional support if needed • Invite and instruct additional speakers or a support team – Presenter – Moderators – Technical assistants
  9. 9. General recommendations • Carefully plan and design • Duration - bear in mind audience attention and motivation • Prepare different materials – presentation, reading and visual materials • Plan interactivity – enable discussion, exercises etc. • Schedule a practice session for the webinar
  10. 10. Example from Serbia • Our start point: • Assessing the needs – Career practitioners’ needs – CPD programs in career guidance – Students needs • Continuous guidance through out education • Additional support at transitional periods
  11. 11. Example from Serbia (2) • Online course “Introduction into Career Guidance in Secondary Schools” – available on – Career guidance course for secondary school 6 hours of video materials segmented by topics – Includes scenarios of practical classroom activities
  12. 12. Examples from Serbia • Webinars for students in transitional periods: – Final year of primary school entering secondary school – Final year of secondary school entering university • Topics: – Choosing secondary school – Supporting your child in decision making process (webinar for parents) – Steps in choosing university program – Coping with exam anxiety – Information about university students’ life – What if you haven’t entered desired university program?
  13. 13. Instruction for group work