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Ibi net newsletter_final

  1. 1. NEWSLETTER No. 1 Winter 2010/2011 2010CONTENT WELCOME IN IBI Net! Networking – A key for We are glad to present you the first issue of IBI Net newsletter. In this issue you Internationalization of BI ………….………………...….. 1 will find information about the project, its partners, highlights about development of The main facts on BSR Program ……….…… 2 business incubators in partner countries and results so far. Status quo of BI‟s services in the People say that the start of something new always is difficult. Yes, it is, however project territory ……………………………………………………………… 3 the first common steps to the creation of the new network for common business support IBI Net Study Visit, cooperation activities around Baltic Sea are made – welcome in the IBI Net! undertaken with DISKE project …………..……4 Riga Planning Region ………………………………….……..… 5 Development of IBI net web-site ………. 5 Centre of technology Western – Pomerania ……………………………………………………………………..……… 5 City Commune Elblag ………………………………..……….… 6 IBI Net kaleidoscope ……………………………………………… 6 Leningrad region business support center …………………………………………………………………………………….……. 6 Teknikdalen Foundation ……………………………………. 7 Riga Technical University ……………………….…….. 7 Scientific-Technological Park BNTU “Polytechnic” …………………………………………………………….………. 7 Innovation Center Hedmark ……………………….. 8 Did you KNOW? The business incubation in the Republic of Belarus ……………..………….… 8 Further activities of IBI Net ………….……………. 9 Recreation zone ………………………………………………………….. 9 IBI Net Partners during the Kick-off meeting in Riga, Latvia (January, 2010)IBI Net IN FIGURES Launched on December, 2009 NETWORKING – A KEY FOR INTERNATIONALIZATION OF BUSINESS INCUBATORS Duration: 30 months Number of partners: 7 from Latvia, Business Incubators, as one first Business Incubators were created in Norway, Sweden, Poland, of the most effective instrument for Europe and other continents: UK (1969), Germany, Belorussia and an regional economic development, Australia (1972), Asia (1974), Associated Partner from Russia have more than 60 years history. Scandinavia (1982), Germany (1983), Latin America (1986) and Japan (1993) Business Incubation was Total budget: 677 050 EUR, Since 1990 the fast development of pioneered in the USA in the 1950s. It incl. Business Incubators began the countries gets its name from the first Incubator - ERDF: 507 800 EUR of Central and Eastern Europe and which was established in a failed chicken - ENPI: 100 450 EUR Africa. The first Business Incubators hatchery. Originally a means of finding - Norwegian National were established in the Baltic States in new uses for old buildings, business Funding: 68 800 EUR this time period: Estonia (1991), Latvia incubation is now a powerful economic Information on IBI Net and Lithuania (1993). development tool helping a wide range of businesses. Just 20 years later the Cont. on page No 2Project now is available in the internet!!! www.ibi-net.eu01 | Winter 2010/2011
  2. 2. Networking – An Instrument to Promote development promotion through the supportInternationalization of Business Incubators of entrepreneurship and enterpriseContinuation from page No 1 development in a wide spectrum of In 80‟s European Commission environments. An important strength ofinitiated setting up of the network of Business Incubators is their adaptability to different situations, resources, aims and business demands more and more direct“Business and Innovation Centers” – tasks. communication between potential businessBICs which practically were the same In general, Business Incubators partners (product developers, producers,Business Incubators, but stimulating support companies to grow and survive. suppliers, distributors, etc.) and thethe establishment and growth of There are several definitions but the three problem to find the right and reliableknowledge-based companies. core characteristics are: partner becomes more and more crucial. Irrespective to geographical Selection – Business Incubators have a To create new and reliable partnershiplocation, level of economic process by which they select clients; in neighboring countries also is a subjectdevelopment, national peculiarities and Support – Business Incubators have to which sometimes is forgotten as a, for theso on, all Business Incubators had been do something for their clients; first sight, very small and easy issue. Oncreated for Time-Limitation – Business Incubation is contrary, the strong ties between regional promotion of regional economic a process, not an end, clients grow to partners are strengthening regional development; become viable free-standing companies, economic development and in this way we solving unemployment problems; and leave. can get certain preferences in the global increasing social welfare. If the first and third characteristics are competition. As the most effective results very individual and