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About Euroclub


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Show presentation witch present the Euroclub of KNU

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About Euroclub

  1. 1. Kremenchuk informative-elucidative center “European Club”
  2. 2. Our target:- formation of feeling of the European unification at theexpense of spread of knowledge about Europe and advocacy ofthe all-European democratic values;- acquaintance with culture and languages of people in othercountries, an exchange of experience;- education of young leaders;- encouragement to learning of foreign languages;- formation an active public position of youth.
  3. 3. The basic lines of activity of the European club:- Carrying out of interactive actions on the European theme;- Informing of the local public (the newspaper, a leaflet,bulletin devoted to the European subjects);- Advocacy of achievements of club, opening of own Internetpage; - Cooperation with Mass media, local governments, state andpublic organizations, sponsors;- Lectures, competitions, conferences, seminars andeducational actions for the European integration theme; - Communications with the European partners (informationinterchange, experience, the organization of trips andmeetings); - The organization and development of scientific and culturalcooperation, information cooperation between educationalinstitutions.
  4. 4. We offer:- Consultations about EU;- Participation in projects and exchange programs, studyand trainings abroad;- Access to the specialized literature on Europe;- Holding conferences, trainings and seminars for youth;- A cinema club.
  5. 5. Actions The light of toleranceThe week of tolerance “Free hugs” Let’s do business Ukrainian!
  6. 6. Trainings
  7. 7. Projects: CINEMAAlternative, 2009Tasks:- Acquaint young people with achievements of European and world cinema, to expand knowledge about European culture and European values;- Create alternative centers of leisure for youth through the practice of Cinema clubs, started a new cultural tradition of viewing and discussion of film;- Form a network of partnerships and social integration of youth groups;- Teach the youth organization of cooperation and partnership in the field of informal education, and reducing competition between them;- Show youth opportunities program "Youth in Action" by engaging EVS-volunteers in project;- Stimulate the creativity of young people, intellectual development and ability to solve problems.
  8. 8. Projects: Kremenchuk Ecological Summer School KEcSS, 2010Aim of the project isthe organization ofinteractive school foryouth for developecological tourismroutes, investigation,protection andpromotion ofbiodiversity of reserveand its impact onregional development.
  9. 9. Projects:Youth exchange “United Europe starts in me” (Wroclaw, 2010) Final product is 4 short movies about process of European integration
  10. 10. Projects: DebateTopics of debate :• Legalization of prostitution;• Nuclear power …
  11. 11. Projects: Cult.CutCinema club in newformat: movie + somepart of culture(dances, origami, tea,food…) Topics: • Balkan countries, • Japan, • India, • Great Britain, • subcultures, • April Fool’s Day…
  12. 12. Partnership project: "Still going back to theCrimea: a study of history and education in the field of human rights through visual means"Aim: to increase awareness of youth onhuman rights issues through researchand visualization of the life histories ofthe CrimeanTatars.Final product: moving exhibition ofphotography.
  13. 13. Projects: The Europe Day In 2011 the main motto of Europe Day was “I divide the European values”
  14. 14. Projects: EUROPIK/European Photo Identity of KremenchukAim of project: detect signs of theEuropean identity of our city, toexchange experience in photography,enrich their knowledge of Europeanvalues Final product: book with photos of our city.
  15. 15. Projects: “By the steps of world famousgenius” – unique touristic road in KremenchukAim of project is to contribute to shaping the image ofKremenchug like a city with European roots, through theinvolvement of the public to learn about cultural and historicalheritage, related to the life and work of individuals, known inUkraine and Europe, by developing a unique new tourist route inthe form of board game "Steps of world geniuses" and a touristbrochure.
  16. 16. Partnership project: Volunteering - the way to success.
  17. 17. Partnership project: My independenceThis project about youngUkrainians, 20-years-old, in youngUkraine, 20-years-old. It’s collection of texts and photographs, how in Ukraine provided opportunities for young people to exercise their rights to education, freedom of expression and respect for human dignity in terms of social inclusion / social exclusion.
  18. 18. Projects: International human rightsdocumentary film festival – DOCUDAYS UA
  19. 19. Partnership project: Competition of creativeand search works "Ukraine in Europe, Europe in Ukraine through the eyes of youth 2011-2012"The competition aims to deepen knowledge of young people about Europe,the formation of the European outlook, necessary for citizen of Ukraine forsuccessful self-realization at the present stage, heightening awareness ofEuropean identity of Ukraine and the region, studies intercultural tiesbetween Ukraine and European countries.
  20. 20. Projects: FluxARTProject realized together withGerman theater BAAl novo.Partner of projectKremenchuk Trinity theater. Stages of the project: • exchange of ideas on the interactive page; • regular meetings; • rehearsals, street actions, the exhibition; • final joint performance; • presentation of the project in Ukraine, Moldova, Germany.
  21. 21. We are ready to cooperation Our address: Ukraine, 39600, Poltava region, Kremenchuk, Pershotravneva str., 20, room 1518 Теl. +380672768826 Oleg e-mail: euroclub.kremen@gmail.comFb: THANKS FOR ATTENTION