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What is IEP

IEP (Institutional Evaluation Programme) supports institutions in developing their strategic leadership and capacity to manage change. Find out more about IEP in this presentation.

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What is IEP

  2. 2. IEP is an Mission- driven Improvement -oriented Independent External QA agency
  3. 3. IEP is a member of ENQA since 2000 IEP is listed in EQAR since 2011
  4. 4. No ranking No summative judgement No com parison IEP leads to
  5. 5. IEP offers evaluations based on a dialogue among peers
  6. 6. Higher education institutions National or regional authorities IEP carries out institutional evaluations in line with the ESG upon requests by
  7. 7. Since 1994 IEP has conducted over 4 3 0 evaluations
  8. 8. Contact IEP secretariat More information on IEP can be found at