specific for every Our project IBI-NET has a goal toachieved in the business incubation incubator, the second one “Support” is very create new, strong and reliable Businesscould be pointed out the following: changing during the last decade and has get Incubator network in the Baltic Sea Region. business incubation is an effective more and more new parameters most of Strengthening cooperation ties between tool in new job creation; them which are in relation to the international Business Incubators in the project partner increased business activities and cooperation. countries is just the initial phase in fast growing middle class in the In to-days Global economy implementation of the project idea. The society; internationalization of businesses becomes following steps, even after the project increased competitiveness of more and more important issue and, in terms time, is to capitalize gained partnership in regions (cities, rural areas, etc); of that, international cooperation between new joint ventures, new markets, new SME increased cooperation between new companies as well as service providers support programs as “soft-landing”, companies and research institutions (Business Incubators) to-day is one of the key regional level “innovation vouchers”, etc., (technology business incubators); issues for successful operation of Business and improved innovation culture and decreased “brain drain” and Incubators, in particular, and economic environment for innovative business and migration of skilled workforce from development, in general. For this as expand this initiative to other countries to region to region; important tools which has justified get new partnerships and cooperation increased survival rate of new themselves very well till now are networks links. All these measures should be in line companies (up to 80 - 90 %), etc. and networking. In terms of that, one can say with the new Europe 2020 Flagship There is no any need to persuade that there are well known professional initiative “Innovation Union” which statedanybody in the principal efficiency of associations on international (International that “our future standard of living dependsBusiness Incubation to day. The Association of Science Parks – IASP, on our ability to drive innovation inproblem, only remains, is to find European Business and Innovation Center products, services, business and socialinterested in it public institutions and/or Network – EBN) and national level (LTICA in processes and models”.private companies (persons) and how toset up and manage a Business Latvia, ADT in Germany, UKBIA in UK, PBICA in Poland, NBIA in USA) dealing with definedIncubator in the most efficient way. In Dr.habil.sc.ing. J. Stabulnieksanother words, Business Incubators subjects and target groups and, besides that, Latvian Technological Center great and wide range of possibilities to use Latvian Association of Technology Parks,have become globally recognizedinstruments of regional economic new electronic communication systems. Centers and Business Incubators Nevertheless development of the high-techTHE MAIN FACTS ON BSR PROGRAM The European Unions Baltic The Programme co-finances projects inSea Region Programme 2007-2013 fields of:promotes regional development Fostering innovations,through transnational cooperation. Internal and external accessibility, Baltic Sea as a common resource, Eleven countries around the Baltic Attractive and competitive cities andSea work together to find joint solutions regions.to common problems: Denmark,Germany, Sweden and Finland, Estonia, Total funds available at Programme start:Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, Norway, 236.6 million EUR, includingRussia and Belarus. European Regional Development Fund (ERDF): 208 MEUR Strategic objective: To make the European Neighbourhood andBaltic Sea region an attractive place to Partnership Instrument (ENPI):invest, work and live in. approx. 22.6 MEUR Norwegian national funding: 6 MEUR 02 | Winter 2010/2011
  3. 3. STATUS QUO OF BUSINESS INCUBATORS’ SERVICESIN THE PROJECT TERRITORY As defined in WP 3 of the As a base for the interviews we It is encouraging to meet such dedicatedIBI Net project an analysis on used the received replies but also tried to and forward looking people which alsostatus quo of Business Incubator identify areas not covered by the create a good baseline for the coming(BI) services is underway. questionnaire with the aim of getting to activities in the project. Furthermore, we know the BI more in detail. have been very well taken care of by our The results of it will be used to project partners during our trips and we In October our travel began with aidentify development needs of BIs in are grateful for all the efforts made in visit to Riga where we met BI from HubBaltic Sea Region in order to deliver order to help us in the work. Without Riga, Ogre Business and Innovationstate of the art business support your