Technosoft DMS Introduction


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Technosoft (SEA) Pte Ltd provides next-generation, integrated Automotive Industry Solutions to help our customers develop 360-degree view of their business.

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Technosoft DMS Introduction

  1. 1. Technosoft Dealer Management System (DMS)
  2. 2. After Before During Service & Customer Care Marketing Sales
  3. 3. 1 2 3 4 Understand the current journey Design aligned destination Build your optimal path Harness the power of Dynamics Before During After
  4. 4. Source: R. L. Polk & Co.
  5. 5. Customer Lifecycle Ability to consolidate Customer Touch Points into a single 360 customer lifecycle view Vehicle Lifecycle Ability to track Vehicle Information and History into a single 360 vehicle lifecycle view On-Brand Experience Ability to deliver Consistent & Personalized On Brand Customer Experience across the entire dealerships
  6. 6. Web-based Architecture Access Anywhere, Any Device Simplicity in Design - User Friendly Based on Dynamics CRM – Customer Centric Multi-Language & Localization – Suitable for Global Roll-Out Multi-Tenant – Flexible Deployment Flexible Architecture Customizable
  7. 7. Campaign Detail Profile Detail Vehicles Sales Quotes Incidents Parts Purchases Sales Orders Delivery Orders Warranty Invoices Work Orders 360 Customer Touch Points available in One View
  8. 8. OEM Specific Extension External Systems Used Car Service Parts SFA Insurance Technosoft DMS Enterprise BUS, Web Service OEM Internal System (Parts Catalog, Warranty Claims, etc.) New Car C O R E XRM Framework Dynamics CRM Dynamics AX Data management / Information management / Reporting Application Platform / Infrastructure Includes Regional Specific
  9. 9. New Car TECHNOSOFT DMS v3.0 Module Components Stock Management Transfer Management Sales Order Service Used Car Purchase Management Stock Management Reservation Management Quotation Purchase Management Service Monitoring Outsource Order Mgmt Quotation Claim Management Service Package Sales Order Extended Warranty Document Registration Registration Accident Repair Mgmt Service History Allocation Registration PDI Delivery Management Invoicing & Payment Delivery Management Invoicing & Payment Invoicing & Payment Work Order Management Parts Insurance Mkt, SFA Parts Stock Control Potential Customer Enhanced Customer Lifecycle Parts Replenishment Compulsory Insurance Enhanced Vehicle Lifecycle Parts Purchase Management Compulsory Insurance Settlement Enhanced Campaign Management Parts Retail Management Insurance Application Enhanced Opportunity Management Invoice & Payment Insurance Contract Activity Planning, Scheduling Invoice & Payment Business Operation
  10. 10. Cross Browser & Cross Platform Mobile Platform
  11. 11. TS DMS v.Next & Dynamics CRM v.Next TS DMS 2.1 & Dynamics CRM Polaris (Q4 2012) TS DMS 2.0 & Dynamics CRM 2011 (2011) TS DMS 1.0 & Dynamics CRM 4.0 (2009) • Cross browser support v1 • New User Experience TS DMS 3.0 & Dynamics CRM Orion (Q1 2014) • Enhanced modules: Marketing & SFA, New Car, Service • New modules: Used Car, Insurance • Cross browser support v2 • Process oriented user experience • Japan Localization • Customer Portal • Analytics • Continued R&D in new features • Enhanced Mobility Support • Enhanced Reports and Analytics • DMS process oriented user experience enhancements • Additional country localizations
  12. 12. Comprehensive DMS Functions Scalable Architecture Integrated DMS-CRM capabilities Rich Functions for Mature & Emerging Market Flexible OEM/Dealer organization structure Customer 360 Lifecycle Country Specific Localization/Regulation Centralized & Web-Based Vehicle 360 Lifecycle Cross Platform & Cross Browser On-Brand Experience Customizable
  13. 13. “With Technosoft Dealer Management System powered by Microsoft Dynamics, we can now obtain daily productivity reporting from our remote branches located at customers’ mining sites. This has greatly enhanced our business insights, while increasing our control and management across the end-to-end vehicle sales and service process.” Jonathan Prasetya, Director, PT ALUN
  14. 14. Technosoft (SEA) Pte Ltd