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  1. 1. “The last weapon bow& History of painful” 20092533 Broadcasting major Kim eun-ji
  2. 2. The son of a traitor, NAM-I (Bak hae-il) Brilliant archer was born in the continent.Abandoned by the Chosun, bowmaster Jyusinta(Ryu seung-ryong).The only living relative of NAM-I. Ja-in’s husband. Seogun (Kim mu-yeol)Younger sister Ja-in (Mun chae-won)
  3. 3. The movie clip
  4. 4. Nam-I‟ s only hope is the sister Ja-in‟s Happiness. Difficult to get her wedding day,The happiest moment, attaking the elite of the Qing army (by “niru”).So husband ‟seo-gun‟ and „Ja-in‟ goes caught prisoner.Nam-i with will bow to his Father leave, Advances in the heart of the enemy withouthesitation.Skills such as ghosts , „Nam-I‟ remove one by one elite troops of the Qing (niru).jyusinta know about Nam-i s Such a mysterious bow skills. So he to defend hisnephew,prince Dorgon and subordinate, begin to catch up to the Nam-i.Coming in unpredictable directions using high-angle fire to the Nam-i; & jyusinta with aterrible destructive force to use yukryangsi bow.1636, the attack of the Qing Dynasty-Legend of the Great Archer is Woken up.
  5. 5. The meaning of „bow‟ in this movieNam-i said"My bow is not intended to kill.“Weapon as a bow, as well as the all-natural life seems bent not to bend.The Nam-i and his Enemy Jyusinta, each other, to save who love family and friendAiming bow.
  6. 6. History of the evidence and Detail.Olny 10 person are used Manchu language in Northeast Chinas backwoods,Disappeared into history to Manchu language is resuscitated.Form of the bow and clothing, armor, hairstyles, and strictly proved ,at the time of Byeongjahoran‘ Age is reproduced.The most important thing, Our ethnic is not the original sword.Bow is that of the nation!When the’ Imjin War’ Yi sun-sin use in the bowto Battle of myeongryang‘ and won. << <<„Nam-I‟s Jusinta‟s Baby Arrow yukryangsi
  7. 7. The Korean history – „Byeongjahoran‟1636, for the second invasion Chosun by the Qing Dynasty wars.King In-jo took refuge but in the end, to his knees in Ganghwa to Surrender.After the defeat at byeongjahoran,7 the terms of its contract with the Qing: Across Amnok River, escape of a prisoner who Will return.the dialogue in movies “Across Amnok River and go back to our homeland, People who went once to skip, Prevents back….”Prevents back.
  8. 8. What should movie said?Not a nice bow and brilliant archer, but innocent people who have to suffer in war.King and government neglected the people, andappearance of the powerless keep thier life themselves.The end of the movie subtitle says.“For Repatriation of prisoners in chosun, have done nothing. There was no effort! Back the power of self- There was only a few persons. “Brought as a prisoner of 500,000 !women lost, and Many people were killed.
  9. 9. End of presentation..
  10. 10. sourceNaver movie: The last weapon bow Blog