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EuroBioForum 2013 - Day 1 | Anne Eckhardt


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EuroBioForum 2013 2nd Annual Conference
27-28 May 2013 - Hilton Munich City, Munich, Germany



Personalised medicine in Switzerland under a societal perspective

Dr Anne Eckhard
Consultant on behalf of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences


Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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EuroBioForum 2013 - Day 1 | Anne Eckhardt

  1. 1. www.risicare.chPersonalized Medicinein Switzerland
  2. 2. 2Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences / TA-SWISS• ambitious concept• modest response in politics and media so far• sceptical voices prevail• «Marketing instrument of the pharmaceuticalindustry»• «We will be the gravediggers of our ownprivate sphere»• debate concentrates on special aspectslike genetic testingPublic perception
  3. 3. 3Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences / TA-SWISS• strong privately financed research• no explicit national programme• multitude of individual projects• need for complementing research• legal aspects• bioinformatics• communication• etc.Research
  4. 4. 4Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences / TA-SWISS• well established in centres of excellencefor example in university hospitals• but: even specialists often overtaxed• personalized medicine:medicine for the person?• the boundaries between«healthy» and «ill» vanishMedical practice
  5. 5. 5Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences / TA-SWISS• strategy of thefederal administration• central importance of standardisedelectronic medical file• federalist structure of health system• niche for private services• strong need for standardisationE-Health
  6. 6. 6Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences / TA-SWISS• collection of data• types of data• integration in electronic medical file• open source vs. data protection• new forms of research (crowd sourcing)• data processing, data mining• creating new assets• area of conflict between«private» und «public»Internet and Social Media
  7. 7. 7Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences / TA-SWISS• ban for direct to consumer genetic testing• different regulations for the dealing withgenetic biomarkers and other biomarkers• licensing of drugs tailor-made for blockbusters• from informed consent to«informed lack of knowledge»?Legal challenges
  8. 8. 8Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences / TA-SWISS• We are not yet well preparedfor a real breakthrough of personalized medicinePresent situation
  9. 9. 9Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences / TA-SWISS• high potentials• progress, especially in oncology• limits of effectiveness• importance for pharmaceutical industry• need for action• information and educationfor physicians and patients• label for physicians with specialcompetence• improvements in medical geneticsand the use of case history• evaluation of direct to customerservicesPosition of the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences
  10. 10. 10Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences / TA-SWISS• strong pharmaceutical and medtech industryin Switzerland• need for innovative concepts• alternative to the blockbuster-model- with chances and risks• interest in limiting costs for clinical studies• new services for new customers• consequences for political economyopenEconomic aspects
  11. 11. 11Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences / TA-SWISS• obligatory health insurance:principle of solidarity between the healthy and the ill, youngerand older people, men and women well established• solidarity in society:important role of personal responsibility / personal autonomydecreasing patience with those, who do not care for theirhealth?• balance between individual capacitiesand individual needsConcept of solidarity
  12. 12. 12Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences / TA-SWISS• technology assessmentas a catalyst• intensifying the politicaland societal debateOutlook
  13. 13. 13Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences / TA-SWISSThank youfor your attention