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About Euroconsult

  1. 1. About EuroconsultWorld Satellite Business Week PresentationSeptember 10 -14, 2012The Westin, Pariswww.euroconsult-ec.com ©2012 Euroconsult
  2. 2. 30 years of expertiseEuroconsult consultants are trusted expertsin the satellite industry, advising the world’sleading businesses, governments andagencies ©2012 Euroconsult
  3. 3. Who we are• Euroconsult is a global expert in satellite market consulting & analysis• Established in 1983, independently owned and operated• Three offices: Paris (HQ), Montreal and Washington DC• Over 560 customers in 50 countries• 16% revenue growth in 2011 with 5-year CAGR of 15% ©2012 Euroconsult
  4. 4. What we doEuroconsult activities cover three main businesslines:CONSULTING, RESEARCH REPORTS, and SUMMITS. ©2012 Euroconsult
  5. 5. Our clients. Our mission.Our CLIENTS are key players from private and publicsectors of the satellite industryOur MISSION is to support sound decision-making forprivate and government organizations in the satellitecommunity ©2012 Euroconsult
  6. 6. Our clientsAs an independently-ownedcompany with a diversifiedcustomer base, we maintainneutrality and objectivity in ouranalysis, which has enabled us towork on the most sensitiveprojects with key decisionmakers. ©2012 Euroconsult
  7. 7. Our clients. Our mission. continued…Euroconsult is trustedby over 560 clientsin 50 countries Euroconsult Proprietary
  8. 8. Consulting is our core business• Our expertise includes:• Independent research of business plans• Policy assessments• Market estimates• Financial valuations• Risk assessment• Due diligence• Economic feasibility studies ©2012 Euroconsult
  9. 9. Our services 1 2 3 Due diligence for Market assessments Support toproject financing & and support to government M&As and M&A transactions strategic planning Programs and policy project financingDiversified and tailored to customer needs, combiningexpertise and knowledge to support public and privatemarkets. ©2012 Euroconsult
  10. 10. Satcom research reports Satellite Company Profiles Communications Analysis of FSS Operators & Broadcasting Markets Survey Forecasts to 2021 2012 Edition 2012 Edition Mobile Satellite Maritime Telecom Communications Solutions by Markets Survey Satellite Prospects to 2020 Global Market Analysis & Forecasts 2011 Edition 2012 Edition ©2012 Euroconsult
  11. 11. Satcom research reports continued... Hosted Payloads Satellites to be The View From Within Built & Launched by 2020 2012 Edition 2011 Edition Profiles of Government Space Government Space Markets Programs World Prospects to 2020 Analysis of 60 Countries & Agencies 2011 Edition 2012 Edition ©2012 Euroconsult
  12. 12. Earth Observation Research Reports Satellite-Based Earth Observation Earth Observation Defense & Market Prospects to 2020 Security World Prospects to 2019 2011 Edition 2010 Edition ©2012 Euroconsult
  13. 13. World Satellite Business Week Bringing together over six hundred of the most influential representatives of the global satellite and Earth observation community, for five days of discussion, debate and deal-making. Featuring high profile speakers including Presidents, CEOs, CFOs or senior government officials. www.satellite-business.com ©2012 Euroconsult
  14. 14. Plan your next move with Euroconsult . Contact us today .www.euroconsult-ec.com ©2012 Euroconsult