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Contents for English LANGUAGE 1, second term (270218)


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contents for English Language 1, second term

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Contents for English LANGUAGE 1, second term (270218)

  1. 1. Contents for ENGLISH 1 2nd term 21. months of the year (January, February, etc) 22. cardinal numbers (one, two, three, four, etc) 23. conjunctions (and, but) 24. common idioms (by the way, learn by heart, anyway) 25. false friends (library, carpet, actually) 26. topics of the textbook “Business English 1” –Starter- OXFORD 27. countries (Spain, Portugal, England, China, Japan, USA) 28. nationalities (Portuguese, Spanish) 29. how to tell the time (2:10 – it is ten past two / 12:30 it is half past twelve) 30. list of words : lesson 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 [Aula Virtual] 31. present continuous tense (you are working now) 32. topics of the textbook “Business English 1” –Starter (OXFORD) 33. future simple tense ( I will do it, don´t worry!) 34. imperative (commands or requests) (close the door / shut up! ) 35. ordinal numbers (first, second, etcetera) 36. personal pronouns of object (me, you, him, etc) 37. present continuous tense ( what are you doing?) 38. abbreviations (e.g, cf, UN, VIP, asap) 39. linkers (however, on the other hand) 40. useful language on the phone (Morning, this is Mark Roberts) * {See also “Parallel Papers” packs, handouts, worksheets Practise some new exercises from other manuals and textbooks Read short texts in English language Listen to podcasts from the BBC Watch videos or TV series}