Educational Programmes and Services

Welcome to the EURASIA Institute
                                                 The EURASIA Institute is a German langua...
EURASIA Institute
Germany Product Portfolio          General Information                          4-5

EURASIA Language...
General Information

                                                          EURASIA Institute facilities
Accommodation in Berlin
In order to provide our students with the best
environment for language learning, we offer a
General Language Training
                                           People from all over the world learn languages at our...
Ayumi Nagai from Japan:
“At the EURASIA Institute I was able to learn German
with great results in a very short time.”

Programmes for School & Student Groups
                                                               The EURASIA Institut...
Sample one-week Programme “Berlin Highlights”

                Saturday                         Sunday                M...
Summer School for Teenagers
                                                              We warmly invite young people fr...
Sample one-week Summer School Programme

Monday                      Tuesday                         Wednesday         ...
University Preparation & Placement
                                                              The EURASIA Institute is ...
Our guidance during your stay with
•   individual counselling on the programme of your
•   lectures an...
Educational Travel
                                                                EURASIA Travel Europe offers you the ch...
Sample one-week programme: Berlin - Paris

Sunday                           Monday                           Tuesday   ...
Internship Placement

     How does internship placement work?
     EURASIA Institute organises internships for students,...
Who can apply for an internship?
European university students and graduates may apply for internship placement...
Professional Seminars FOCUS GERMANY

              Groups of students and specialists from different countries come to ta...
Dr. Yana Borisenko from Russia:
“I want to underline the enormous and cognitive value of such seminar programs
abroad. The...
Corporate Services
                                                               EURASIA Institute offers a variety of se...
Translation and Interpreting Services

                                                    Written Translations
Naila Afandejeva from Azerbaijan:
     “l attended a German course at the EURASIA Institute
     and learnt a lot there. T...
Building cultural bridges
between the continents


           EURASIA Institute Berlin • Obentrautstrasse 72 • 10963 Berlin • Germany
     Tel.: +...
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EURASIA Institute - Study in Germany-


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EURASIA Institute ( is one of the leading German language institute in Berlin, offering wide range
and educational services provider in the
centre of Germany‘s vibrant capital, Berlin.
of courses and also provides consultancy to the students who intend to study in Germany -

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EURASIA Institute - Study in Germany-

