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'Quality Engineering: Build It Right The First Time' by Allan Woodcock, Shobana Rajamani & Balan Ramaswamy


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It's no secret, that Quality Assurance (QA) plays a very vital role in assuring customer experience. Then, why wait till the end of the development phase to validate the business requirements?

Also, the cost of defect multiplies in the later stages of the development lifecycle. Quality Engineering (QE) is an innovative approach which focusses on upstream assurance of software through early involvement of QA in the lifecycle.

Techniques like architecture validation, design validation, quality profiling and static testing are defining the QE landscape. Industry leading tools and point solutions also enable effective and efficient QE approach for quality assurance teams.

As the IT focus moves to engineering quality with a lower Cost of Quality (CoQ), QE will play a vital role in achieving the end business objectives.

Key Takeaways

- Business drivers requiring the paradigm shift of Building it Right the First Time
- Tools, techniques and methodologies for embracing Quality Engineering
- Predictive test design through analytics powered Quality Intelligence
- Importance of QE in the sphere of Agile, Continuous Integration and DevOps environment

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'Quality Engineering: Build It Right The First Time' by Allan Woodcock, Shobana Rajamani & Balan Ramaswamy

  1. 1. in association withQuality Engineering:Build It Right The First Time
  2. 2. PresenterAllan Woodcock has over 20 year’s experience in the Quality Assurance Space in both testdelivery and consultancy. Recently within the last 5-6 years he has led the QualityAssurance delivery across multiple areas including Mortgages, Wholesale andInternational at Lloyds Banking Group (LBG). In addition he heads up the Test Automationservice and Group Release testing for LBG.www.eurostarconferences.comAllan Woodcock,Platform Lead, QA, Lloyds Banking GroupQuality Engineering: Build it Right the First Time
  3. 3. www.eurostarconferences.comPresenterShobana heads QA innovation in UK & Europe and is responsible for looking at holisticways of improving Quality Assurance . This involves bringing the rightsolutions, tools, processes and models that will improve quality, whilst reducing the totalcost of ownership. She has several years of rich experience in Business Transformationand Quality Assurance. Shobana holds post-graduation from London Business School.Shobana Rajamani,Head of Innovation, CognizantQuality Engineering: Build it Right the First Time
  4. 4. www.eurostarconferences.comPresenterBalan is part of Cognizants Quality Engineering and Assurance services and leads the QAengagement at Lloyds Banking Group . He was involved in the QA transformation forLloyds Banking group that enabled adoption of Quality engineering within the group.Balan Ramaswamy,Director for QA Delivery, Cognizant, at Lloyds Banking GroupQuality Engineering: Build it Right the First Time
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  8. 8. @esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.comAgendaWhat are theKey DriversWhat isQuality EngineeringWhat is theimplementationroadmapWhat arethe Key LeversWhat are theBusiness Benefits
  9. 9. Quality isat the coreof BusinessStrategy@esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.comKey DriversSpeed ToMarketSMAC(Social, Mobile,Analytics & Cloud)ReputationalRiskTotal Cost ofOwnership
  10. 10. @esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.comDefining Quality EngineeringCompleteLifecycleInvolvementLifecycleAutomationStatic &DynamicAnalysisQualityIntelligenceWorkforceReskillingQE is not just…• A set of new testingactivitiesBut is…• A mindset to deliverBusiness Assurance• Build it right theFirst Time
  11. 11. @esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.comStatic and Dynamic analysisCost to fix a defectTime detectedRequirements Architecture Construction System test Post-releaseTime introducedRequirements 1× 3× 5–10× 10× 10–100×Architecture – 1× 10× 15× 25–100×Construction – – 1× 10× 10–25×Static Analysis• Requirement Validation• Design ValidationDynamic Analysis• Risk based Test Adjustment• UAT IT harmonization
  12. 12. @esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.comComplete Life Cycle InvolvementQA Managementacross lifecycleQuality GatesReducing DefectDensity
  13. 13. @esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.comLifecycle automationOLD PLAYBOOKConventional Test ExecutionAutomation Aka Running thelast lap fasterNEW PLAYBOOKNon Conventional Test ExecutionAutomation Aka Increasedspeed throughout the raceQuick Start• Automated test case design• Service Virtualisation• Automated smoke testQuick Finish• Batch automation• API Testing• Early Mobile automation
  14. 14. @esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.comWorkforce re-skillingTestManagerTestAnalystManualQualityManagerTester asUserManual +Automation
  15. 15. @esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.comQuality intelligenceWhat are drivers onincreasing Cost of QualityInfluencers of Upstream &Downstream QualityQuality Efficiency &Effectiveness LeversShift from tactical reporting on just dailyTC & Defect count to Actionable Insightson improving QualityLeveraging Business ActivityMonitoring tools to tap intoCustomer/System behaviour
  16. 16. @esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.comTransforming Testing in Quality Engineering• Establish theTransformation Objective• Define Levers of Change• Define the SuccessCriteriaCONCEPTION• Transformation DeliveryModel• Roll out Plan• Benefit MeasurementframeworkDESIGN• Transform while Perform• Empower, Enable, EmbedIMPLEMENTATION
  17. 17. @esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.comBusiness Benefits• 10% - 15% reduction in SDLC cost of quality (CoQ)• Transparency and visibility into the quality of SDLC work products in a timely manner• Provides confidence to business and reduces the dependence on UAT for quality control• Faster go-live to market due to defect prevention in requirements, design & build phases• Increased Job satisfaction due to empowerment and greater visibility
  18. 18. @esconfs#esconfswww.eurostarconferences.comIt’s a Journey…• Continuous Improvement , not just a technical change• Shift in mindset , collaborative ways of working and sponsorship from the top• Enable teams with training and identifying the right roles• Process changes and tool implementations need to go hand in hand
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