CALL        FOR        APPLICATIONS        Deadline June 10, 2011  Promoting      ExcellenceintheDiscourse    onEurope
CallDear Ladies and Gentlemen,As the president of the European Society for Education and Communication(ESEC) I wantto invi...
Promoting                                                                     Quality                                     ...
ESEC and the JuryJury                                                    Members of the Grand Jury:                       ...
2010 WinnersGrand Award 2010               LUX Visionary Thinkers About the Future (IKON, The Netherlands)               B...
Evaluation Procedure                                                                                               Awards&...
ParticipationAwards&Medals                                                         How to apply                Addressees ...
Since 1995, the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards                                       are granted to outstanding media production...
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EuroMedia Awards 2011, Call for Application


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EuroMedia Awards 2011, Call for Application

  1. 1. CALL FOR APPLICATIONS Deadline June 10, 2011 Promoting ExcellenceintheDiscourse onEurope
  2. 2. CallDear Ladies and Gentlemen,As the president of the European Society for Education and Communication(ESEC) I wantto invite you to join the competition for the Erasmus EuroMediaAwards in 2011.The EuroMedia Awards honour media productions focusing on the discourseof European Societies and the promotion of European Values. A number of highquality educational media products (DVDs, websites, TV series, magazines) havebeen rewarded since 1995.In 2011, an international jury of renowned experts – coming from various universities inEurope – will again evaluate productions from all over Europe and honour the mostoutstanding ones. The Award goes to ... The EuroMedia Awards honour media productions that: • enhance the media discourse on Europe • provide a qualitative discussion of objectives, perspectives and challenges for the development of European Societies • relate to European topics like cohesion, social values, migration, identity, solidarity ... • show an educational ambition • invest ideas and ambition in an European Public Sphere The Call for Applications 2011 is now open. We are looking forward to a great competition in this 16th year of the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards! Kind regards Thomas A. Bauer, ESEC president 2
  3. 3. Promoting Quality Excellence in the Discourse on EuropeThanks to the generous invitiation by the rectorate of IstanbulUniversity, the EuroMedia Awards Ceremony will be held in Istanbulthis year. We’re looking forward to celebrate excellencent mediaproductions and their creators in Turkey! An Affirmation of Excellence: Awards and Medals ESEC awards the best European media productions with Special Awards and Medals of Excellence, emphasising their exceptional nature in terms of product quality and profound discussion. The Grand Award tops all of them, as it will be given to the best media production of 2011. A Seal for Quality: The Nomination Besides the Awards, the nomination itself is a certificate of quality, given to all productions that meet the high standards of the ESEC jury. The respective EuroMedia Seals labels your product as certified by experts. Recognition of Your Work: International Coverage Covered by news media from all over Europe, the EuroMedia Awards attract attention to your work. The website presents all nominees and winners, thus showcasing the best media productions on Europe. A Glamorous Event: The Award Ceremony The winners of the EuroMedia Awards will be announced at the festive Award Ceremony on October 14 at the glamorous ballroom of the Istanbul University, and will be followed by an evening reception. Networking with Media Professionals: The EuroMedia Day In addition to being a splendid event, the ceremony is a meeting point for international media professionals. The afternoon presentation of the winners and the festive evening reception provide the ideal ambiences to socialise and exchange ideas. 3
  4. 4. ESEC and the JuryJury Members of the Grand Jury: Miguel Aquilera, Spain University of Malaga Thomas A. Bauer, Austria University of Vienna Dimitris Charalambis, Greece As the delivering agency, ESEC aims to National University of Athens promote awareness for the historical Mike Dawney, Great Britain common cultural area called Europe. Middlesex University, London Furthermore, ESEC supports initiatives Joan Hemels, The Netherlands that intend to provide media for lifelong University of Amsterdam learning. The EuroMedia Awards are an Marko Ivanisin, Slovenia ideal opportunity to bring productions University of Maribor emphasising this into the spotlight and Magdalena A. Kalaidjieva, Bulgaria promote exchange and communication Bulgarian Academy of Science, Sofia between media professionals in this field. Ceyhan Kandemir, Turkey The award-winning media productions are Istanbul University carefully picked by an international Jury Barbara Köpplova, Czech Republic of prominent experts from the field. Charles University, Prague This year, twelve experts from all over Bernd Mikuszeit, Germany Europe will evaluate the submissions. Institute for Education and Media, Berlin Gerhard E. Ortner, Germany Gesellschaft für Pädagogik und Information, Berlin Zoltán Palatinus , Hungary WIFI Hungary, Budapest Evaluation Criteria All submissions for the EuroMedia Awards are evaluated according to specific quality criteria. ESEC experts will weigh the following aspects in their decisions for the respective decorations: – the level of discussion of European topics – the depth of analysis and critical assessment / reassessment – the quality of realization in terms of design, aesthetics and media language – the value for use in educational contexts – the value for public communication For more detailed information on the evaluation criteria, please visit: 4
