'Mind Maps As Part Of The Agile Testing Process' by Martin Mussmann


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When being a part of a highly dynamic agile team where requirements are changed almost weekly, it puts a high amount of stress on the test department to keep up with testcases and keeping existing updated correctly.

I found my solution in mind maps, these provide a very visible and flexible solution to the testcase challenge. I will speak about a real life example of how mind maps helped me on my current project to create a better test process in an agile team.

• Initial test process on the project
• Challenges in an highly dynamic agile team
• Different attempt to overcome the challenges
• New test process
• My experiences with mind maps

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  • Nice presentation. I wish I could attend and listened to your session. I had a little research on how others are using mindmapping in software related area.
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'Mind Maps As Part Of The Agile Testing Process' by Martin Mussmann

  1. 1. © Martin Mussmann and PrettyGoodTesting®By Martin MussmannMind Maps as part of theAgile Testing Process1EuroSTAR 2011 : W4A : Mind Maps As Part Of The Agile Testing Process
  2. 2. Who am I?Test consultant at PrettyGoodTestingISTQB certified Test Analyst (adv. level)4 years of test experience from:• Small teams• Agile projects• Investment Banking2
  3. 3. Agenda• Initial test process on the project• Challenges in an highly dynamic environment• Different attempts to overcome the challenges• New test process• My experiences with mind maps3
  4. 4. Type of projectScrum teamVery dynamic business requirements• Sometimes even changing from week to weekLow risk to business4
  5. 5. Initial test processTest cases made for ”Man on the street”5Week1:RegressiontestingWeek2-3:Test case designWeek4:Test of newfeatures
  6. 6. Initial project challengesChanging requirements• Wasted time on test design & test cases• Bugs incorrectly reportedHard to get developers and business analyststo review test designs• This caused a lot of mis-communicationTest cases hard to maintain• Wasted test ideas• Outdated test cases6
  7. 7. Old test case example7
  8. 8. Attempts to overcome challenges8
  9. 9. Mind maps as test design9
  10. 10. How do we draw mind maps?10
  11. 11. Mind map as test case11
  12. 12. New test process12Same scrum cycle as development team
  13. 13. Lesson learnedSo did we improve quality?Well hard to tell but we managed to:• Reduce time spend on creating testdesign and test cases by a lot• Improved review ability!• Got a lot more time for actual testing!13
  14. 14. My experiencesMore creative test cases!Test ideas aren’t lost!Developers asking to see mind maps!More feedback on review!Forcing new testers to ask and explore!Focus on WHAT and NOT HOW to test!14
  15. 15. Questions and CommentsPlease feel free to contact meMartin MussmannTest ConsultantMob: (+45) 3163 0212MAMU@PrettyGoodTesting.comLinkedIn: mmussmann@gmail.com© Martin Mussmann and PrettyGoodTesting®15EuroSTAR 2011 : W4A : Mind Maps As Part Of The Agile Testing Process