Employer Branding Summit Italy 2009 - Eugenio Amendola's presentation


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Employer Branding Summit Italy 2009 - Eugenio Amendola's presentation

  1. 1. Latest Global Trends in Employer Branding and Future Directions Eugenio Amendola Managing Director at Anthea Consulting Senior Associate EBI
  2. 2. What Companies say?
  3. 3. Factors contributing to the lack of talent Source: Top Employers 2008/CRF
  4. 4. Employer Brand strategy Source: EBI (July-December2008)
  5. 5. Expenditure forecast Source: EBI (July-December2008)
  6. 6. Employer Brand Metrics Used Source: EBI (July-December2008)
  7. 7. Most effective initiatives Source: EBI (July-December2008)
  8. 8. Major benefits gained Source: EBI (July-December2008)
  9. 9. Employer Brand Attributes to attract talent Source: EBI (July-December2008)
  10. 10. Practice which will protect the bottom line and the employer brand during the recessionary period Fonte: Human Capital Institute/Taleo (November – December 2008)
  11. 11. The biggest risk to the bottom line and the employer brand during a recession Fonte: Human Capital Institute/Taleo (November – December 2008)
  12. 12. Attracting college graduate talent in a uncertain economy Source: MONSTER USA (December 2009)
  13. 13. What Job Seekers say?
  14. 14. Factors of Employer Choice Fonte: Trendence Institute 2008
  15. 15. Communication channels Fonte: Trendence Institute 2008
  16. 16. Information preferred on the employment web site (only Italy) 1 Career opportunity and professional development 2 Current vacancies 3 Applicants profile 4 Company history and planning for the future 5 Wages and benefit 6 Selection process 7 Company values and culture 8 How is to work for that company (employees stories) 9 Training programs 10 Company financial results 11 International career opportunities 12 Company commitment to the environment 13 Social responsibility 14 Internship/stage 15 Opportunity to write the degree thesis 16 Diversity program Fonte: EBPS 2008 (September-October 2008)
  17. 17. What Companies could do?
  18. 18. What actions of employer branding is useful in times of crisis? 1. Have a long-term vision in the management of their current talent (don’t cut with hatchet but use a scalpel to face a layoff. You may lack the right talent for the recovery). Negative effect on your employer brand in attracting. 2. Avoid “death by a thousand cuts”. If you do have to lay off employees, plan for it and do it all at once. Negative effect on your internal employer brand which reduce the engagement of high performers. 3. Communicate to employees fastly and clearly the decision to lay off. They could receive this information by other people or source. 4. Assess the value of your Employer Brand using EB Metrics (rank position, brand Focu survey, cost per hire, time to fill) 5. Keep under control the bad news by checking the media effect on your Employer Brand
  19. 19. What actions of employer branding is useful in times of crisis? Improve your way to communicate with your target 1. Do not give up but make virtual the communication processes of your Employer Brand 2. Interact more with your target. Let your candidates can live an effective Employer Brand Experience 3. Understand better needs and attitudes of job seekers. Use a segmentation approach to identify and attract your target 4. Let your employer branding activities is lead by a TRM approach and not only a recruiting approach
  20. 20. Employer Branding and the WEB 2.0 The impact of onlne postings should not be underestimated. Employers need to respect the POWER gained by Worth of Blogs Mouth Networks Community applicants through their online connections. Whether companies like it or not, people ARE TALKING about them online and forming their OPINIONS through Advertising Web Site Internal Events dialogue with others. Companies can actively influence public opinion by OBSERVING, LISTENING and JOINING the online forum. Source: JWT INSIDE
  21. 21. Employer Branding and the WEB 2.0: an example of a negative impact on recruitment (Waterstone)
  22. 22. SEGMENTATION: Forrester’s Social Technographics •Publish web page CREATORS •Publish or mantein a blog •Upload video to sites like YouTube CRITICS •Comment on Blogs •Post ratings and reviews •Use RSS COLLECTORS •Tag Web pages BABY BOOMERS (nati anni ‘50) X-ERS (nati tra il 1963 ed il 1977) Y-ERS (nati tra 1978 e 1983) •Use Social networking Sites NEW GENERATION (nati dal 1983 in poi) JOINERS •Read blogs SPECTATORS •Watch Video •Listen to podcasts INACTIVES •None of these activities Source: Forrester
  23. 23. How to produce an on line candidate experience making virtual your recruiting and employer branding strategy during an economy downturn Four main interactive tools to be considered in a Employer Branding 2.0 Era 1. CAREER WEB SITE 2. SOCIAL NETWORKS 3. BLOGS 4. VIRTUAL STAND
  24. 24. CAREER WEB SITE. How to prevent negative user experience on your career web site: some common mistakes 1. Difficult to navigate with lots of dead ends and hard-to-find career link 2. Navigation reflects the company’s internal structure rather than being designed for an outsider’s ease 3. Navigation constantly links the user out of the career site and into the corporate site or sends the user to the on line application too quickly 4. Fails to be informative or contains too much irrelevant or outdated content 5. Flat content without video, audio or first-first person profiles 6. Too much text scrolling or the text is not structured for easy online reading
  25. 25. SOCIAL NWKS AND BLOGS. Employer Branding and recruitment benefits MAKE OFFER/ ATTRACT SOURCE ENGAGE SCREEN CLOSE DEAL Enhance your corporate Interact with passive Build a relationship Better inform your Increase your close employment brand and candidates by through conversations, interview and selection rates by leveraging the BLOGS provide the commenting on their respond to user process by leveraging trust, transparency and transparency and trust blogs or on relevant submitted queries and the wealth of ongoing communication job seekers require industry or topic blogs create a community of information and insight throughout your process engaged job seekers published on job seekers blogs. Grow and gain a Expand your reach by Top potential Understanding your Help your prospective competitive advantage interacting with employees based on candidates’motivations job seekers connect through social network prospective employees. information garnered in and interests through with others in your NETWORKS by answering questions Find more quality their social networking their social networking organization. Let your SOCIAL and becoming a go to candidates by going profile. Use information profiles to better inform collegues evangelize to resources for candidates where they are and to prmote interest in your screening and help close the deal. relevant to the jobs you using their profiles to your firm. selection process are tring to fill. inform your search. Fonte: Human Capital Institute
  26. 26. VIRTUAL STAND. Employer Branding and recruitment benefits 1. More information in a small space. The user can get all information they need, with no dispersion and with easy access to them 2. Greater flexibility of use. companies can choose the information and tools with which wants to communicate (eg brochures, posters, web site, company videos, video testimonials, etc). You can also use the virtual booth to be present even in university sites (portable stand) 3. Lower cost compared with traditional stand. Only a reduced cost of rent is valid for one year; 4. More interaction and effective communication. The candidate is able to quickly grasp the essence of the company and see if it is right to apply.
  27. 27. Recruiting Source Benchmarking Map JOB BOARDS CAREER FAIR EMPLOYMENT WEB SITE NEWSPAPER Quantity of response CAMPUS RECRUITING SOCIAL RECRUITING NETWORK AGENCY EMPLOYEE REFERRAL Quality of response/Return on attractiveness (employer brand effectiveness)
  28. 28. GRAZIE PER L’ATTENZIONE e.amendola@antheaconsulting.it