  5. 5. 2010 WinnersGrand Award 2010 LUX Visionary Thinkers About the Future (IKON, The Netherlands) Based on in-depth interviews with 8 visionary thinkers from diverse cultural, religious and professional backgrounds, the TV series discusses basic topics (ethics, belonging, identity, globaliza- tion) challenging European societies. “Worldwide well known names contribute to concepts of a future of an open society and encourage a visionary approach to a Europe for Europeans.” (The Jury) Special Award for Education and Ethics Der 2. Weltkrieg Documentary series, ORF, Austria „This masterpiece of analytical narration expects from recipients to overcome the simple schemes of distinction and distributions of blame like in the friend-enemy-scheme“. (The Jury) Special Award for Discourse and Politics Liikkumavara / Within Limits Documentary, Illume Ltd., Finland „The subtle revelation of the domination of the political/ economic machinary over social equity issues is well displayed without polemic. The voices are allowed to speak for themselves.“ (The Jury) Special Award for Aesthetics and Design Opinion Corner Interactive website, Mostra, Belgium „It is important to communicate the idea and realities of Europe. That is what Opion Corner does, using the elements, tools and means that most European and non European people usually employ.“ (The Jury) 5
  6. 6. Evaluation Procedure Awards&MedalsThe Evaluation of all submissionswill take part in two steps:First Step: Seals / Nominations Categories for Awards and MedalsAll applications will be reviewed by Grand Award (3.000 €)the ESEC panel of experts according Special Award for Education and Ethics (1.000 €)to the evaluation criteria (see above). Special Award for Discourse and Politics (1.000 €)All productions that meet those Special Award for Aesthetics and Design (1.000 €)criteria will be nominated for theEuroMedia Awards. Nominees will Medal of Excellence: Documentary / Report*be informed by the end of July 2011. Medal of Excellence: Teaching Material*At the Award Ceremony on October Medal of Excellence: Networking Media*14, all nominated submissions will Medal of Excellence: Fictional Programme*receive the EuroMedia Seal of Medal of Excellence: Integrative /Approval certification alongside with Convergent Media*a digital version of the Seal of * not endowedApproval Logo for use on allinformative material connected to thecertified product. Sponsorship Awards The Jury will award special funds to productionsSecond Step: Awards and Medals it assesses to be supported. These sponsorshipsAll nominated productions will are funded by sponsors, and will be tied to thecompete for the EuroMedia Awards discussion on a special topic.and the Medals of Excellence. TheGrand Jury will rank the submissionsand decorate exceptional works at Calls for Sponsorship Awardsthe Award Ceremony. Prizes will be will be published on our homepageawarded in the following categories: 6
  7. 7. ParticipationAwards&Medals How to apply Addressees Participation fee The Call for Application for the EuroMedia Awards is aimed Please understand that ESEC has to charge a small at a wide range of institutions both public and private: contribution towards expenses. This fee enables us • publishing companies, product development companies to realize the EuroMedia Awards. • media organisations and institutions The amount of the participation fee differs • journalists from all media categories according to the character of your institution: • initiatives and project groups, NGOs Various media productions are considered for the Awards: Commercial institutions EUR 200,- Non-commercial institutions* EUR 100,- • Print media productions • Radio programmes / television series * non-commercial institutions include non-profit organisations, associations/unions, educational • Movies, documentary films institutions. • Websites, Multimedia CDs, DVDs Please contact us for further information. • Integrative Media projects How to apply Please transfer the participation fee to: For application, please visit our website www.euromediaa- ESEC European Society for Education and In order to take part in the EuroMedia Awards, Communication please complete the Application Form online. The POSTBANK (Germany) application form asks you for information on your produc- Account Number: 732662462 tion (media type and a short summary of your work, etc.) Bank Code: 44010046 and the persons/organisations involved. Additionally, plea- BIC: PBNKDEFF se submit two copies of your production together with the IBAN: DE89440100460732662462 signed copyright form (to be found on our Website) to our Bank fees must be covered by the participant. postal adress (see page 8). If the ESEC panel of experts nominates your production for the EuroMedia Awards (by the end of July, 2011), we will Applications are completed with the receipt further ask you to submit the following (you can upload of the participation fee. all at A confirmation E-Mail will be send within • Between one and three pictures/screenshots of the a week. submission in a good resolution/size (minimum requirement: 1024 x 786 dots, format: .jpg or .png) DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: • A trailer of up to three minutes (video or animated JUNE 10, 2011 presentation) both for presentation on the EuroMedia website and during the Award Ceremony (formats: .mov, .mpg, .avi) 7
  8. 8. Since 1995, the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards are granted to outstanding media productions contributing to the development of a European society and value system. 16 Years1995–2011 Erasmus Euromedia Awards Call for Applications 2011 Deadline for Applications June 10 Notification of Nomination August 25 Awarding Ceremony October 14 For additional information and the latest news please visit our website: Follow us on Twitter Team Thomas A. Bauer, Prof. Dr. President of ESEC and Head of the Jury E-Mail: Phone: +43 1 4277 49336 Axel Maireder, MA Coordination, Media Relations E-Mail: Phone: +43 1 4277 49375 Katharina Oke, MA Award Organisation and Application Management E-Mail: Phone: +43 1 4277 49370 European Society for Education Bianca Grossberger and Communication Office Management c/o Department of Communication E-Mail: University of Vienna Phone: +43 1 4277 49335 Berggasse 11/8 Andreas Prummer A-1090 Vienna Webmaster Austria E-Mail: