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Partner Bootcamp

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Partner Bootcamp

  1. 1. With all our expertise, we understand your product first, so your customer will follow suit. Creative Solutions for Technology Companies • We only work for Technology Industry Clients. • We work for the leaders in each segment. • We understand the particular ecosystem and roles of the decision-makers. • We understand the language. Goals: “Become a trusted advisor by providing high quality support for sales and marketing initiatives to global technology companies.” Mission: “To offer world class Marketing Solutions for the Technology Industry.” Vision: “The specifics of the technology industry need a deep understanding of the business to generate creative and successful communication strategies and sales solutions”
  2. 2. Our Worldwide Experiences Leading brands in the Technology Industry in more than 20 countries • 10 years working in the IT industry as our area of expertise. We’ve worked for global and local PC manufacturing companies, system builders, system integrators, hardware and software manufacturers, software anti-piracy organizations, technology retail, Software as a Service companies and healthcare appliances.
  3. 3. Some of our Worldwide Success Stories Intel Academy Client and channel training throughout South America with technical and business subjects. Rackspace CIO campaign Engagement with top 120 company CIOs in sales processes in Latam. Microsoft Unidos Partner development program 2.500 ISVs and Partners engaged. Microsoft worldwide best practice. Microsoft NetSales Top 20 partners in Latam increased sales performance through social selling. Dassault Systèmes Pipeline Factory Complete execution of demand generation strategies in Latam, with 50% revenue improvement YoY. Microstrategy Partner Bootcamp Profiling, development, engagement and pipeline control. Microsoft Dynamics partner development Sales and marketing training of 50 partners across Latam. JDA supply chain management Partners recruited in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.
  4. 4. What can we do for you? Services Positioning and Demand generation for Creative Campaigns Channel readiness and Demand Generation Online Communications Social Media Sales Processes implementation from end to end Delivered World Class Creativity aligned to your company’s Strategy Operative Excelence Understanding of the Industry Scalable Programs Solutions Our programs Strategy and Creativity We solve business needs through marketing and communication solutions that add value to your brand. We provide end-to-end execution of all campaign requirements.
  6. 6. Partner Bootcamp The most Appropriate, Trained and Motivated Sales Channels for your Business. An in-a-box program that works as a Partner incubator and increases revenue by developing active partners specialized in selling your product and/or service.
  7. 7. How will we deliver? Clear: Have clear rules and deliverables. Process: Work with a standard and consistent process. Making it happen: Working directly with the partners. Scale: Through all Spanish Latam in a online service mode. Metrics: The result of each partner and the complete program stats. 1 2 3 4 5 The basis of the Program
  8. 8. 3 Modules for more Efficient Sales Channels ENABLE ACTIVATERECRUIT To choose channels that meet the ideal characteristics, among several selection criteria, active partners with other similar or supplementary technologies are mapped. With a complete course curriculum, we provide channels with skills ranging from basic sales to complex solutions and IT marketing. On the one hand, we create personalized campaigns for each partner focused on their specific needs. And, on the other, we track leads generated from accurate reports about their individual sales cycle stage.
  9. 9. RECRUIT Focusing in active Partners • Mapping active and certified Partners in similar or complementary technologies. • Cross check with active partners of the client. • Recruiting through Distis, Universities or organizations according to the target Advantages of recruiting Partners of similar companies • Proven expertise. • Certified. • Active client portfolio. • Fast catching up. Choosing the right Partners Search in the technology industry for Partners that are active in similar technologies, and list them. After profiling them and prioritizing them, they will be contacted to explain them the program and invite them to participate, with a value proposition of the client.
  10. 10. ENABLE We aim to give support to the Partner so that he meets all technical and sales and marketing trainings exclusively developed for the participants of this program. Business trainings’ characteristics: Complete set of trainings, from basic sales to sales of complex solutions or marketing for technology. All trainings available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Trainings can be online as e-learning of via teleconference, or in on site events, depending on the need. 1 2 3 Technical & sales training
  11. 11. Technical trainings Technical trainings will be developed according to the need of the client. We can get to the Partner all the way to the certifications required for the vendor to be an official sales channel. Sales & marketing trainings Technical & sales training Training Characteristics Value Duration (hs) Quick sales Universally accepted Tactical training Sales closure Based on the salesman Short-term results Easy to implement 8 Tactical corporate sales Universally accepted Tactical training B2B sales Based on the salesman Mid-term results. Tactic Pushing the maturity of salesforce 16 Strategic corporate sales Used by biggest technology companies Suited for complex sales Strategic Useful in politized environments 16 Social selling Latest selling tendencies Strategical and tactical training Based on the salesman Strategic and tactic Setting market tendencies 16
  12. 12. ACTIVATE Stage 1. Creation of “ready-to-go” campaigns customized for each participating Partner. The campaign will be focused of target´s needs. Different kind of executiosn will be planned according to the size of the Partner. Marketing support can be from delivering materiales to providing the Partner with all the required infraestructred needed for the execution of the campaign. Execution of a marketing program through de Partner:1 1 2 3 Activation Giving the partners all the tools they need to approach the clients with a value proposition and close the sale. This phase has 2 stages: 4
  13. 13. ACTIVATE Stage 2. Activation Giving the partners all the tools they need to approach the clients with a value proposition and close the sale. This phase has 2 stages: Through a system of early alerts all operation is under control. Evaluation of metrics to measure and correct the operation of the program and each partner. Lead follow up and monitoring. Sales pipeline control:2 1 2 3
  14. 14. Give & Gets GIVEs • Briefing on the need the Partners will solve. Ex: ‒ Coverage ‒ New product ‒ Migration from on premise to cloud GETs • Registered Partners • Trained Partners. • Certified Partners (if needed). • Active Partners according to the need of the client (ex. Selling N tickets of N product in N time).

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