  1. 1. Educational Programmes and Services 1
  2. 2. Welcome to the EURASIA Institute The EURASIA Institute is a German language institute and educational services provider in the centre of Germany‘s vibrant capital, Berlin. Each year we welcome many hundreds of pupils, students, professionals, business people and corporate clients from all over the world and cater for their individual needs with a wide range of tailor-made educational programmes. The EURASIA Institute is continually expanding its world-wide network of universities, institu- Andrew John Geddes tions, companies and associations and values Founding Director of the EURASIA Institute the positive synergies that arise from this mutual cooperation. The EURASIA Institute provides global solutions for effective communication with the aim of nur- turing mutual understanding between the many cultures across the globe. The dedicated team of the EURASIA Institute in Germany extends a warm welcome to you and looks forward to meeting you at the institute soon! The EURASIA Institute is a private Complementary School registered with the Berlin Senate in accordance with §9 of the Private Schools Act. 2
  3. 3. EURASIA Institute Germany Product Portfolio General Information 4-5 EURASIA Language Super-intensive training in most General Language Training 6-7 major languages for adults and Programmes for School & Student Groups 8-9 juniors as well as a range of tailor-made group programmes Summer School for Teenagers 10-11 for schools, universities and corporate clients EURASIA Study Comprehensive educational University Preparation & Placement 12-13 and service packages with a special emphasis on student welfare, cultural integration and final placement in higher education EURASIA Travel Tailor-made educational tour Educational Travel 14-15 solutions for school, university and corporate groups visiting Germany or Europe EURASIA Professionals Tailor-made seminars, intern- Internship Placement 16-17 ships and further education Practical Training Seminars FOCUS GERMANY 18-19 focusing on all innovative aspects of German society, economy and industry EURASIA Business B2B services for corporate Corporate Services 20 clients and businesspeople including trade-fair, investment consultancy and company incorporation services EURASIA Translation Translation and interpreting Translation and interpreting service 21 services in sixty languages 3
  4. 4. General Information EURASIA Institute facilities From our spacious seminar rooms students and seminar participants can enjoy a panoramic view over Berlin’s tourist hotspots throughthe full glass facade, intensifying a feeling of openness, space and light. This is the perfect environment for our language classes and professional seminars. EURASIA Institute is not just a place of learning but also one where students to spend their free time in a very international and inter- culturalatmosphere. During break times students come together in our recreation room equipped with table tennis and other facilities. Snacks and drinks are availa- ble within our Institute. Internet connectivity is provided in our computer room or via the Wi-Fi, available to all students and seminar partici- pants. Location The EURASIA Institute is located in a trendy and multi-faceted district in the heart of Berlin with The EURASIA Team an impressive outlook over Potsdamer Platz We are a very international team that embodies and is ideally situated for public transport links. diversity in every respect. Our team consists of Opposite the eye-catching German Technical language teachers, lecturers, educational and Museum the EURASIA Institute is within walking business consultants, student advisers, distance both from the ultra-modern Potsdamer translators and interpreters. All team members Platz as well as the charming Bergmannstraße have relevant academic degrees, several speak neighbourhood with its characteristic, historic foreign languages and have studied or worked stucco buildings and antique shops – both ‘must- abroad. see destinations’ for Berlintourists. Our strong, committed team is continually finding ways to make your time with us more enjoyable and more effective. We are ideally equipped to understand and comply with the needs of our customers, with whom we are in constant close dialogue. 4
  5. 5. Accommodation in Berlin In order to provide our students with the best environment for language learning, we offer a range of accommodation options: Host family programme: Host families come in all shapes and sizes: in addition to the classic family of two parents and children, we also have single parents with children and sometimes parents whose children have already left home. What our students learn in class can be applied straight away in conversa- tion with the host family. In addition students can gain valuable insights into German culture. Students normally stay in single or double rooms in the house or flat of the family and may enjoy breakfast and dinner served by the family. Student dormitory/ youth/ backpacker hostel For students who wish to live in shared accom- modation with other students we have arrange- EURASIA Student Services ments with three student dormitories in Berlin. We support our students with a range of servi- The dormitories offer self-catering single rooms ces. In particular our student service office will with common kitchens and bathrooms or single! help with all the necessary formalities after your double apartments. arrival in Germany. Our student service takes For groups of pupils and students, accommoda- care of the following: tion can be organised in shared or single rooms in a youth hostel within walking distance of the • airport transfer service EURASIA Institute. • police registration • health insurance Hotel • opening a bank account Our corporate clients, as well as students- and • visa-extension (in Berlin) specialists delegations coming for short-term seminars and professional training programmes • support & guidance in all difficult situations, often choose 3 star hotels close to the institute. while living abroad 5
