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Euro RSCG Russia PR credentials

  2. 2. About Euro RSCG Russia _ Euro RSCG Russia enters in a worldwide advertising network “Euro RSCG Worldwide” _ The network “Euro RSCG Worldwide” develops integrated solutions to global, regional and local clients with the help of the following tools: _ Advertising _ Marketing Services _ Corporate communications _ Interactive solutions _ PR _ Trade marketing _ Sales and consumer promotions _ Databases and direct marketing
  3. 3. Around the world 233 offices 75 countries
  4. 4. 2009 – The European Communications Group of the Year
  5. 5. Advertising Age gave to the network a title “World’s Largest Advertising Network” for the third time in a row
  6. 6. Euro RSCG Russia Structure _ Euro RSCG Russia operates in the Russian market since 2003. _ More than 80 colleagues _ Since 2009 Euro RSCG and ADV Group are strategic partners in Russia The Creative Agency “Euro RSCG” The PR Agency “Euro RSCG PR” The Digital Agency “Euro RSCG 4D” The Pharma Marketing Agency “Euro RSCG Life” Full support of HAVAS Media agencies (MPG-Russia and Arena) and other business units of ADV Group
  7. 7. About Euro RSCG PR _ Euro RSCG PR is a part of the integrated group Euro RSCG Russia that provides PR & Corporate Communications services to Russian and foreign companies _ The division was launched in the Russian market in 2009 _ Our advantages are: _Synergy with Euro RSCG Worldwide PR divisions _Synergy with creative & digital divisions of the group, including research, strategic consulting, design and production _Expertise in different business categories (B2B, B2C, FMCG) _ Know-how PR technologies _ In-house development of the full range of PR services, including strategic planning, monitoring & analytics
  8. 8. Synergy with Euro RSCG PR Worldwide
  9. 9. About Euro RSCG Worldwide PR _ Headquartered in Paris with a strong established network across 49 agencies in 29 countries _ Extensive experience in creating and managing PR programs for a wide range of clients of all sizes globally _ Best Corporate Communications Agency in Europe (Holmes Report) _ Ranked #1 in France and Israel, top 3 in Poland, top 5 in Germany, Finland and The Netherlands, and the only Laurent Habib specialized corporate communications agency in the Middle Euro RSCG WW PR CEO East _ In the UK, winner of the Campaign of the Year 2007/08 (PR Week) and voted PR Firm of the Year 2008 (Hedgefund Journal Awards) _ Winner of Best Communication Case in France and Benelux (European Excellence Awards 2008)
  10. 10. Our Capabilities
  11. 11. Global Coverage of Euro RSCG WW PR North America: New York, San Francisco, Europe: Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Prague, Czech Republic; Helsinki, Finland; Paris, France; USA Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Germany; Milan, Rome, Italy; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Denmark, Sweden, The Nordics; Warsaw, Poland; Madrid, Barcelona, Spain; London, Edinburgh, Manchester, U.K. Middle East: Tel Aviv, Israel; Beirut, Lebanon; Dubai, U.A.E. Asia Pacific: Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Australia; Shanghai, China; Bangalore, LATAM: Mumbai, New Delhi, India; Mexico City, Mexico; Lima, Peru; Manila, Philippines Panama, Panama; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Caracas, Venezuela; Bogotá, Colombia; Montevideo, Uruguay; Quito, Ecuador; La Paz, Bolivia; Brasilia, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Santiago, Chile 1,500 pr & corporate experts. 29 countries. 49 offices.
  12. 12. Top 10 Global Network Source: The Holmes Group, July 2007
  13. 13. Key Clients of the Network
  14. 14. Recognized Talents _ 2008 European Consultancy of the Year _ 2008 Baltic Region Award (Volvo C30 Launch in Poland) _ 2008 Best Communication Case France (INPES) _ 2008 Best Communication Case Benelux (World Whisky Index) _ 2007 Financial Consultancy of the Year _ 2007 Best Campaign of the Year – Grand Prix _ 2007 Best Corporate & Business Campaign _ 2007 Best Financial Communications Campaign (Mittal Steel bid for Arcelor) _ 2007 Best European PR program (Mittal Steel bid for Arcelor) _ 2007 European Communications Awards for best M&A communications in Europe _ 2006 Best European Financial Communications Campaign _ 2006 Benelux Consultancy of the Year _ 2006 Financial Consultancy of the Year (AMO network) Source: Sabre Awards/Holmes Report, 2006- 2008 & European Excellence Awards 2008
  15. 15. And Recognized Thought Leadership _ Brands in Recession (2008) _ Role of Corporations in Today’s Society (2007) _ Opinion Leaders – The new generation of corporate, finance, media and influencers (2006) _ E-influence (2006) _ Corporation in Crisis and the Media – The Misunderstanding (2005) _ The Common Values of Europeans (2005) _ Opinion Leaders – The Society of Mistrust (2004-2005)
  16. 16. What can Euro RSCG PR do for you?