support we could not have done it. Incubator, Ventspils Business Incubatorservices fostering development of and Riga Region Business Development We have now entered into a periodinnovative and export oriented SMEs. Incubator. This was followed by a visit to where we are analysing our findings and The analysis shall further Poland where the Project partner had evaluating possible ways forward. Thiselaborate on recommendations selected one BI in Mielec and one in Kalisz also requires us to identify and set someregarding possible development areas for our interviews. The week after having basic limitations to the work. Already nowof each BI to strengthen their capacity visited Poland we went to our partner in we have concluded that our energyto support SME‟s growth. Furthermore, Germany where we had the privilege to should be focused on areas where the IBIthe analysis shall form the baseline for visit BI‟s in Schwerin and Warnemünde. Net project can have an impact. Areascreating an open and innovation driven Our next interviews took place in Belarus where no or little impact can be achievedbusiness support environment in the where we met the Institute of Technology should for the time being be left to otherBSR. of Metals and the Technology Park forms. The task has been given to theSwedish partner TeknikdalenFoundation (TF) and planning of theactivity started during autumn. It wasearly identified that the bestknowledge and competence regardingBusiness incubation in our region wasto be found in-house in our ownorganisation. Therefore it was decidedto use our best, but also mostoccupied, resources in order to ensurea high quality output. For preparation purposes aquestionnaire had been developed anddistributed to all project partnerstogether with the task to identify tworepresentatives and motivated BI formore in-depth interviews. After having Task force meeting in Greifswald, Germanyreceived the replies our preparation (August, 2010)work begun. Our conclusions will be discussed Mogilyov. Finally, Hamar in Norway was The replies were analysed, at a forthcoming Task Force meeting in paid a visit and ended an extensive workfurther questioners identified and an Stockholm January 18th. During this and travel period for Teknikdalenextensive travel plan which had to be meeting the Project partners will have a Foundation. Unfortunately, we did notmatched with our in-house work chance to give their input to any receive any replies from our Associatedschedule as well as the selected BI‟s suggestions we might have. Or come up Project Partner in St. Petersburg and wereschedule were produced. with own suggestions. Since the IBI Net therefore forced to cancel our planned project is, among other things, an The idea was that two experts visit. exercise in co-operation it is important tofrom TF should visit the BI‟s and hold During our visits we have met listen to all involved parties prior to anyinformal interviews in order to get an competent colleagues from BI‟s working decision. Hopefully we will make someoverall view of the situation. under very different conditions. good decisions in Stockholm! S.Ericsson Project Coordinator of TF03 | Winter 2010/2011
  4. 4. IBI NET STUDY VISIT, COOPERATION UNDERTAKEN WITHDISKE PROJECTPROJECT UNDERSIGNED PROJECT COOPERATION Representatives of the introduced by Ms. Anett Dahms and Mr. Anna Zelinska, Project Manager DISKE,different regional and local Fabian Feldt as representatives of the City of Elblag, added, that the cooperationauthorities, business incubators as town. They presented Greifswald as a will strengthen the networks in the Balticwell as other institutions providing business location. Later on Dr. Stefan Sea Region. And this will be a bigbusiness support in Baltic Sea Seiberling gave a short presentation advantage for the SME in their „Going-region visited the Technology about the work of the Centre of Research international-process‟.Centre of Western Pomerania Support and Commercial Services & After the project meeting a(Germany). Center of Knowledge Interchange. workshop with the purpose „Going Following there were an interesting International – The role of technology The Event was organized as a discussion about the future work and centers in BSR‟ took place. For thestudy visit within the BSR program‟s how this knowledge could be use by the presentation of the results also the Primeproject “Intercountry Business project partners. The last two Minister of Mecklenburg WesternIncubator Network”. The main aim of presentations were hold in the Pomerania Mr. Erwin Sellering and thethe visit was an exchange of different Technology Center by Mr. Mario Marshall of the West Pomeranianexperiences in the area of supporting Kokowsky, managing director TZV and by Voivodeship Mr. Wladyslaw Husejkoactivities for the small and medium Mr. Ralf Kammann, managing director participated at this event. The results ofenterprises as well as creation of new Economic Development Corporation the workshop showed how important suchnetworks for cooperation in the Vorpommern. Both speakers presented in projects are and therefore the cooperationcommon business support network special their organization and how they between those two projects.around the Baltic Sea. 1. Technology Centers During the 18th are responsible for th– 20 August the first the regionalstudy visit of the EU economyproject IBI Net tookplace at the ● Survival rate ofTechnology Centre of Business in aWestern Pomerania in technologyGreifswald, Germany. center: 90%This event was ● Survival rate aftercombined with the leaving the10th German Polish technologyMeeting, which took center: 52%place at severalvenues in Greifswald. 