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"Improve The Process By Taking Control" with Amy Phillips


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Testing is one of the few overarching aspects of software delivery. Done well it is almost invisible. Yet in reality almost all aspects of a successful release require test input. Despite this testers often give developers freedom to select automation test strategies and are happy to let release managers co-ordinate releases, while reducing their role to nit-picking software.

This session will examine how focusing on testing enabled Songkick to overhaul their entire build and release pipeline, and move from safe, controlled releases to continuous deployment. Contrary to common belief this approach could only succeed by drastically improving testing.

The unique skills and knowledge that a tester holds is exactly what is needed to avoid testing gaps, prevent test duplication and most of all educate the development team about working with risk. Whatever your development approach this session will help you identify and explore ways in which your testing skills can, and should, be used to drive radical process improvements.

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"Improve The Process By Taking Control" with Amy Phillips

  1. 1. Take Control of the Process Amy Phillips
  2. 2.  Don’t break anything critical  Avoid unnecessary delays  Clearly defined roles and responsibilities  Reliable build and release processes
  3. 3. Coding Ready to commit Automated checks and build Testing Deployed to Production
  4. 4. Release Problem Increase prerelease checks
  5. 5. Have a vision
  6. 6. Developers Testers
  7. 7. Developers Testers Automated Checks Unit Tests Feature Tests Integration Tests Regression Tests Manual Checks
  8. 8. Team Effort 100 %
  9. 9. Coding Ready to commit Automated checks and build Testing Deployed to Production
  10. 10. Coding Testing Ready to commit Automated checks and build Testing Deployed to Production
  11. 11. Coding Testing Ready to commit Automated Testing Deployed checks and Checks to build Production Testing
  12. 12.  Make the checks fast ◦ < 10 minutes to complete  Checks must run locally  Run tests in the most sensible order
  13. 13.  Never release if the build is red  Green builds must mean the tests have passed
  14. 14. Performing the right tests at the right time Automated build and deploy process Continuous Deployment
  15. 15. Code Code Checks Testing Build Machine Checks Build Check Machine Checks Release Deploy Human Test
  16. 16. 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 Releases
  17. 17.  Everyone cares about testing  Fast and maintained automated checks  Bug fixes often take just minutes
  18. 18.  Agree on an end goal  Stay risk focussed  Strong communication throughout the whole team  Use problems to drive positive change Testers already have these skills
  19. 19. By managing the people and activities which make up the development process we can manage the risk level of a release. Testing provides information to this process, which makes better-informed decisions possible.