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What IEP offers

IEP (Institutional Evaluation Programme) supports institutions in developing their strategic leadership and capacity to manage change. All evaluations carried out by IEP are guided by four key questions, which are based on a ‘fitness for (and of) purpose’ approach. Find out more about what IEP offers through this presentation.

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What IEP offers

  2. 2. Improvement-oriented institutional evaluations
  3. 3. Evaluations guided by 4 key questions What is the institution trying to do? How is the institution trying to do it? How does it know that it works? How does the institution change in order to improve?
  4. 4. Initial evaluation Choose this type of evaluation if this is your institution’s first experience with IEP or if more than three years have passed since your previous evaluation
  5. 5. Your institution can also opt for an initial evaluation with a special focus on management of research and use of research results or o n i n t e r n a t i o n a l i s a t i o n
  6. 6. Follow-up evaluation Choose this type of evaluation if your institution wants to identify the impact of the initial evaluation
  7. 7. Coordinated evaluations Choose this type of evaluation together with your national or regional authorities if you want an evaluation of your institution and a holistic analysis of the higher education institutions in your region
  8. 8. IEP evaluation steps
  9. 9. IEP worldwide *Number of IEP evaluations per country
  10. 10. Contact IEP secretariat More information on IEP can be found at