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A110069 enpi morocco(eu perceptions)en.v.5(2)

  1. 1. Series: Perceptions of the EU in Neighbourhood Partner countries MoroccoA loyal friend, faithful to its values Poll underlines strong partnership between EU and MoroccoLoyal and faithful to its values, like a dog: this was one of the recurring associations made by opinion leaders in Morocco,when asked which animal the European Union could be compared to, and why – “a companion animal of which I’m fond,”explained one respondent, “faithful to Morocco”, in the words of another. The other animals most frequently mentionedwere the lion, the monkey and the horse.The question – which uses a projective association technique aimed at revealing the true feelings of the respondent –was part of an EU-funded survey of attitudes towards the EU, carried out across the Neighbourhood partners.The survey – a baseline study of 81 opinion leaders, followed up by an opinion poll questioning 400 members of the gen-eral public – revealed an overwhelmingly positive assessment of Morocco’s relations with the European Union, with astrong convergence of personal values with the principles attributed to the EU.Good relationsThe overwhelming majority of respondents have an extremely positive assessment of the EU and its relations with Mo-rocco, far above the average for the countries of the southern Mediterranean. An impressive 98% of opinion leaders saythat Morocco has good or fairly good relations with the EU (vs. 91% for ENPI South average), while 100% consider the EUis an important partner (91% for ENPI South), and 100% say the country has benefited from EU policies (82% ENPI South).Figures for the general public are slightly lower, but still extremely high, with 92% saying relations were good, and 81%that EU policies had benefited Morocco. p.1EU involvement in MoroccoPerceptions of the EU’s involvement in Morocco show broad agreement between the two groups, with opinion leadersand the general public both very positive. A full 100% of opinion leaders and 79% of the general public feel the EU’s in-volvement in Morocco is appropriate; 81% of the general public and 99% of opinion leaders believe the EU helps the pro-motion of democracy in Morocco; 71% of the general public and 93% of opinion leaders believe that the EU can helpbring peace and stability to the country, while 66% of the general public and 96% of opinion leaders believe that the EUcan help bring peace and stability in the region.Knowledge of the EUThe level of familiarity with the EU and the real knowledge of Moroccan opinion leaders about the EU, its policies and in-stitutions, is the highest of all the Mediterranean partner countries. All the respondents claimed to be fairly familiar (99%)or very familiar (1%) with the EU (compared to 85% in ENPI South). Unlike in other countries, the actual level of knowledgeof Moroccan opinion leaders matches their self-appraisal.Knowledge among the general public is lower, with 45% of respondents saying they were familiar with the EU, and mengenerally more familiar than women. This publication doesAbout the project not represent theThe results are part of the Opinion Polling and Research (OPPOL) project, funded under the 2007- official view of the EC2010 ENPI regional information and communication programme. It is carried out across the countries or the EU institutions.benefiting from the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument (ENPI) – the main financial The EC accepts no re-mechanism through which assistance is given to the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) Partner sponsibility or liabili-Countries, as well as Russia. ty whatsoever withThe project aims to generate better information about awareness, understanding and perception of regard to its content.the European Union and the role it plays in the partner countries. The first phase of the project was abaseline study, which interviewed 81 opinion leaders to evaluate their perception, knowledge andappraisal of the EU, and start to understand their way of getting information. It was followed up by anopinion poll questioning 400 members of the general public. Two more opinion polls will follow. ENPI South countries Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Syria, Tunisia www.enpi-info.eu
  2. 2. Series: Perceptions of the EU in Neighbour hood Morocco Par t ner cou ntr ies C 91%Projective association of the EU 73%Opinion leaders were asked to reply to an open-ended ques-tion that used a projective associations technique to un-cover the image of the EU, aimed to reveal the true thoughts 5 27%and feelings of the respondent. Among the questions was 9% 2which animal the EU could be compared to, and why. Themost frequent response was the dog, followed by the lion, Algeria 0 Moroccothe monkey and the horse. ENPI South average ENPI South average Positive associations (+) Negative associations (+)Top spontaneous projective associations of the EU Top 10 +/- Morocco ENPI South +/- 1 + Reliability Strong, powerful and big + 2 + Calm, non aggressive Calm, non aggressive + 3 + Strong, powerful and big Friendly + 4 + Elegant Not to be trusted/cunning - p.2 5 + Honesty, Trust Slow - 6 + Flexibility Aggressive/predator - 7 + Loyalty Selfish/protect only its own interests - 8 - Selfish/protect only its own interests Helpful and useful + 9 + Ambitious Intelligent + 10 + Intelligent Has Perspectives, Future +How do personal values match up to the perceived values of the EU?For the Moroccan general public, Human Rights, Peace & Security and Democracy are seen as the most important personalvalues. These are also the top three perceived personal values of EU Personal values Perceived EU values Human Rights 1 2 Peace & Security 2 3 Democracy 3 1 www.enpi-info.eu
  3. 3. Series: Perceptions of the EU in Neighbour hood Morocco Par t ner cou ntr iesFor opinion leaders, there is also a striking convergence, with most people attributing to the EU, the same values thatthey cherish most Personal values Perceived EU values Human rights 1 2 Democracy 2 1 Freedom of the media 3 3 Tolerance 4 7 Equality 5 6 Equality between man and woman 6 8 Rule of law transparency 6 4KNOWLEDGE OF THE EU 100% 100%Percentage of respondents giving the correct answer 87% 66% 96%to true/false questions about the EU● The EU currently consists of 25 Member States (false) 24% 26%● The EU has its own flag (true) 11%● UNICEF is a EU institution (false)● The Euro is the common currency of all General public p.3 EU Member States (false) Opinion leadersAwareness of the EU among opinion leaders Morocco ENPI South average Not Aware/Don’t know of the EU Delegation in country 0% 19% Know ENP, UpM, the Barcelona process 100% 82% Know any other EU action 0% 10% Did not travel to the EU 0% 13%EU INVOLVEMENT IN THE COUNTRY Morocco (% Agree) ENPI South General Opinion average (% Agree) Public Leaders (Opinion leaders) The EU has the appropriate level of involvement in the country 79% 100% 69% The EU helps the promotion of democracy in its countries of cooperation activity 81% 99% 63% The EU can help bring peace and stability to the country 71% 93% 64% The EU can help bring peace and stability in the region surrounding the country 66% 100% 75% By helping the country the EU is ensuring its own prosperity 76% 96% 71% www.enpi-info.eu
  4. 4. Series: Perceptions of the EU in Neighbour hood Morocco Par t ner cou ntr iesIn which areas should the EU play a greater role? Opinion leaders General public Economic development 98% 87% Environment and climate change 100% 52% Energy security 100% 65% Transport 18% 75% Education 82% 79% Culture 51% 63% Democracy 58% 68% Regional cooperation 57% 46% Security and defence 54% 59% Freedom of expression of the media 71% 60% Migration 76% 70% External policy and foreign affairs 64% 66% Trade 67% 83% Equality between men and women 71% 70% p.4Trust in information sources for EU matters Opinion leaders General public (% Trust) (% Trust) Colleagues, friends and relatives 56% Friends and relatives 72% Colleagues 42% National journalists 93% 50% International journalists 95% 54% Politicians / government 95% 26% Politicians / opposition 77% 23% The EU 95% 44% The ENPI Info Centre is an EU-funded Regional Information and Communication project highlighting the partnership between the EU and Neighbouring countries. The project is managed byENPI info centre Action Global Communications. www.enpi-info.eu