The EU and Lebanon


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The EU and Lebanon

  1. 1. Country press pack The EU and LebanonProgress in Relations – ENP Progress Report 20092009 was marked by very slow progress on political, economic and social reforms outlined in theAction Plan, with the build-up to parliamentary elections in June followed by five months ofnegotiations to form a government. Many draft laws implementing the reform agenda and related toLebanon’s WTO accession (a prerequisite for a deep and comprehensive free trade agreement)remained blocked. In October 2009 the European Commission, through the EU Delegation in Beirut,organised a conference to evaluate the implementation of the Action Plan: the results proved that theENP dialogue can help building consensus around key reforms and effectively assist the reformprocess.The Government declaration from December 2009 sets ambitious goals and reiterates the well-knownneed to implement overdue reforms. The translation of this policy statement into operational terms in2010 should make it a concrete agenda for change and further the implementation of the EU-Lebanon Action Plan in the coming years.The EU is the first trading partner of Lebanon. Imports from the EU grew by 6.6%, while exportsdecreased by 28.8% compared with 2008.2009 Lebanon country progress report National Indicative Programme (NIP)The overall budget for bilateral EU-Lebanon assistance in the framework of the European Neighbourhoodand Partnership Instrument (ENPI) will amount to €150 million for 2011-2013, according to the NationalIndicative Programme (NIP) for the period released by the European Commission. “An average of €50million a year represents a 7% increase in comparison to the previous programming period. This increaseis motivated by the willingness of the EU to consolidate the stability of the country and give substantialsupport to Lebanon’s reform agenda,” it says.The assistance in the years 2011-2013 will support: • Lebanon’s political reform. • Social and economic reforms. • The recovery and reinvigoration of the economy.ENPI Info Centre Lebanon NIP wrap up
  2. 2. © ENPI Info Centre / EUFind out more…ENPI Info Centre webpage – Lebanon Delegation – Lebanon Lebanon country progress report fact-sheet 2009 – Lebanon Association Agreement Action Plan Strategy 2007-2013 and National Indicative Programme 2007-2010 Delegation Lebanon – A brief overview of cooperation since 2002 – Lebanon country page External Relations – Lebanon projects funded Signs Financing Agreements with Lebanon Delegation Lebanon – Samir Kassir Award for Freedom of the Press 2010 Lebanon Delegation Success Stories
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