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Why choose IEP

IEP (Institutional Evaluation programme) supports institutions in developing their strategic leadership and capacity to manage change. Higher education institutions play an important role in society but must do so in a complex environment. The Institutional Evaluation Programme (IEP) aims to support institutions in tackling these issues by developing strategic leadership and capacity to manage change.
What will you get from an IEP evaluation? Find out in this presentation.

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Why choose IEP

  2. 2. Focus: institutional structures and organisation Looks at the institution as a whole Examines institution's major characteristics and its goals for future development Examines the effectiveness of governance and decision- making structures and processes Analyses how internal quality assurance and internationalisation contribute to the institutional quality
  3. 3. Distinctive features Fitness for purpose and fitness of purpose of the strategic goals and governance of the institution
  4. 4. Strong emphasis on the self-evaluation phase as an opportunity for improving institutional governance Distinctive features
  5. 5. European perspective Distinctive features Review by senior HE leaders and students
  6. 6. Evaluation by peers: the team acts as a mirror for the institution and as critical friends Distinctive features
  7. 7. IEP has a stable pool of experts from different types of HEIs who have a wealth of international experience
  8. 8. Contact IEP secretariat More information on IEP can be found at