  6. 6. General Language Training People from all over the world learn languages at our Institute in a relaxed, yet professional atmosphere. The vibrant sense of international diversity which you will experience at our Institute guarantees an interesting and exciting intercultural experience. General German We offer German courses throughout the year at all levels from A1 to C2. Complete beginners may start a course at the beginning of any month, while advanced learners may join in at most levels on any Monday. You may take a placement test and a trial lesson free of charge before being integrated into the most suitable group. Precise details of our course ca- lendar are posted on our website Superintensive German Course Participants in this course may learn German from Hours: 30 per week A1 to C2 in an enjoyable learning environment. The Duration: 6 weeks per speed of learning is rapid and each level is completed level with a comprehensive examination. We recommend (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) this course to everybody, since here you will learn all Times: 08:30 - 14:00 aspects of the German language at maximum speed. Intensive Course Should our super-intensive course be too time-con- Hours: 20 per week suming for you, you may choose our basic intensive Duration: 6 weeks per course. This course will give you all the skills needed level (with additional to speak good German. You will, however, miss out homework) on the afternoon in-depth practice sessions of the (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) super-intensive course. Times: 08:30 - 12:00 Combination Course Hours: 20 per week in This course enables you to combine the benefits of group + 5 or 10 individual the basic intensive or super-intensive courses with lessons those of individual tuition. Times: 08:30-12:00 in group and individual lessons in the afternoon Individual tuition Our exclusive German language courses offer individual intensive language trai- ning with complete timetabling flexibility. The course is designed for learners of the German language who require specific language training tailor-made to meet their needs. As a private student you may determine the course content to a considerable extent. For instance you may choose to have conversation training, coaching in phonetics or lessons in writing business letters. Business German Our tailor-made business German courses are designed to enhance your career prospects by increasing your communication competence levels. You may book language training as combination courses or as immersion programmes with up to 40 full hours per week. We focus on the following skills: presentation, argumenta- tion, negotiation and business correspondence. 6
  7. 7. Ayumi Nagai from Japan: “At the EURASIA Institute I was able to learn German with great results in a very short time.” Other Languages from A to Z The EURASIA Institute draws on a pool of highly qualified, experienced language teachers for all the major languages in the world as well as for many less common languages and dialects. All of our teachers are native speakers and are hand-picked for their linguistic, pedagogical and intercul- tural skills. Choose from our wide range of language programmes: • for students, businesspeople, embassy personnel and their families, immigrants, young adults and children • for groups and individuals available during the • daytime and in the evening • intensive and extensive courses • individual and tailor-made language training at EURASIA or in-house training for corporate clients • industry-specific & specialised language training courses at all levels ranging from conversation to creative writing 7
  8. 8. Programmes for School & Student Groups The EURASIA Institute offers ideal courses to complement school or university programmes. Our speciality is German language courses in combination with specific information on a wide range of topics regarding German literature, history and philosophy. Knowledge acquired in the classroom forms the basis for further cultural fact-finding activities on the specific theme. These consist, for example, of visits to theatres, museums and historical sites as well as residences of poets, philosophers, historians and artists in Berlin. Berlin is a living book and an open museum when it comes to modern German trends and history. We tailor all group trips to meet the requirements of your school curriculum, remembering at the same time that it is the fun aspect of learning that makes the stay unforgettable for all group members. German History Delve into modern German history and quench your curiosity concerning the wall and German reunifica- tion, the Second World War, the Third Reich, the Weimar Republic, Martin Luther, industrialization, Prussia, etc. German Literature Enjoy and discover the land of poets and thinkers through the minds and works of Goethe, Lessing, Brecht, Kafka, Mann, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Schiller and others ... German Philosophy Immerse yourself in the world of German thinking and learn to follow the arguments of Kant, Hegel, Humbolt, Schopenhauer, Marx and Engels, Nietzsche, Leibnitz, Heidegger, Feuerbach ... “Berlin Highlights” (see sample programme) Get to know this multi-faceted metropole from the inside, exploring the wall, East Side Gallery, Branden- burg Gate, Potsdamer Platz, Alexander Platz, Unter den Linden, Checkpoint Charlie .... and much more 8