2. Many Start Ups trySince the project to go internationalpartner of the EU 3. Technology CentersDISKE project also have to accompanyparticipated at this this goingevent, the project international.managers decided tohave a combined 4. International Projectmeeting between work in Technologythose two projects Centers is importantwith the main aim to to support Start Upsdetermine project for goingcooperation. Cooperation Agreement is signed! Greifswald, Germany (August, 2010) international From left side: E.Bartkevičs (Chairman of PSC, RPR), I.Brieze (Project Manager, RPR), A. Zielińska The Prime On top of the (Coordinator of the DISKE Project) Minister ofagenda of the IBI NetProject were the Mecklenburg Westernreflections about the first project results support the region. Pomerania and the Marshall of the Westand also discussions about the further The second day started with the Pomeranian Voivodeship listened verysteps. Furthermore the Technology IBI Net and DISKE project meeting. interested and supported this cooperationCenter as the host arranged several Thereby the two Lead Partners of the and the work of the technology centers.presentations to show the other projects, Riga Planning Region (IBI Net)partners how the technology center B.Techen and the City of Elblag (DISKE) signed aworks and how the business location Project Coordinator of TZV Letter of Intent for further projectGreifswald is positioned. cooperation. “Cooperation among After a warmly welcome by the projects is essential to generatemunicipality of the Hanseatic city of Interesting on DISKE project: synergies for better support of SMEs,”Greifswald the project partners were said Inga Brieze, Project Manager IBI http://www.diskeproject.eu Net, Riga Planning Region. 04 | Winter 2010/2011
  5. 5. Riga Planning Region (RPR) leads the implementation of the IBI Net project. RPR is a derived public entity established on 12 October 2006. RPR’s mission is promoting the development of Riga region by facilitating regional development planning and matching it with international and Structural Fund’s projects. The main functions of the RPR are: regional development planning, coordination, cooperation between local municipalities and other state institutions, elaboration, implementation as well as monitoring of the development planning documents on local and regional level, evaluation of the projects submitted by local municipalities and private persons, consultation services provided by EU Structural Funds Information Centre, coordination of public transport‟s network and culture issues in Riga region. RPR experience shows that regional development brings results more efficiently if it is combined with practical activities inprojects where added value is brought by cooperation and transfer of experience and knowhow among local and foreign partners. RPRcurrently implements a number of projects focusing on development of business environment in various sectors SIB Net (motivation andsupport schemes for potential SMEs), EU Strategy Goes Local (Lisbon agenda), Cult Identity (tourism), Global vision (support to „green‟SMEs). RPR has developed fruitful cooperation with partners from Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Russia, Canadaand other countries. RPR‟s strategy is to complement regional development with concrete projects also in future; therefore, RPR alwaysis open for new ideas and offers to cooperate. IBI Net is also one of the practical activities within the framework of which cooperation among business incubators around theBaltic Sea will be strengthened to facilitate creation of common business environment and competitiveness. RPR is the Lead Partner ofthe IBI Net project – one of two projects approved by the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013 where institution form Latvia is theLead Partner. More information on RPR: www.rpr.gov.lv.DEVELOPMENT OF IBI NET The TechnologiezentrumWEB SITE Fördergesellschaft mbH Vorpommern (TZV) was founded in 1991 as an independent, In accordance with Project Steering success-oriented service provider and as anCommittee‟s decision of 20th August 2010, incubator for companies in the region ofRiga Technical University has started work