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ICT Platform for Inclusive Career Services: Virtual Counselling in Serbia


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Jelena Manić Radoičić and Tamara Stanojević
Workshop presentation from Cross-Border Seminar 2017 in Belgrade

Published in: Education
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ICT Platform for Inclusive Career Services: Virtual Counselling in Serbia

  1. 1. ICT Platform for Inclusive Career Services: Virtual Counselling in Serbia Belgrade, October 4, 2017
  2. 2. Belgrade Open School Educational organisation that develops human resources, improves public policies and strengthens the capacities of the civil, public and business sectors in order to develop a better society based on freedom, knowledge and innovation.
  3. 3. Belgrade Open School  4424 training days through which passed over 13500 participants  About 250 publications, 165 multimedia editions and 4 educational TV shows were published  Created and implemented training programs for over 540 participants  33 researches were conducted
  4. 4. Belgrade Open School  BOŠ Karijera:  Social media: Facebook i Twitter  Serious games for social competencies and creativity  Mingl Portal
  5. 5. - Launched in 2010 as the first free online system in Serbia for high school students which provides self- help online tools and assistance in career decision- making - 2012 was awarded as successful on the .rs national domain, Register of national Internet domains of Serbia - 2016, special prize as an example of good practice in career guidance, Euroguidance Serbia
  6. 6. • Self-assessment questionnaires • Data base of occupations • Address book of universities, faculties and VET tertiary schools • Interactive form of career plan • CV Builder • Online career counseling • Articles on career development and entrepreneurship • Handbooks
  7. 7. • Over 37.828 registered users • Over 500.000 views • Views from the countries in the Western Balkan region • On the rise views via smart phones
  9. 9. CV online form
  10. 10. CV online form
  11. 11. Facebook: BOŠ Karijera • Page BOŠ Karijera has over 8570 followers • Each new post has a reach of over 1500 of young people
  12. 12. Twitter: BOŠ Karijera
  13. 13. Serious games for social and creative competencies •
  15. 15. DOTS Model A four stage model of career planning (Bill Law & Tony Watts)
  16. 16. Career counselling It is based on the emphasis on the importance and the need for client’s autonomy in making career decisions. • Aim of counselling is promotion of growth, autonomy, encouragement of individuals to care about themselves, be assertive and develop potentials. • Career counselling – helps individuals to understand their aims and aspirations, makes decision based on information, engage in activities and manage transition in their career.
  17. 17. Online/Web counselling refers to counselling services through the internet: emails, chat rooms, Skype, etc. cyberspace counselling, e-therapy, e- counselling, tele-counselling…
  18. 18. Online counselling Efficient service in three areas: 1. Online assessment of interests, skills, working values and type of personality relevant to the career choices. 2. Search of great databases in order to identify possible alternatives. 3. Information about many possibilities and subjects relevant to career choices and planning.
  19. 19. It helps clients to • Get to know themselves and their own possibilities; • to develop qualities; • to gather and use information about themselves and the world of work and further education; • to help them in achieving enrolment into the desired high school or working place • to make career decisions and develop strategies in line with continual reflection of their professional development
  20. 20. It is important to: • Give positive feedback • Encourage for opening (limited by e-mail) • Encourage learning by model • Encourage clients to actively test their behaviour • Encourage clients to become more aware of their characteristics • Manage emotional excitement • Encourage social support
  21. 21. Pros of online counselling • Accessible to all who wish to use it • Saves counsellor`s time (Doesn't require time from counsellor to give instruments and analyze results…) • Online counselling is preferred by those who are uncomfortable with talking face to face with someone about their problems • More economical for both the counsellor and the client • Can be anonymous for the client
  22. 22. Cons of online counselling • Client may rely too much on the results of the computer assessment without any consultation • Absence of verbal and nonverbal cues • Confidentiality and security of client’s records • Technological difficulties • Limitation for ones without internet • Therapist credibility
  23. 23. Research shows that a combination of counselling and IT support is the most efficient
  24. 24. CHALLENGES • More clients to serve • Providing existing or expand services with the same or fewer resources • Changing technology • Legal and regulatory concerns
  26. 26. Q1 I've doubted for a long time should I enroll the Faculty of Law or the Teacher Education Faculty. I’ve heard that learning material at the Faculty of Law is very extensive and boring and that has no creativity at all. On the other hand, considering vocation of the teacher in the pre-school education, I think it ranks much lower than the position of a lawyer. What should I do?
  27. 27. Q2 Maybe I have very high and strange ambitions. By now I was an excellent student and I would like to enroll at the Faculty of Pharmacy, but beside that, I would like to be a graphic designer and I would like also to work as a stewardess for some time. What do you think, is that achievable? Everyone I talked to said that I am too ambitious, given that English is not my strongest asset, and I do not know anything about graphic design…
  28. 28. Q3 I don’t have who else to ask about this. I’m at the third year of the high school, VET school for business and legal administration. I can’t decide what to study. I’m an excellent student, like to help people, I love law and my dream job is to be a judge or state prosecutor. However, I’m not a “nerd” and by stories I heard from the students of the Faculty of Law, you have to learn by heart everything written from cover to cover. That is the only reason why I don’t want to study law. Then, I wanted to study political sciences but that is in Belgrade, and, no offense, I don’t like that city at all. Also, I’m a patriot and I love army, history and strategy. However, I have health problems so I can’t study that. I love advising other people, I’m communicative and very dedicated to work. Could you suggest something to me? It would mean a lot.
  29. 29. Q4 In a couple of days I’ll be the fourth year of the general high school, department of natural sciences. Because of that fact I can’t sleep these days. I’m under stress because I don’t know what is the best for me and I keep thinking that I’ll make the wrong choice about vocation and my whole life depends on that choice. Biology, chemistry and English I like the most, and I’m also interested in psychology, even though I had it only for a year. I hate Serbian language and writing essays. Math is ok, but since we got a bad teacher, I haven’t learned anything. I was thinking about medicine, but that is quite hard and I don’t think I’m ready for such sacrifice. Dentistry is other option but I think it takes a lot of money to be successful in that field? Then there is a Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty for Special Education and Rehabilitation, but I don’t know the possibilities for finding jobs in those fields?
  30. 30. Q5 I’m at the final year of general high school, department for mathematics. Mathematics use to be my favorite during the elementary school, but I find it to be very difficult now. This is the second year I’m trying to start preparing for university entry exams. I’m going through the tests I can found, like those in general knowledge, chemistry, biology, psychology, history etc. My problem is that I don’t know what should I study. I'm not particularly interested in anything although I’m a very good student. Never been to any school contest. Some subjects I prefer because of good teachers, and some I dislike because I don`t like teachers assigned. I don’t even know what to choose as the topic of my graduation paper.
  31. 31. I have solid grades from social sciences, geography is easy, history interesting, English I can understand but I can’t communicate. I love literature, dancing and music. It's still a summer break, and I'm still aimlessly getting prepared for some college, I'm learning Spanish, and I'm trying to improve German and English, doing the tests I find and trying to better understand my preferences, but it is just too hard. Parents, like parents, they are worried and have their opinion, but even they cannot place me in a particular sphere or imagine me on a particular job.
  32. 32. Thank you Portals: BOŠ karijera @karijera_bos