  9. 9. Sample one-week Programme “Berlin Highlights” Saturday Sunday Monday Arrival in Berlin and transfer Full day excursion 09:30 -13:00 from airport to Potsdam Course Module Reception at EURASIA Institute 14:30 - 18:00 12:00 Optional extra social activities Placement Test (e.g. cinema, sports) 14:00 - 18:00 Excursion 1 - City Tour Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 09:30 - 13:00 09:30 - 13:00 09:30 -13:00 09:30 -12:15 Course Module Course Module Course Module Course Module Afternoon: 14:00 - 18:00 Afternoon: Final Ceremony with award of Free Time Excursion 2 - City Tour Shopping Certificates Disco The basic package includes the following services: • transfer from the airport by public transport • 1-week ticket for the local public transport including subway, metropolitan railway, bus, and tram in the Berlin inner-city area (AB) • 7 days /6 nights accommodation with a host-family or in a youth hostel including half- board (breakfast and one meal per day) • 15 lessons (each 45 min.) on one ofthe above mentioned modules at EURASIA Institute Berlin • extra-curricular activities programme on 2 afternoons (each 4 hours) + 1 day excursion (8 hours) - entry fees are not included • course materials and certificate of participation • health and third-party liability insurance • one or more free accompanying adults depending on the size of the group 9
  10. 10. Summer School for Teenagers We warmly invite young people from all over the world to our Summer School in Berlin. Here you can learn German and have fun at the same time. German Course You will learn German every morning with an inter national group of students. In a relaxed atmosphere, our experienced German teachers will help you to get to know the German language better, using all the latest teaching methods. We place particular empha- sis on communication skills, so you will be speaking better German in no time at all. Afternoon Programme and Weekend Excursions Following class and a short lunchtime break, our language students spend the afternoons together with the EURASIA team mentors. The afternoon programme consists of a mixture of sightseeing and social activities - not forgetting of course, our weekly visit to the disco. Every weekend, the EURASIA team takes the pupils on a full-day excursion. The excursi- ons take us to a wide variety of places: e.g. city sightseeing in Dresden, Leipzig, Hamburg, Potsdam or Stralsund, a visit to a theme park, a kayak tour on a river, or swimming in the Baltic Sea, to name but a few. The EURASIA Institute places particular emphasis on mutual interaction between students. Many activities are based around this standpoint of encouraging communication between students and promoting Accommodation the desire for intercultural exchange. It is therefore The students normally stay in double rooms in the quite common for friendships to continue long after house or flat of selected host families. Breakfast and time spent at the EURASIA Institute. dinner are served by the family, while for lunch we have an arrangement with a cafeteria close to the Ins- titute which has a variety of menus to choose from. For students 16 years and older who wish to stay in shared accommodation with other students, we have an arrangement with a dormitory very close to the EURASIA Institute. The dormitory offers self-catering single rooms with common kitchens and bathrooms. Breakfast may also be booked as an additional extra. 10
  11. 11. Sample one-week Summer School Programme Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 08:30 - 12:00 08:30 - 12:00 08:30 - 12:00 08:30 - 12:00 German Course German Course German Course German Course 15:00 - 18:00 15:00 - 18:00 15:00 - 18:00 15:00 -18:00 City Tour - Berlin Center Visit to Gardens of the World 3D Cinema or beach volleyball Boat Tour Friday Saturday Sunday 08:30 - 12:00 Trip to the Baltic Sea or Free Time German Course Spreewald-Canoeing 15:00 - 18:00 Museum Island Disco Evening Our all-inclusive Package: • airport pickup • 20 or 30 hours tuition per week • weekly pass for public transport • accommodation with full-board • supervision during all school activities • afternoon activity programme on weekdays • loan of course materials, certificate • one full-day weekend outing • travel insurance 11
  12. 12. University Preparation & Placement The EURASIA Institute is constantly developing its international academic network and maintains many cooperation projects with universities both in Germany and abroad. Most foreign students have a hard time navigating their way through the complicated structures of the German university landscape. For more than ten years, EURASIA Institute has been offering not only an excellent language preparation but also university placement counselling and concrete support during the application process for a place at a German university. The EURASIA Institute is one of the official language training partners of DAAD, the German government agency for higher education exchange. Our support from the very beginning: • preassessment • recommendation of appropriate programmes • plan of action • your academic transcripts and application portfo- lio are screened by a partner university enabling you to apply for a student visa with a conditional offer for studies • assistance with the application for a student visa The EURASIA Institute admissions team will give you a professional study orientation and help you to find an appropriate study programme fitting to your quali- fications and wishes. Based on the preliminary review of your academic qualifications and on your individual study plans and ideas concerning your future profession we will give you our recommendations, offering you a step-by- step plan to reach your goal. 12