Vorpommern.on development of Project‟s web page. Its special expertise is linking technological knowledge with an extensive In the end of November 2010 the understanding of specific markets. It offers best conditions for implementation of ideasweb page www.ibi-net.eu is fully for the creation of a technology company or an innovative service. Also it assists youngintroduced and contains information on and established companies in its growth phases, in search for business partners andProject‟s activities, aims, results, current helps entering new markets. Currently, more than 2,600 square meters of laboratory andevents as well as general information production space and 3,600 square meters of office space are used by 58 companies.about Project partners. The web page is The companies can expect customer-service and expert advice in the area of hiring,considered as a central place for all the funding procurement and financial assistance as well as on the subjects‟ innovation,information regarding Project‟s progress. consolidation, and product and market development. Development of the web-page is astart point for the next step – development In the project the TZV is responsible for the following activities:of the IBI – Net portal which will be usedlike e-platform for Business Incubators Developing ICT tools for management and operations of business incubators.network in the Baltic Sea Region. Portal is Modern technologies will help the partners to use best practice methods andone of the main activities of the project therefore they can give an even better business support for start-ups.since coordinated framework of the Developing finance instruments for business incubators in the BSR. The workcooperation is a base for the further package gives the partners a guideline and instruments for sustainabilitydevelopment of IBI Net network and funding force to support businesses.providing of better business supportservices in the project‟s territory and BSR. Therefore the TZV will work with external expertise to offer the project the best B.Endzele fitting solutions. Project Coordinator, RTU More information about Partner: www.technologiezentrum.de.05 | Winter 2010/2011
  6. 6. CityCommune IBI NET KALEIDOSCOPEof Elbląg isa local self- On 9 June, 2010 IBI Net project was Production and other relevant topicsgovernmental commune, with the presented by the Project Manager were also discussed during severalarea of approx. 79.83 km2 and Inga Brieze to the audience of the lectures and seminars. Project IBI Net126,419 inhabitants. workshop „Implementation of EU was also presented during the Strategy for the BSR‟ in Riga, Latvia conference promoting information of The Partner represents the Elbląg organized by the Ministry of Foreign project goals and activities.Incubator of Modern Informatics Affairs of Latvia and INTERACT More information on results of “BalticTechnologies, created for supporting Information Point in Turku. The Dynamics 2010” is available on web-SMEs development, co-financed by the workshop focused on the site www.balticdynamics.com.European Union. It was launched to implementation of the Action Plan of Elblag, 28th of October 2010:create the best opportunities for start-up- the EU Strategy for the BSR in Latvia, colloquium “The Role of the Sciencecompanies in a field of advanced sharing vision of the European and Technology Parks, Incubatorstechnologies, especially for the graduates Commission on further steps and and Clusters in the Economicof the State Higher Vocational School in available funding instruments. IBI Net Development of the South BalticElbląg and the Technical University in project was presented as a showcase Regions” was organized by DISKEGdansk, as well as other informatics project being implemented in BSR project‟s lead partner whereschools. There may also act other contributing to the aims and entrepreneurs, self-government‟scompanies, indirectly connected with the objectives of the Action Plan and EU representatives and economistsinformatics, but using computer Strategy for the BSR in Latvia. participated.specialized software and hardware. 15th Annual International Conference City Commune Elblag organized study The Partner will participate in on Innovation “Baltic Dynamics 2010” visit in two Polish business incubatorsimplementation of all Work Packages of took place in Riga on 15th – 17th (Kalisz and Mielec) on 2nd -3rd ofthe Project. It will co-operate to establish September, 2010. Representatives November 2010. Study visit made onefficient network of business incubators from more as 15 countries of whole necessary to collect detailedin BSR. Elbląg Incubator‟s role will be World participated in the event with information in order to identify thesupporting the incubator with specialist the main aim to discuss different current incubator situation in BSR.trainings in order to strengthen issues on sustainable development of Representatives of City Commune