The EU and Egypt


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The EU and Egypt

  1. 1. Country press pack The EU and EgyptProgress in relations – ENP Progress Report 2009Overall progress on the implementation of the Action Plan in 2009 is encouraging, with a strongcommitment to social, economic and sector reforms, and to a lesser extent to political reform. Egypt continuedto be active in the different sectoral sub-committee meetings, enabling wide-ranging and fruitful discussions totake place on the implementation of priorities set down in the Association Agreement and the Action Plan. Inmany technical areas progress is encouraging, while much work still lies ahead.Concerns remain on the pace of the implementation of reforms in the field of democratisation and humanrights, although the Egyptian Government seems increasingly convinced of the need to tackle governanceissues as part of its domestic reform agenda.Moving towards enhanced relations is a shared objective of both Egypt and the EU. In April 2009, Egypt andthe EU jointly decided to work towards enhancing relations; an ad hoc group was created to consider ways todo so, present policy options for strengthening bilateral relations, and explore possibilities for incorporating theresults of reflections into the ENP Action Plan. Continued and consolidated progress in areas related to humanrights and democracy will be an important foundation for enhanced relations.Egypt was co-president of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) throughout 2009 (its two year term endsin mid-2010).Bilateral trade between Egypt and the EU slowed down compared with 2008: Egypt’s exports to the EU in2009 contracted by 26.2% and EU exports to Egypt decreased by 0.9%. Total trade was €18.7 billion. The EUis by far the first trading partner for Egypt (1/3 of Egypt’s overall trade). Egypt is also a major trading partner forthe EU in the Southern Mediterranean region (0.8% of total EU trade).2009 Egypt country progress report’s National Indicative Programme (NIP)The overall budget allocation for bilateral EU assistance to Egypt under the European Neighbourhood andPartnership Instrument (ENPI) for 2011-2013 has been proposed at €449.29 million, according to the country’sNational Indicative Programme (NIP). This is an average of €149.76 million per annum, which represents a5.4% increase compared to the previous programming period.The allocation is divided between the three Country Strategy Paper (CSP) priorities: • Supporting reforms in the areas of democracy, human rights, good governance and justice; • Developing the competitiveness and productivity of the economy; • Ensuring the sustainability of the development process with effective social, economic and environmental policies and better management of natural resources.ENPI Info Centre Egypt NIP wrap up
  2. 2. Photo © EU/ENPI Info CentreFind out more…ENPI Info Centre webpage – Egypt Delegation – Egypt – ENPI External Relations – Key documents Neighbourhood Policy: Progress Report 2009 fact-sheet 2009 Indicative Programme 2011-2013 Strategy Paper 2007–2013 Plan report - Political and Economic relationsEuropeAid – Egypt country page External Relations – Egypt Trade – EU and Egypt Trade – Egypt statistics
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