  13. 13. Our guidance during your stay with EURASIA: • individual counselling on the programme of your choice • lectures and seminars on higher education in Germany • support with your university applications • correspondence with the universites and problem solving Once you have reached B1-Level in German, you will participate in a seminar on studying in Germany and will take advantage of our individual university place- ment counselling service. Based on your own personal plan, we will guide you in the steps you need to take in the application procedure as well as advise you on useful application strategies. We help you to compile the documentation for your application, contact the universities, and work out solutions if and when problems arise. We offer our students proactive support for gaining a place at a German university. German courses for university Our German courses for university offer a fast-track solution for all international Hours: 30 per week students intending to apply for studies at a German university. Depending on the Duration: 6 weeks per university concerned, students who successfully complete the EURASIA B2 or C1 level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) level examinations will have mastered the basic communication tools required for Times: 08:30 - 14:00 academic studies and will be able to apply for any university with our certificate. German courses for academics Hours: 24 per week Our German course for academics is similar to the university preparation course, (+6 hours supervised with the one main difference that a heavier emphasis is placed on individual self-study) assignments and self-study Duration: 8 weeks per level (B2, C1, C2) Times: 08:30 - 14:00 English courses for university Many German universities offer international degree programmes which require Hours: 30 per week a certain level of English language proficiency. Our English courses for university Duration: 6 weeks per offer a fast-track solution for all international students intending to apply for such level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) programmes. Students who have obtained an IELTS score of 6.5 will be able to Times: 08:30 - 14:00 apply. Exam Training If you wish to have an internationally recognised certificate for career develop- • TestDaF ment or need the same to apply for university then our examination courses will • DSH offer you exactly the preparation you will need to meet this challenge. We • Studienkolleg prepare for the following exams: • IELTS 13
  14. 14. Educational Travel EURASIA Travel Europe offers you the chance to discover Berlin and some of Europe’s most interesting cities. Discover and enjoy Europe’s diversity and culture and expand your horizons. Make the best of a few days in Europe and use Berlin as a hub. Our basic Travel EUROPE programmes include: • 2 destinations: Berlin + one other city in Europe (e.g. Zurich, Frankfurt, Paris, London, Vienna, Brussels, Munich, Amsterdam, Prague etc.) • B&B in a youth hostel with shared rooms • Sightseeing tours in both cities • long-distance transfers by bus/train/plane • local transfers by public transport • travel Insurance package for Europe • 1 free accompanying adult for every 20 partici- pants In addition to the basic package, we can also tailor programmes to meet your individual wishes. You may choose one or several extra modules: Sightseeing and Activity Programme Sightseeing tours are led by bilingual guides and give Personal Tour Guides you a general overview of the destination and its Groups may book this service additionally in combina- sights as well as historical and current developments. tion with any module. A member of the multilingual We also offer theme tours on a variety of subjects EURASIA guide team will accompany you on your such as art, architecture and history. tour through EUROPE, organising airport transfers, Our optional activities programme is comprised of local sightseeing and logistics and giving you general cultural and social activities and may include visits to guidance throughout your stay. museums, exhibitions and parks, barbecues as well as sports such as swimming, canoeing and Accommodation Upgrade volleyball. All activities may be booked separately No matter what your destination, our logistics team and are accompanied by one of our staff members. can organise an upgrade of your accommodation Additionally we offer 1-2 day excursions to various to meet the budget of any group. All lodgings are cities within Germany such as Dresden, Hamburg, carefully chosen and centrally located, thus offering Cologne and Leipzig. you the best chance to discover and enjoy the chosen destination. Depending on your needs we will book hotels in any price-range from 2 to 5 star hotels. The earlier you book your educational tour, the more competitive rates we can negotiate for you. Half and Full board All accommodation options include breakfast. Lunch and dinner can be booked separately as an additional component. Lunch is provided in nearby student canteens or as lunch packages. Dinner is served at the hostel/hotel or in local restaurants. 14
  15. 15. Sample one-week programme: Berlin - Paris Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednsday Arrival at Berlin Airport and Berlin sightseeing toptour - Full day excursion to Guided tour of the Pergamon transfer by private coach to pick-up at the hotel Pots dam, Dresden or Hamburg Museum (pick-up at the Hotel) hotel (Zoologischer Garten - Potsda- Depart for Paris by train or mer Platz - Checkpoint Charlie coach - Gendarmenmarkt - Alexand- erplatz - Lustgarten - Bran- denburger Tor - Zoologischer Garten) Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Arrival in Paris + Check-in at The Louvre Disneyland Paris Depart from Paris to home hotel country (Paris airport) Guided city tour Paris (Louvre, Oper, Madeleine, Concorde, Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triumphe, Eiffel Tower) Travel EUROPE can be combined with the following EURASIA products: German Course, FOCUS GERMANY Seminars and Trade-Fair Visits 15