ofincubator‟s management team‟s innovation systems on national, Elblag (Poland) and the Teknikdalencompetence. The active participation in regional and local levels. Education Foundation from Borlänge (Sweden),study visits will provide the partners with and research as components of representatives of the incubators inexpertise and experience of Elbląg innovation system, existing Kalisz and Mielec (Poland)Incubator. In order to facilitate instruments to support Added value participated in the visit.cooperation and development ofinnovative SMEs as well as support SMEsoperating in incubators, the Partner will Associated partner of IBI Net PIactively take part in all study visits, “Leningrad region business supportmeetings and trainings. Dissemination center” was established unitinggood practices and arrangements resources and operational experiencedifferent kinds of seminars and meetings of two organizations: State Institutionwill enable establishing business contacts “Leningrad Region Legal Bureau”between entrepreneurs from all countries (LenUrBuro) and Leningrad Regioninvolving in the project. Fund for Support of Small Business “Recept”. More information on Partner isavailable on the web-site: LenUrBuro was established in 2002 with support of TACIS project “Legal Protectionhttp://www.umelblag.pl/en/. for Economic Operators”. Fund “Recept” was the executor and resource administrator of the Regional Program “Development and support of small business in Leningrad region 2003-2005”.BUSINESS DICTIONARY Presently, organization is subordinate to Leningrad region AdministrationA business incubator - This is a form of Committee on development of small and medium business and consumer market and ourmentoring in which workspace, coaching, main function is to serve as a technical facilitator for the realization of Long-term targetand support services are provided to program ““Development and support of small business in Leningrad region 2009-2013”.entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses We as organization implement such business support measures as: distribution of start-upat a free or reduced cost. grants, compensation of credit rate and leasing expenses, compensations of exhibitor‟s expenses, compensation of certification expenses and etc.An export- oriented company -enterprise which produces goods mainly In regard to the IBI Net, our Institution, with help of our relations in localfor exports, rather than for the domestic municipalities, will make its best in cooperation between business incubators of Leningradmarket. The term is commonly used to region with the neighbors, and try to eliminate the administrative and other obstacles,describe factories in developing countries. with which SMEs of the region face day-to-day.producing goods for developed countries. More information on Partner is available in the web-site: www.813.ru 06 | Winter 2010/2011
  7. 7. Teknikdalen Foundation initiates, runs and participates in regional, national and international projects, as well as supports new business concepts and innovations from idea to market. The long term objective of the foundation is to establish a regional arena for sustainable growth encompassing entrepreneurship, innovation, new ideas and SME‟s. Teknikdalen Foundation provides SME‟s with services to help them grow in a sustainable and innovative way. Over the past years Teknikdalen Foundation has Besides co-participation in most developed a structure for new enterprises based on our Business Incubator. The of activities, Riga Technical University‟s development of the Business Incubator has been successful and is part of the Swedish (RTU) role in the Project is mainly national Incubator program. related with two activities - activity No Foundation is a partner in the Enterprise Europe Network which offers support and 3.4 “IBI Net portal” and activity No 2.7 advice to businesses across Europe. “Organization of the Contact Exchange”. It means that within the Foundation participates in different international projects which can bring period of December 2010 – December experience and business contacts to our region. We are currently partners in the 2011 development and launch of the following projects: JOSEFIN, FEM project, IBI Net with responsibility for the analysis on portal should be managed and status quo of Business Incubator services and identifying their development needs. assistance to the leading partner in preparatory works for Contact Institution has an excellent long term relation with the local, regional and Exchange planned for March 2012 national policymakers. This gives them a strong influence on the regional policies should be ensured. regarding sustainable growth and business development. Teknikdalen Foundation is partly financed directly by Innovationsbron AB, a government agency with national RTU has an experience in a responsibility for funding incubators and pre-commercial seed investment. number