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  1. 1. EventMobi Evaluating New Functionality
  2. 2. Big Vision Help make the conference more memorable for conference attendees, by allowing them to save specific session slides that made the biggest impression on them during the conference sessions that they attended - so that they could easily share those slides with their friends and colleagues during the conference, and access the saved slides in the future themselves & Help conference organizers and speakers to measure attendees engagement and interest by informing them of the number of session slides that were saved and shared by attendees
  3. 3. Lets explore the • Why ? • What ? • How ?
  4. 4. DISCOVERY 1. Users, goals, and needs 2. Evaluate Product Fit 3. Validate Key Assumptions
  5. 5. User Personas Their goals and needs…
  6. 6. Michael Conference Speaker Samantha Conference Attendee Jennifer Event Coordinator Rachel Non-Registered Michael is 45 years old, he is currently a Chief Marketing Officer at a 5 year old company, that he helped to grow from $100K in MRR to $2MM in MRR. Michael is very passionate about sales and marketing, he is an active blogger and has over 500K followers on social media. Michael is married and has 2 children, both of them are under the age of 10. He uses a MacBook Pro and iPhone 12. For the last 3 years, Michael had 8 speaking engagements. Samantha is 37 years old, she is currently a Marketing Manager for a medium sized technology company. Samantha's tools of choice include MacBook Air and a Samsung Galaxy 7. Samantha loves attending marketing conferences, that gives her a chance to learn new marketing frameworks, network with like minded individuals and share the new found knowledge with her co-workers. Jennifer is 29 years old, she works as event coordinator for ACME events, a company that helps set up and operate conferences. Jennifer has been working in event management for the last 7 years, ever since she graduated from UofU. She has a MacBook Air and she is inseparable from her iPhone 15. Rachel works with Samantha, just like Samantha she works as a Marketing Manager. Rachel and Samantha follow each other on Twitter. Rachel uses a Dell 123 laptop and a Samsung Galaxy 5.
  7. 7. Michael Conference Speaker GOALS NEEDS Measure audience’s interest in my presentation upload my presentation deck to EventMobi, so that I could present it to the audience during the presentation access my presentation deck on EventMobi at the conference, so that I could present it to the audience present my uploaded slide deck to the audience get engagement report, so that I could understand how engaging my presentation was and which parts of it resonated the most with my audience
  8. 8. Samantha Conference Attendee GOALS NEEDS • Attend a conference session • Make each conference session that she attends as memorable as possible view speaker’s slide deck as a member of the audience find the conference session that she is currently attending, in the event’s app save a specific slide for future reference share a specific slide access all of the saved slides, during the conference, so that she could share review any of the slides get a reminder about the slides that she saved after the conference, so that she could see them
  9. 9. Jennifer Event Coordinator GOALS NEEDS • Measure the success of the event • Identify influencers Identify the most engaging speakers Identify conference attendees that drove significant amount of web traffic (attention) to the conference by sharing content from the conference
  10. 10. Rachel Non-registered GOALS NEEDS View a link that was shared with me View a page that shows the slide that was shared with me by someone that attended the conference
  11. 11. Evaluate product fit
  12. 12. Technical Feasibility Business Impact Cost / Benefit Analysis Customer Delight
  13. 13. e.g. parse ppt, pdf, keynote into images? What % of conference attendees is interested in saving slides? What % of conference attendees take pictures of the slides with their phone? How many of them share it on social media? How much conference organizers care about measuring attendees engagement with the conference? Will this help EventMobi gain a meaningful differentiation from the competition? If the new functionality was bundled into a premium package, would it help to upsell more customers? • Average number of sessions / speakers per conference? • Average number of conferences / year? • Added costs (dev, maintenance, hosting) • How much additional revenue can be generated by increasing the upsell rate to the premium package by 1%, 2%,3%,5%,8%,13%? • Other? Will speakers be interested to learn if their slides were saved? Would they mind if their slides were shared? Technical Feasibility Customer Delight Business Impact Cost / Benefit Analysis
  14. 14. Technical Feasibility Business Impact Cost / Benefit Analysis Customer Delight What are the biggest Assumptions and Risks?
  15. 15. Validate Key Assumptions
  16. 16. Hypotheses Statements Customer Delight Adoption and Engagement: Allowing conference attendees to save slides in real-time during the conference, will increase their engagement with the conference app (operated by EventMobi) • Delight: Increasing the number of attendees that use event's app (operated by EventMobi) during and after the conference will lead to a higher NPS score • Revenue: Increasing the engagement of conference attendees with the event's app during and after the conference, and increasing speakers satisfaction using the app, will lead to a higher upsell rate • Revenue: Allowing conference organizers to identify attendees with significant social influence will lead to a higher upsell rate Delight: Reporting to speakers on the number of slides that were liked/saved and shared by the attendees, will lead to a higher satisfaction and NPS score Business Impact Attendees Speakers Conference Organizers
  17. 17. Validate Key Assumptions • Gather input from Customer Success and Sales teams • Interview conference attendees, conference speakers and conference organizers Important /Not Satisfied Important/Satisfied Not Important / Not Satisfied Not Important / Satisfied Product / Fit? GONO GO
  18. 18. IDEATION • User Journeys • Mockups • KPIs • User Feedback
  19. 19. User Journey (Speaker) Access my session Upload a slide deck to my session Pre-Conference On-Site Access my session Launch presentation Post-Conference Access my session View Engagement ReportMichael
  20. 20. User Journey (Conference Attendee) Samantha Lookup the session that I am currently attending View the session profile On-Site Save the current slide for future reference Share the current slide on my social media or via email Post-Conference View all saved slides Share a saved slide on social media or view email Comes to a conference session View one of the saved slides
  21. 21. User Journey (Non-Registered user) Rachel Opens a page that displays a slide that Samantha shared in her Tweet Notices Samantha’s Tweet that was shared by Samantha while she was at a conference Clicks on the link in the Tweet
  22. 22. User Journey (Event Coordinator) Post-Conference View event’s engagement report View engagement report for each session Jennifer View a list of the most engaged attendees Identify Influencers: Who saved/liked the most session slides, who shared the most, who drove the most traffic/eyeballs by sharing the slides?
  23. 23. Sample Mockups
  24. 24. Speaker Launch Presentation View engagement report
  25. 25. Attendee Save current slide View all saved slides
  26. 26. Event Coordinator View event’s engagement report
  27. 27. Incorporate User Feedback Work in collaboration with the UI/UX team on gathering feedback from target users - followed by refining the user flows, and mockups
  28. 28. KPIs • Product: Adoption • Avg. number of presentations uploaded by speakers per conference • Avg. number of saved slides per uploaded presentation • Avg. number of shared slides per uploaded presentation • Avg. number of attendees who saved or shared slides per conference • What % of attendees save/share slides (use conference sessions with uploaded slide decks only) • Strategic: Revenue • Analyze the upsell rate to premium package that has the new functionality • Revenue total ($) • Revenue growth (%)
  29. 29. Next Steps • User Stories • Prioritized Backlog • Test Cases • Effort Estimation • Release Planning • Early Adopters • Product Marketing
  30. 30. @eugene1evin Lets Talk ! 