  17. 17. Darya Belunskaya, PR manager Darya is a very experienced PR professional with deep theoretical knowledge she got in Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO University), Faculty of International Journalism, Public Relations and successful implementation of that theory during last 5 years in well- known international companies being responsible not only PR projects but strategic consulting projects as well. Darya has a great energy and attention to keep eye on each single detail in daily projects and ability to see perspectives and long-term strategy Since March 2009 – Euro RSCG PR, PR Manager, Client: Peugeot 2007-2009 – Colliers International (a leading real estate consultancy), Project Manager (corporate brand, HORUS Capital, MIRAX Group, Capital Group etc) 2005-2007 – Strategic consultant, AGA Management (IES-Holding, Renaissance Insurance etc)
  18. 18. Ilya Baryshev, PR manager Ilya has analytical mind-set which along with his previous work experience at research projects helps him in his daily responsibilities, such as: PR campaigns analysis, planning and preparation of analytic reports. In parallel Ilya is a very talented communications expert. He easily installs and supports relations with persons that helps him to build large database of media representatives of all segments Since April 2009 – Euro RSCG Russia, PR Manager Client: Peugeot 2008-2009 – Public Promotions, PR Manager (Bally, ENEL, Furla, H&M, Santoni) 2007-2008 – SU Higher School of Economics, Junior research fellow 2004-2008 – Publishing house Planet five continents, researcher and correspondent
  19. 19. Our Services Internal & External PR Audit ytics Anal PR Str ate Tacticsgy & Develo pment Media Monitoring PR Cycle Work w it Media h Work Opiniwith Leadeon rs Events Organizati’o n ing & Marketterials PR Ma pment Develo
  20. 20. Case Study: PR services provided to Peugeot Russia
  21. 21. Internal & External PR Audit _ Before starting a project we review the current PR situation of the company, including its presence in mass media, correspondence of PR work to the brand’s positioning & to the company’s strategic goals, and the competitive environment
  22. 22. PR Strategy & Tactics Development _ The results of PR audit help us to provide the client with efficient and detailed communications strategy and PR plan
  23. 23. Work with Media _ As work with media is the key PR activity, we are concentrated on being in close day-to-day contact with the journalists, providing them with information and comments, initializing articles and interviews
  24. 24. Events’ Organization: 308 CC Launch _ Press breakfast _ 44 journalists (TV, radio, lifestyle & specialized publications, on-line media) _ 2 video interviews, 3 issues on radio, 38 publications
  25. 25. 308 CC Launch: LCI Reportage,,4401949,00-l-auto-bleu-blanc-rouge-tient-la-route-en-russie-.html
  26. 26. 308 CC Launch: LCI Reportage,,4401949,00-l-auto-bleu-blanc-rouge-tient-la-route-en-russie-.html
  27. 27. Events’ Organization: Press Conference _ Press conference dedicated to changes in Peugeot Russia top management _ 40 journalists (TV, radio, business & specialized publications, on-line media) _ 2 video interviews, 3 issues on radio, 3 interviews for top business titles (Vedomosti, Interfax, Reuters), 4 interviews for specialized media
  28. 28. Marketing & PR Materials Development _ Experience of PR team and synergy with other Euro RSCG Russia divisions allow us to develop all the marketing & PR materials in-house
  29. 29. Work with Opinion Leaders _ Opinion leader’s point of view is a very efficient tool to influence the target audience. That’s why we work with celebrities, known bloggers and other opinion leaders in order to engineer buzz around the client’s brand
  30. 30. Media Monitoring _ Daily media monitoring along with follow-up help us to immediately see the effect of our activity and to update it if needed
  31. 31. Analytics _ Analysis of PR index provides us with ongoing information on the efficiency of the implemented tactics. Competitors’ activity analysis helps to better understand the current situation and to find the best PR solutions for the client’s business development
  32. 32. Thank you for your attention!