of projects dealing with innovation support both on More information on Teknikdalen Foundation in the web-site: international and national level. Within www.teknikdalen.se. the National State Support program for SMEs, in 2007 RTU opened and is still operating Riga Innovation Incubator, which main goal is to support new Scientific-Technological Park BNTU innovative companies and spin-offs as “Polytechnic”is the leading innovative well as to assist in commercializing of enterprise in the system of the Ministry of scientific researches? It has also Education in the Republic of Belarus. participated in more than 300 projects It was created in 1992 as an run in various fields - building and educational, scientific and production centre, in architecture, engineering, computing 2002 “Polytechnik” got the status of the and information sciences, material and Scientific & Technological Park – the first in the applied sciences, energy. SeveralBelarusian universities. projects have been implemented for support of SMEs. In 2008 “Polytechnic” has got status of STP in accordance with the new legislation(certificate No 1). Since 2004 the Park has the status of the Entrepreneurship Support RTU is willing to benchmark itsCentre. experience in innovation and project development area as well as to Mission of the Park is the support of entrepreneurship at the universities, participate in development of newtechnology transfer and the organisation of Hi-Tech SMEs. instruments for cross-border As the main tasks the Park considers the following: cooperation of business incubators, including IBI Net network and portal. Providing the information, marketing, engineering, consulting services. Promoting the international cooperation of the universities, high-tech SMEs and More information about Riga innovation centres through the bilateral centres activity (China, Latvia, Technical University is available on Kazakhstan, etc), the exhibitions and event participating. web-site: www.rtu.lv. Creating the e- platform for R&D data-bases and monitoring of innovation activity of Universities. The main tasks in the project are to make the environment for BI in Belarus more BUSINESS DICTIONARYfavourable with the help of knowledge sharing and benchmarking, the dissemination of theinformation about project activity and best practice of business-incubation among all An innovation – a process within whichinterested parties in Belarus, to involve Belarusian BIs in the network of BIs (IBI Net) and new scientific, technical, social, culturalthus to improve the business support services and foster innovative SMEs development. or other ideas are developed into a competitive and marketable product or More information on Partner is available in the web-site: http://www.metolit.by. service. 07 | Winter 2010/2011
  8. 8. DID YOU KNOW? THE BUSINESS INCUBATION IN THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS The process of business pilot project. Three BIs were organized incubation in the Republic of on the basis of existing business Incubator is part of the Hedmark Belarus started in 1997 when the support centers, "Gomel Business Regulation "On small business Innovation Center” was created as a not- incubators" was approved by the Council public joint company. Innovation Center, called also of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus. It The next step of BIs developmentas Gründerhuset (Entrepreneur Hall), called for the recommendations to the was supported by UNDP and theoffers a stimulating environment, local authorities to provide premises to Government of the Republic of Belarus inphysical facilities and customized small business incubators for free or the frame of the project “Creation ofadvice to newly established concessional rent, as well as assisting business incubators on the basis ofbusinesses. incubators to get land for construction. restructured enterprises”. In 2004 Small Networking (Cluster) Hedmark The business-incubators were Business Incubator “Brestsky innovativeInnovation Center is to build business- organized and supported by regional business center” was created byenhancing and competence-developing authority bodies, universities, research Brestsky Machinery Plant and at presentnetwork of individuals, businesses, institutes, and industrial enterprises. BIs it mainly supports SMEs in industrial fieldresearch and educational institutions and in the university allowed to launch the and provides mostly engineeringpublic bodies with expertise. Project technologies and knowledge transfer and services. In 2009 “Youth Business-Management Hedmark Innovation Center to attract researchers and students to Incubator” started in Minsk.is to identify, organize and implement commercialization of innovations, At present in Belarus there areconcrete development projects. In addition provide theto taking their own initiatives, we methodologicalestablished systems and assist individual support