'The Third Project Paradigm' by Geoff Thompson


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Many times we find our capability as testers being measured on our ability to help a project or program deliver to budget and on time. A lot of the time one key measurement is not included: Quality. How many of us are given quality objectives to achieve? Not many in my experience.

This presentation looks at quality - it attempts to define it, and uses real life examples to help us understand quite how complex a subject this is. Focus is also given to looking at how some companies have made it very simple and are using their product quality to gain real market advantage.

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'The Third Project Paradigm' by Geoff Thompson

  1. 1. Today’s webinar is presented by Geoff Thompson and he willdiscuss The Third Project ParadigmWelcome to the EuroSTAR SpringWebinar Serieswww.eurostarconferences.comThis webinar is due to start at 11am. Make sure you stick around at the end forthe Q&A session and continue the conversation with the speaker on Twitter afterthe show!@esconfs#esconfs
  2. 2. The Third Project ParadigmGeoff Thompson, Experimentus Ltd. (UK)Geoff is the Consultancy Director for Experimentus Ltd (www.experimentus.com), a leading Software Quality Managementconsultancy based in the UK. Over the last 20 years he has an excellent track record in Test Management and ProcessImprovement. He is particularly passionate about Test Process Improvement. In 1997 he started working with ISEB developingthe original Software Testing Foundation syllabus and exams; he then managed the development of the original SoftwareTesting Practitioner syllabus and exam in 2002. Geoff initiated the ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board)and is the UK representative to the board. He Chairs the UK Testing Board. He is also co-author of the biggest selling testingbook on www.amazon.co.uk – ISTQB/ISEB – A Software Testing Foundation He is a founder member and Chairman of theTMMi Foundation Management Executive (see www.tmmifoundation.org.uk), He is also the Vice Chairman and Treasurer ofthe BCS SIGiST (Specialist Group in Software Testing).Geoff is a popular international speaker on all things testing, having delivered keynote presentations in theUK, Germany, Sweden. Denmark, Australia, Malaysia and India and being a regular speaker at the EuroSTAR conferences (thelargest software testing conference in Europe), last year (2011) he was particularly proud to have been selected toProgramme Chair EuroSTAR in Manchester. In 2008 he was awarded the European Testing Excellence award for his work inthe field of testing.www.eurostarconferences.com
  3. 3. How can I get the slides?www.eurostarconferences.comSlides and all materials will be posted on the EuroSTAR blog aswell as emailed to you.
  4. 4. Join the conversation on Twitter#esconfs@esconfs@geoffthommowww.eurostarconferences.comContinue the conversation with the speaker on Twitter after the show!
  5. 5. Listen | Challenge | Understand | Interpret | CreateExperimentus Ltd 17a Dorset Square London NW1 6QB T: +44 (0)207 871 2304 www.experimentus.comThe third project paradigmGeoff Thompson27th March 2013
  7. 7. So what’s the issue?7I want it by the 1stJune, and it shouldcost no more than£500k, and it shouldwork!I want it by the 1stJune, and it shouldcost no more than£500k!
  8. 8. Software Fails!iPhone alarm – January 2011Toyota recall Prius Hybrid, braking problems - 2011Windows phone update bug – Feb 2011British Passport failure – 1999Sainsbury Nector points - 2011Therac 25 radiation overdosing – 1985 - 86Ariane 5 - 1996Mars Climate Orbiter & Polar Lander - 1998
  9. 9. • Software crash - NatWest/RBS – June 2012 – software upgrade crashedand whilst fix made a huge backlog of transactions were held awaitingpayment.• Impact - Branches had to stay open at weekends, and any latepayments were effectively waived• Data loss - A public health corporation had to notify 1.7 millionpatients, staff, contractors, vendors and others about a reported theft of electronicrecord files that contained their personal information, protected healthinformation or personally identifiable employee medical information. Theinformation included social security numbers, names, addresses and medicalhistories.Recent High Profile Issues
  10. 10. 10“To find fault is easy; to do better may be difficult”Plutarch“Companies invest significant amounts in maintainingprocesses that don’t work, particularly in the areas of SoftwareQuality, but will invest little in getting it right”Martin Adcock“Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”George SantayanaWill we ever learn….
  11. 11. Some definitions…• Quality is seven attributes – Glass(portability, reliability, efficiency, usability, testability, understandability, modifiability)• Quality is conformance to requirements – Crosby• Quality is fitness for use – Deming• Quality is value to some person – Weinberg• Quality is whatever the customer decides quality is – Ginac• Quality is an attitude or state of mind – Juran
  12. 12. 12Hierarchy of Software Quality FactorsEnjoyableProficiencyUsabilityAvailability andReliabilityCorrectness
  13. 13. Quality – satisfaction anddissatisfaction13
  14. 14. Mobile phones14
  15. 15. 15Cars
  16. 16. Its complicated…..• Live outages• Personal safety• Security• Risk Management• Continuity• Contractual Protections• Regulatory Compliance• Legal Compliance• Reputational Risk• IP Protection
  17. 17. Another definition….Understanding precisely what customers need andconsistently delivering accurate solutions withinbudget, on time and with the minimum loss tosociety17
  18. 18. ConfidenceinoutcomesQuality – what is it?
  19. 19. The Hidden Cost of QualityReqmts Build System Test UAT R19Reqmts Build System TestUAT RReqmts Build System Test UAT RResultQualityTimescalesSavingsQualityTimescalesSavingsQualityTimescalesSavingsMultiple Defect Fix DropsFewer DefectFix DropsF O C U S ON Q U A L I T Y – PEOPLE/PROCESS/TECHNOLOGYP R O C E S S R U L E SDATE/T E C H N O L O G Y R U L E S
  20. 20. Case study 1• Average test period 12 weeks (4 weeks to get application running)• Only 4 weeks testing possible• Engendered team working and poor quality from design and build would kill thetimescales• Dev asked for 1 extra week• When the code arrived it just workedSaved £400k on estimated costs20
  21. 21. Case Study 2• Large integration Project• 2 year project• Plan 20 days – costs £160k• Actual21235 days – costs £1.8m
  22. 22. BMW22
  23. 23. Quality is QA?• Quality Assurance has many facets:– It’s the near retired old gent who wonders around with the clipboard ensuring youfollow process without worrying about the output– Its testing– External audit• People• Measurement23
  24. 24. Objectives• Time and budget objectives….24Quality is assumed!
  25. 25. A success story…25
  26. 26. Who decides?26ITCustomer Management
  27. 27. Working together…27PeopleProcess Technology
  28. 28. Finally"Quality in a service or produce is not what you put into it, it iswhat the client or customer gets out of it."Peter Drucker"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people arent used to anenvironment where excellence is expected."Steve Jobs RIP28
  29. 29. Or....29
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