  16. 16. Internship Placement How does internship placement work? EURASIA Institute organises internships for students, graduates and postgraduates in local and internatio- nal companies in Germany. We choose companies active in branches of industry closely related to the intern‘s university major or particular area of interest. Through our extensive corporate client base we are able to offer placement in approximately 1000 German companies around the country and in some cases abroad. In which fields can internships be provided? Students and graduates may apply for internship placement in all fields: finance and business, techno- logy and IT, pharmaceutical, culture and humanities, languages and many more! How are the internships remunerated? Internships are for the most part unpaid. Paid oppor- tunities are difficult to find in Germany but may be available for skilled employment or seasonal employ- ment. Remuneration in kind may in some cases be possible; for instance in the form of accommodation etc. 16
  17. 17. Who can apply for an internship? EU CITIZENS European university students and graduates may apply for internship placement without any restrictions. EURASIA Institute offers support in the application for an Erasmus Placement or a Leonardo scholarship, providing it is an internship closely related to your areas of competence and study and you have undergone effective language preparation. The internships in German companies may be recognised as ECTS by the home university. NON-EU CITIZENS Non-Europeans may apply for internships but are subject to certain employment laws and immigration restrictions which may vary from country to country. You should obtain current information from your local embassy before committing yourself to our programme. Interns holding a government scholarship will be given priority treatment by immigration authorities, while, for students, an intern- ship can be covered by a regular student visa. Young people (under 30) from Aust- ralia, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan are covered by special international agreements allowing them to take on company internships and holiday jobs with a working-holiday visa (WHV). What does the internship package include? Applicants may choose between two packages: 1. Complete internship package including • individual internship placement • pre-arrival support with documentation for visa if required • language and intercultural preparation: 4-week German courses • logistical support and liaison for the entire internship period • accommodation with a German host family or a student dormitory • all inclusive insurance package 2. Internship placement only including • individual internship placement • pre-arrival support with documentation for visa if required 17
  18. 18. Professional Seminars FOCUS GERMANY Groups of students and specialists from different countries come to take part in FOCUS GERMANY practical seminars and to gain insights into the German economy, numerous specialist fields and research areas, as well as German society. The FOCUS GERMANY programme offers the unique opportunity for interesting and stimulating exchange of knowledge and experience with representatives from German research, economics and politics, while at the same time making new contacts. The programme covers innovative aspects of German economic life, society and state-of-the-art industry and technology which have traditionally enjoyed world wide renown. A particular focus is placed on environmental issues, sustainability and corporate social responsibility in German industry, as these are considered to be essential for the future peaceful development of the world economy: • Alternative and Solar Energy in Building Projects • Architecture and Sustainability in Urban Development • Automobile Manufacture • Banks, Stocks and Financial Management in Germany • Business and Law (see sample programme) • Catering & Restaurant Management • Civil Engineering and City Planning • Culture and Event Management • Educational infrastructure (Vocational & Primary to Tertiary) • Environmental Management and Protection of Resources • German Export Industry • Heavy Industry (Metallurgic Engineering) • Hospital Management and Public Health • Innovative Floristry and Floristry Management • Innovative Social Work Management • Innovation in the German Chemical Industry • Management and Sustainable Development Economics • Mechanical Engineering Management in Germany • Media, Communication & Journalism in Germany • Protection and Management of Intellectual Property • Public Services & Utilities (Railway, Water, Gas etc.) • Retailing in Germany • Taxation and Tax Consulting • Tourism Management Other subjects available on request 18
  19. 19. Dr. Yana Borisenko from Russia: “I want to underline the enormous and cognitive value of such seminar programs abroad. They allow us an in-depth sight of the experience and practice of foreign companies, which raise our professional level expertise and allow us to make useful business contacts and find new partners.” Our package includes the following services which may be selected to put together your tailor-made programme: • 20 academic hours per week of seminars, compa- ny visits etc. (delivered in German) • interpreter and translation of seminar materials • 2 half-day excursions and 1 full-day excursion per week including entry fees and guide • accommodation and board of your choice • airport-Transfer • visa documents including health and liability insu- Sample one-week seminar and tourism programme rance coverage on the Control and Protection of Economic and • all-round support from accompaning EURASIA Business Activities in the German Economy: staff member MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY WEEKEND Introduction & VW Wolfsburg Federal Bureau of Humboldt-Univer- SCHUFA AG Trip to Paris Keynote speech Tour of Volkswa- Criminallnvesti- sity Berlin gen factory gation Berlin Morning- German Patent programme and Trademark Lecture on Strate- “Fighting “Discussion on Presentation at (see EURASIA Office gic Management economic crime international SCHUFA (German Travel for other within the VW and corruption in commercial law, credit-rating destinations) “Legal protection concern Berlin” comparative law agency) at business in and anti-corrupti- Germany.” on measures” City tour of Visit of a German Ernst & Young Visit of Museum Final group “Historical Berlin” beer factory Island including discussion Presentation a guided tour of (group evalu- Afternoon- on the Business the Pergamon ation session, & Evening- Consultancy and Museum followed by programme the effects at the handing over of financial crisis on the programme the consultan- certificates) cy business, including Q&A session In each module we elucidate both theoretical (30%) and practical aspects (70%) of the particular Focus theme. The standard length of the programme is one-two weeks but this may be extended on demand. A EURASIA Institute representative accompanies the group throughout their stay. In the afternoons and evenings, participants have time to get to know Berlin, while special activities can be organised for each group if required. We offer all kinds of accommodation with different board options. 19
