The Munich Biotech Cluster m4 Approach towards Personalised Medicine


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EuroBioForum 2012 | 18 April 2012
Presentation by Horst Domdey, Managing Director of BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH

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The Munich Biotech Cluster m4 Approach towards Personalised Medicine

  1. 1. The Munich Biotech Cluster m4 Approach towards Personalized Medicine" Horst Domdey
  2. 2. BioM – Partner for Sustainable Innovation SME Big Pharma • Funding • Partnering • Partnering • Business Development • Seminars & Workshops • Networking • Networking • Professional Training • Events • Events Academia • Scouting & Incubation • Start-up Consulting •
  3. 3. The Munich Life Science Cluster- a Leading Pharma and Biotech Location • > 250 life science companies (126 SMEs) • > 50% of SMEs focus on Tx & Dx • impressive drug development pipe line • innovative platform technologies: imaging, genomics, proteomics, kinomics, etc. • 8 excellent research institutions • high density in hospitals, study centers • 27 pharma companies CLUSTER- MANAGEMENT • 50 CROs • 30,000 employees in the life sciences and the life science industry (SMEs: 2,850) • > € 3 bn invested
  4. 4. Munich‘s Drug Development Pipeline Market 5 Phase III 8 Phase II 36 Phase I 33 Preclinic 59 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 Number of Clinical Candidates of Biotech SMEs in the Greater Munich Area, BioM
  5. 5. 4 Strong Partners for Munich € 100 mn Biotech Program Science in Munich and Pharma in Munich on Cluster Personalized Hospitals Management in Munich for Munich
  6. 6. Structure of the m4 Program Board Personalized SP1 – m4 Trial Medicine Steering Committee Service Center Representatives from Academia & Industry SP2 – m4 Structural Projects Targeted Biobank AllianceR&D Projects Therapies m4-Clustermanagement SP3 – m4 Data BioM Integration System Production Processes SP4 – m4 Scouting & Incubation Preclinical Associated Partners Academia & Industry SP5 – m4 Models eAcademy
  7. 7. m4 Strategy: Establishing a Sustainable Infrastructure through Structural Projects Scouting & Incubation eAcademyspecial award, scouts, Master of Translational Sciencetargeted identification, Executive MBA of Life Science Management active incubation Innovation Human Capital Pre Clinic Clinical Trials Phases I - III Approval Human Biomaterial Consulting, Recruiting Biobank Alliance Trial Service Center central access, service and advice legal and ethical harmonization phase I unit highest quality standards platform service Transfer of Information Data Integration System information integration web portal safety concept Translational Seed Fund: seed financing opportunities in PM (in progress)
  8. 8. m4 Scouting & Incubation • m4 Scouting Identification of (bio)pharmaceutical research projects with a high innovationspotential • m4 Mentor Circle Professional mentoring by retired experts from academia and industry • m4 Award Regional pre-seed program for innovative research projects in the field of biomarkers and drug development • m4 Incubation Assisted incubation of the m4 Award
  9. 9. m4 Award• Bavarian pre-seed program for Personalized Medicine: € 8.5 Mio until 2015• € 500,000 per project over 2 years; additional € 30,000 for coaching and special advice• 80 short proposals received until 31st January, 2011• 28 full length proposals received unti 30th April, 2011• m4 Award Committee: experts from Biotech, Pharma and Venture Capital• 5 grants awarded on 18th July,
  10. 10. Winners of the First Round of the m4 Award• K-P Hopfner, F Oduncu, G H Fey (LMU): Triplebodies against AML• D. Schendel, C Geiger, M Javorović (HMGU): Individualised Dendritic Cells as Vaccines for Patients with Hormone-resistant Prostate Cancer• M Conrad, J A Schick (HMGU): New Drugs for the Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases• F Hausch, M Paez-Pereda (MPI Psychiatry): Development of FKBP51 Specific Molecules to Treat Depression• O Ritter (Univ. Würzburg): Calportin as First Line Treatment of Heart
  11. 11. m4 Strategy (II): Boosting Innovation through 40 R&D Projects (mostly Cooperations) PK1 P2 T17 T16 Biotech SME T15 T14 T12 T10 Pharma/Medtech T9 T6 Industry T5 T3 T2 Academia / Clinics PM 14 PM5 PM4 P3 PM9 Drug Development Preclinic Clinical Trials Phase I - III Approval Market Value Chain of Personalized Medicine Biomarker Companion Diagnostic Validated Approval Market Identification & Validation Feasibility and Benefit Test Kit PM 2 Focus on: PM6 -> new targeted therapeutics PM 7 PM 8 -> innovative therapy concepts PM10 PM12 -> identification and validation of biomarkers PM13 by molecular diagnostics and imaging PM15 PM 16 techniques T4 -> set up of platform technologies PM 17 PM1 main indications: oncology, cardiovascular diseases, chronic lung diseases, diseases and inflammation
  12. 12. COR-1 – an m4 Lighthouse Project by Corimmun • Ex vivo, COR-1 showed goodCOR-1 is a cyclic peptide efficacy to neutralize anti ß1which neutralizes receptor autoantibodies.stimulatory autoimmuneantibodies directed against • In animal models, COR-1the beta-adrenergic receptor prevented the generation of heartmimicking the effect of failure and also reversed existingnatural ligands like heart failure.adrenaline and thus leading • In a placebo-controlled phaseto a chronic over-stimulation I clinical trial COR-1 was shownof the receptor. to be well tolerated.Consequently this leads to • COR-1 is now being investigatedhypertrophy and reduced in a phase II clinical trial; it isfunction of the heart. administered to a subgroup of heart failure patients who have been stratified by a specific diagnostic test. COR-1, a new Drug for the Treatment of a Severe Form of Heart
  13. 13. m4 – Evolution through Innovation Winner in the Leading Edge Cluster Competition Winner in the BioRegio Contest MunichGene Center m4 International Cluster of Excellence in Personalized Medicine 1984 1996 2010
  14. 14. P4 Medicine – Healthcare of the Future Predictive Personalized Biomarkers Stratification of Patients - DNA/RNA-omics - Herceptin - Proteomics - Erbitux - ... Preventive Life Style and Treatment - Phenylketonuria Participatory - Diabetes Informed Decisions - Cancer by informed Patients - 1000$