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Mooc panel m4_ws_overview


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Mooc panel m4_ws_overview

  1. 1. Building startup Europe, one MOOC at a time. MOOCs and OERs for web talent: efficacy, acknowledgement and fit-for-purpose Laia Canals Open University of Catalonia
  2. 2. 14:00 Panel session begins - Introductions 14:05 Overview of the M4WS project findings 14:20 Certification, completion, and measures of success 14:50 What makes an effective MOOC learner? 15:20 Pedagogies for massive open online vocational learning Live at: Today’s panel Tweet: #webmoocs
  3. 3. The MOOCs for web talent project 3
  4. 4. What do we mean by web skills? 4
  5. 5. Project activities: desk research 59 MOOCs 59 MOOCs 105 MOOCs 105 MOOCs 5
  6. 6. Project actitivies: survey 6 Survey ran from end February to mid April 2014 Project activities: survey
  7. 7. Entrepreneurs and recruiters perspective Value given to skills acquired through MOOCs Value given to skills acquired through MOOCs 7
  8. 8. 8 Students perspective
  9. 9. What students want… … that MOOCs don’t deliver just yet o Quality standards o Massive pedagogies o Acreditation valued in the job market 9
  10. 10. MOOC providers perspective 10
  11. 11. Conclusions drawn from the survey 11
  12. 12. Project activities: webinar •MOOC accreditation and recognition •July 1st , 2014 12
  13. 13. Project activities: MOOC workshop EC-TEL13 Can MOOCs save Europe’s unemployed youth? September 17, 2014 o Topics discussed:  MOOC quality  Registration and retention  Certification and employability  Benefits and costs of providing a MOOC for web skills o MOOC platform panel FUN, Open Classrooms, Open Course World, and openHPI 13
  14. 14. Project activities: final conference 14 November 17, 2014
  15. 15. The MOOCs for Webtalent Network 15
  16. 16. Main Results o MOOCs are an important means to address web skills shortage as part of a broader ecosystem o MOOCs for web talent need to be created in collaboration between industry, educational providers and MOOC platforms o Aspiring web entrepreneurs need hands-on learning experiences, grounded in real-life problems o Employers need mechanisms for validating the quality, efficacy of MOOCs, and the knowledge attained (through formal credit systems, portfolios, or community credits) o There is still a need to raise awareness about the potential of MOOCs amongst web innovators 16
  17. 17. Emerging themes o Growing eco-system of campus, blended, hybrid and open online courses o Rise in awareness to issues of learning design, evaluation, assessment and quality control o Importance of accreditation and verification schemes 17
  18. 18. • Certification, completion, and measures of success in a MOOC • What makes an effective MOOC learner? • Pedagogies for massive open online vocational learning • Certification, completion, and measures of success Ongoing discussion
  19. 19. Certification, completion & measures of success MOOCs that allow for personalised learning Emergence of hybrid MOOCs Purposefulness of the MOOC according to the student MOOCs as ad-hoc professional development opportunities Different ways of showing proof of knowledge and skills acquired
  20. 20. Certification, completion & measures of success in a MOOC Alfonso Julio "The first goal of the learner is to complete the MOOC and get practical knowledge, developing skills and competences " Dawn Alderson “It is interesting to consider certification, completion, and measures of success in terms of MOOCs, because of the value placed on purpose: – an outcome-led agenda (with emphasis on attainment) and – a self-directed, process-led activity (emphasis on achievement).”
  21. 21. Certification, completion & measures of success in a MOOC "MOOCs aimed at professionals must recognise the attributes of their learners, ceding some control to the learner to choose the precise focus of any learning they undertake, while exploiting the potential of MOOCs and networked learning to bring learners with similar (not identical) needs together." Colin Milligan Tom Staubitz "From a participant's perspective, I can state that a certificate was not the reason that got me started, but towards the end of a course it was one of the reasons that kept me going."
  22. 22. What makes an effective MOOC learner? 22 • Peer learning and teaching • Acquisition of transferable skills • Enhancing skill-sets • Self-regulated learning • Professional development MOOCs markers for success
  23. 23. What makes an effective MOOC learner? Alfonso Julio "Should Learners Complete a MOOC at all if their goal is to develop a specific expertise of work or interest?" Dawn Alderson “A pedagogical feature of the cMOOC, built within its structure, is in the opportunities afforded by the use of technology, which enable participants to take on the role of teacher and learner with others online; it is in the act of sharing/modelling/demonstrating with, and observing others that connect learning with teaching. ”
  24. 24. Pedagogies for massive open online vocational learning 24 • Collaborative learning • Soft skills • MOOCs as perfect vehicles for life-long learning • Third-space learning opportunities • Connecting and creating knowledge
  25. 25. Pedagogies for massive open online vocational learning “The audience are in one space, the teacher is in another space, and there is a third space manifest, because of the way the video has been made; it mediates for a conducive learning environment where the audience can make connections in a self-directed manner, encouraging meta- cognition. " Dawn Alderson Tom Staubitz "MOOCs provided me with the opportunity to keep on learning next to my regular job. Data from our MOOC platform provides evidence that most of our users are in a similar position."
  26. 26. The emergence of new educational ecosystems 26 • Career track MOOCs (nano-degrees, liason with recruiters) • Extending traditional education to update skills • Problem solving skills • Transferable skills
  27. 27. Pedagogies for massive open online vocational learning “But we also know that the best technological solution can't be more than a surrogate for a face- to-face meeting. Sometimes the second best solution has to be sufficient because the best solution is just not available. " "The most important benefits that I took with me from that school have been general problem solving skills and getting to know a couple of fellow learners that I've worked with." Tom Staubitz
  28. 28. Meeting my friend in South Africa face-to-face is too expensive, so a Skype call has to be good enough, but meeting my friend next-door in our favorite bar is way better. So why would we stop doing that even if there is a disruptive technology that would enable us to do so? Pedagogies for massive open online vocational learning
  29. 29. 29