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Tawa solar shadedparking_brochure (tawa) 2013_02_27

  1. 1. TAWA Power Solar ShadedParking Structures forNative American Resortsand Casinos WHY SOLAR SHADED PARKING STRUCTURES? Have you ever watched the first cars parking on a sun soaked parking lot? Patrons will seek even the smallest sliver of shade from landscaping plants, even from a cac- tus! They will walk extra distances to use even a margin- ally shaded spot. This tells you how much patrons value shaded parking. As a resort and casino operator you want to offer com- fort to your guests. Solar shaded parking can provide this comfort while also harnessing the sun’s power to provide clean, renewable energy to your resort and casino. It’s a unique solution that preserves the parking spot, adds comfort and protection for the guest’s car, and provides power. It might even create additional income from rent- ing shaded parking and selling carbon credits from re- duced emissions.
  2. 2. SOLAR SHADED PARKING STRUCTURESOFFER MANY BENEFITSAttract Gamblers Gamblers today have many choices where to go and prefer those casinos which offer the best experience and greatest comfort.h Comfort: Gamblers love the comfort of getting into a cool car.h Protection: Drivers recognize the value of protecting their cars from the damaging sun.Lead in Clean Techh Green Statement: Tribes who offer solar shaded parking make a visible statement about their commitment to environmental leadership.h Electric Vehicle Charging: Electric vehicles are here to stay and solar charging stations pave the way!Generate Your Own Powerh Energy Production: A typical casino can produce nearly all of its electrical energy from solar shaded parking, often making it energy independent.h Cut Power Bills: Solar shaded parking can save on power bills, especially by avoiding peak time tariffs. Operate Smarterh Mitigate Urban Heat Islands: Shaded parking reduces the urban heat island effect around a casino. Lower ambient temperatures result in lower building cooling loads.h Electric Fleet: With solar charging stations resort and casino service vehicles can convert to electric ones making for quieter and more efficient operations.h Income: In some situation shaded parking can be rented to gam- blers and guests.
  3. 3. QUICK FACTS ABOUT SOLAR SHADED PARKING STRUCTUREVery Quick to Build. Power Your Electric Vehicle. Field installation takes about 6-8 weeks, depending on One parking spot could recharge half the battery of a soil conditions, for one megawatt of solar shaded park- standard electric vehicle during the day. (1) ing which would cover about 500 vehicles. Save Some Carbon.Can be Built During Off-season Solar energy from one parking spot a year avoids theand in Phases. emission of about 3 metric tons of CO2 from Western Construction can be scheduled and phased to minimize power plants. (2) disruption to the public and ongoing operations.Cost Effective and Easy to Do. (1) Electric vehicle (EV) charging will require the installation of EV charging stations with additional engineering and cost. Based on an assumed energy production per parking spot of 15 kWh/day and a battery size of 24 kWh. The cost of solar shaded parking structures is compa- (2) Assumes annual generation of 1,870 MWh for 1 MW|AC. rable to roof-mounted systems, but parking structures CO2 offset numbers based on an Environmental Protection Agency calculator which assumes 7.0555 × 10-4 metric tons don’t change the building’s architectural appeal or CO 2 / kWh (25 Feb 2013). penetrate the roof envelope and risk leaks. HOW TAWA WORKS WITH RESORTS AND CASINOS Since TAWA has been in business, it has earned the trust of Native American tribes and nations. We offer true Native American leadership, a commitment to serve native and tribal clients professionally and with personal attention, and unparalleled expertise in solar. TAWA Power delivers the right-sized, cost- effective, economically sound and aesthetically pleasing solar shaded parking structure solution for Native American resort and casino. Planning and build- ing solar systems is TAWA’s business. We are experts in assessing dependable solar technology, developing projects and building proven financial models. We will sit down with you to explore your interest and needs. We then review options and advise you on the best solution for you and your business – tak- ing into account all aspects of the project. If you decide to proceed we can help oversee all aspects of the development, construction and financial structur- ing (if needed). All you have to do is park your car in the shade – and plug it in (electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles).
  4. 4. Design and Selection Process GETTING STARTEDThe TAWA Team has decades of combined experience building so-lar-shaded parking structures and commercial-scale solar projects. If you are considering a shadedWe know what works and what does not. We understand the cost, solar parking structure, here areconvenience and performance trade-offs among various structures three pieces of information thatand solar technology choices. help us to get started in making aThrough the professionals at TAWA we also bring to the project the proposal:eyes of architects and builders. Together, TAWA and the resort and 1. What is the site address?casino will design the system and select the components that opti-mally meet your needs. We will pass our experience and expertise 2. Can you provide a basic prem-on to you. We can recommend and bring in engineers, technology ise site plan showing the areassuppliers and construction firms – or you can choose them your- of desired cover and primaryself. We are unified in trying to find the best solution for our Native electrical systems location?American customers. 3. How much electricity does your business consume per year andFinancing how much do you pay for elec- tricity?While energy from the sun is free, the cost of building a solar powersystem is not. These costs have to be paid for upfront. Fortunately,TAWA has experience in a wide variety of purchase and finance op-tions, including third-party financing through leases or power pur- Contact:chase agreements (“PPAs”). TAWA PowerWe can advise you on the right one for you. If you’d like to own the One Sansome Street, Suite 725system outright in the beginning, grants through various govern- San Francisco, CA 94104ment sources are potentially available to offset the purchase cost. Greg Watkins, CEOWhatever your preference, we have the experience to advise you on (949) 887-3304the best financing approach or even arrange for financing. ABOUT TAWA POWERTAWA Power (TAWA) is a Native American renewable energy ser-vices company that enables federally recognized Native Americantribes and nations to develop, own and operate solar power plantsand create sustainable jobs. As a Native American company, TAWAis trusted by tribes and nations as an experienced one-stop partnerto responsibly build solar projects on reservations and federal lands.TAWA offers a standardized and streamlined development processand operational experience in Indian country. As a pure develop- TAWA Power is Native Americanment and operation services company our incentives are aligned company and certified by Californiawith the successful development and ownership of solar power Public Utilities Commission as a Di-plants by Native American tribes and nations. verse Business Enterprise (DBE).www.TAWAPower.com