  20. 20. Corporate Services EURASIA Institute offers a variety of services designed for international businesspeople and corporate clients. These range from soft skills and intercultural training EURASIA Business Consulting (EBC) to B2B services for international companies. EBC is the business consulting arm of EURASIA Institute. EBC offers a portfolio of B2B services for Language training international companies planning an investment in Language training is available in all major European Germany: and Oriental languages. Training for corporate clients is • company incorporation in Germany given in the form of residential super-intensive or • strategic management consultancy immersion courses whereby the businesspeople are • implementation of ensuing business operations able to concentrate fully on the task in hand. • relocation services Accommodation organised will naturally meet all the • intercultural training requirements of a travelling executive. Business lan- • personnel recruitment guage training programmes are designed to master the • translation and interpreting following skills: • internship placement • Negotiating successfully with regard to the specific Our clients are accompanied by a flexible well intercultural context coordinated team of business consultants, tax & • Making successful presentations finance specialists, lawyers, notaries, marketing • Convincing telephone strategies experts and intercultural & personnel management • Participation in meetings and presenting argu- specialists. ments EURASIA Trade Fair Services EURASIA Corporate Communication Germany is renowned as a country of trade fairs. Seminars The EURASIA team organises and plans each and Corporate Training: tailor-made intercultural seminars every step of your participation in any trade fair of and language training sessions are given on a variety your choice, whether as a visitor or exhibitor. Clients of topics including: profit additionally from our expertise in the following Doing business in China related areas: Doing business in Japan • logistics Doing business in India • business & networking consultancy and coaching Doing business in Korea • arranging of meetings with local authorities and companies Doing business in Russia • language support services such as translation and Doing business in the Arab world interpreting 20
  21. 21. Translation and Interpreting Services Written Translations Our pool of highly qualified, state examined translators from within and outside of Germany work around the clock and deliver written translations in over 60 languages, for individuals, companies, government bodies, academic institutions, organisations and associations. All translations are produced to deadline and in a confidential and professional manner. The service we offers includes: • any type of source text (specialised texts, in- struction manuals, advertising copy, literary texts, contracts, testimonials, official docu- ments etc.) • all areas of specialisation (IT, technology, na- tural sciences, medicine, politics, economics, legal etc.) Interpreting Service We draw on an international pool of highly quali- fied, state examined interpreters: • in over 60 languages and selected dialects • conference interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive) • all areas of specialisation • interpreters to accompany travel delega- tions in Germany and the EU countries and, if required, also in Asia or the USA • state-accredited interpreters for official purposes such as signature of contracts, court cases, police interrogation, and even weddings • personalised service and total-solution approach • compelling cost-effectiveness 21
  22. 22. Naila Afandejeva from Azerbaijan: “l attended a German course at the EURASIA Institute and learnt a lot there. That was great fun as well! When I came to Germany I couldn‘t speak a word of German: everything I know now, I‘ve learnt at EURASIA.” Liu Wei from China: “A special thank you to the Institute for finding me such a nice and open-minded host family. I lived with them for one year: they treated me like their own daughter and supported me in learning German and living in Germany. Thanks to them I never felt lonely.” Ayumi Nagai from Japan: “At the EURASIA Institute I was able to learn German with great results in a very short time thanks to the well structured courses and to the excellent and experienced teachers!” Alpesh Tarapara from India: “I attended an unforgettable seminar given by the stu- dy consultantAnnette Merker on the structure of edu- cation in Germany. Afterwards, I made an appointment with study consultant, Anette Merker who helped me a lot and gave me many important links and tips. From that day on I had all the right information I needed to apply for universities. I am now an official student of Aachen University and Bonn University doing my Master’s in media informatics .” 22
  23. 23. Building cultural bridges between the continents 23
  24. 24. EURASIA Institute Berlin • Obentrautstrasse 72 • 10963 Berlin • Germany Tel.: +49-30-43727211-0 • Fax.: +49-30-43727211-99 • E-mail: 24