forcompanies where it is desirable. Education training ofInnovation Centre Hedmark offers training entrepreneurs.and education within the focus areas. It is The firstparticularly relevant to contribute organization thatexpertise measures in recruitment and received thementoring area above entrepreneurs and status of smallothers who require assistance related to businessbusiness development in the region. incubator was theConsulting Hedmark Innovation Center JSC "Mogilevoffer tailored advice where requested and Technologicalneeded, or where the employees of the Park" in 1998.Hedmark Innovation Center haveexperience and/or knowledge that make Jointthem sought after in the mark. program of UNDO and the Our main scope of focus: Government of Biotech mainly within plant and the Republic of animal sector, Belarus Cultural based and tourist "Formation of business, support Games Studio Hamar. A cluster infrastructure and for gaming and creative arts. SME development in Belarus" had a Hedmark Innovation Centre will considerableparticipate actively in WP 3 and WP 4 in influence to thetransferring the best practice on development of amanagement of the business incubators network ofusing modern technologies. The partner businesswill participate in activities for incubators inestablishment and sustainability of IBI Belarus. 5Net. projects were BI - Mogilev Technological Park More information about Partner: selected forwww.k-h.no granting. BI “Center” on the base 10 business incubators. of Scientific and Productive Concern “Belmashpribor”, which at present successfully works, became the Continuation of the article in the page No 9 08 | Winter 2010/2011
  9. 9. Did you KNOW?The business-incubation in the Republic of BelarusContinuation from page No 8They work as FURTHERcommercialenterprises - ACTIVITIES OF IBI Netcompanies, LLC, Task Force meeting will be organizeddivisions of a for sharing of experience amongunitary enterprise, partners and common decision makingstate enterprises. on further activities regarding analysesThe “life” of small on status quo of BIs‟ services andbusinesses as SMEs‟ demands as well as managementtenants in the capacity and development needs ofincubator lasts 1,8 - BIs. Meeting will take place in3 years in average Stockholm on January 18, 2011; theand up to 5 years. host of event will be TeknikdalenThe rent price is bit Foundation.lower than theaverage. Development of IBI Net portal – portal will be developed on the base of Premises designed project‟s web-site and will beof the Belarusian used like virtual platform forincubators are still cooperation of entrepreneurs as well asnot enough large business incubators and other business(1500 sq. m. in BI “Mapzao”, Minsk support structures. Testing and launchaverage) that is of the portal will be processed duringwhy most of BIs whole 2011. Responsible partner for Sources: Yu.Alekseev The History andconcentrate mostly on consulting and legal Experience of Foreign Countries in the development of portal will be Rigaservices delivering to both internal and Organization and Activity of Science Parks and Technical University.external customers. Business-Incubations”//Workshop “The Experience and Prospects of Organization of New tools of Information and At the same time the range of Innovation Infrastructure Elements in the communication technologies‟ will beservices provided by incubator, is “classical” Republic of Belarus” proceedings, Mogilev, developed by Centre of Technologyand includes: rent services, business 2006.; M.Gil “About business-incubation in Western- Pomerania in the closeconsulting, training and workshops, legal Belarus”// Follow-up “Innovation Management cooperation with other projectservices, including registration of small and Transfer of Technologies” proceedings, partners. Tools are forecasted forbusiness, office services, public utilities Minsk, 2007; 2009 “Youth Business-Incubator” increasing of effectiveness ofsupply, and communication and information has founded /http://www.interfax.by/article/44475,2009; management and operational capacityservices. of business incubators. Activity will be http://mapzao.by, http://b-incubator.org; But the burden of strict legislation www.technopark.by, www.polytechnic.by implemented during the first half yearand the lack of venture capital and financial of 2011.support for Hi-Tech SMEs and innovationinfrastructure still prevent the fostering of L. ShmygovaBIs. Project Coordinator, STP The new employee stood RECREATION ZONE before the paper shredder looking confused. - “Need some help?” a secretary asked. - “Yes,” he replied. “How does this thing work?” - “Simple,” she said, taking the fat report from his hand and feeding it into the shredder. Riga Planning Region - “Thanks, but where do the Phone: +371 67559823 copies come out?” Fax: +371 67226431 E-mail: inga.brieze@rpr.gov.lv Picture made by Web site: www.ibi-net.eu Randy Glasbergen, 1996 09 | Winter 2010/2011