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Contents for English LANGUAGE 1, first term (270218)


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contents for English 1, first term

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Contents for English LANGUAGE 1, first term (270218)

  1. 1. Contents for ENGLISH 1 1st term 1. classes of verbs (lexicals and auxiliaries) 2. skeleton of regular verbs (to play / to walk / to listen) 3. conjugation of lexical verbs in the present simple tense (I play / she plays / we do not walk / do you understand? ) 4. definite article (the) 5. indefinite article (a / an) 6. some / any 7. demonstratives (this, these, etc) 8. nouns and plural of nouns (child, children, man, men, foot, feet) 9. personal pronouns of subject (I, you, etc) 10. conjugation of auxiliaries in the present simple tense (I am not / are you? / I cannot / she cannot / can I? ) 11. adjectives (good, funny, sad, tall, nice) 12. adverbs (quickly, slowly, early, late, carefully) 13. prepositions (in, on, of, for, between, to, with, without) 14. frequency adverbs (always, usually, often, rarely, never, sometimes) 15. skeleton of irregular verbs (to put / to read / to see) 16. functional language (greetings: hello, good afternoon, bye, see you) 17. the English alphabet (a, b, c, d, etc) 18. days of the week (Monday, Tuesday) 19. colours (white, pink, blue, green) 20. the classroom (teacher, pupil, exercise book, board, exams) * {See also “Parallel Papers” packs, handouts, worksheets Practise some new exercises from other manuals and textbooks Read short texts in English language Listen to podcasts from the BBC Watch videos or TV series} __ E. Fouz.- 12122017