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Eugene Lavatman Email Marketing Manager

  1. Will Eugene Lavatman be the right hire for Uber’s marketing team?
  2. “It’s not the skills and experiences that matter; it’s what the person does with their skills and experience.” - Lou Adler
  3. Uber hires candidates who will go the extra mile and achieve results. What will management think of Eugene’s accomplishments after three months?
  4. Eugene Lavatman’s technical skills:
  5. Uber brand in three words: ● Bold ● Simple ● Reliable
  6. Uber voice in Emails: Passionate and action oriented, but not pushy. Delightful and full of surprises, but not offensive. Informative, responsible and easy to understand.
  7. Recent email from Uber:
  8. Goal of the UberPool email The call to action “request UberPool”, takes the email reader straight to the Uber application. Campaign goal: to drive traffic to the Uber app and increase use of the UberPool product. Cross-sell and introduce new product to current UberX customers.
  9. Improve Uber’s email and accomplish goal: Email was very well designed, unfortunately I don’t check my Gmail promotions tab, thus never saw the email. To land in Gmail’s Inbox reduce use of formatting, imagery and 11 links! Also needed more instructions on setting up home address, I live in NY but received Miami.
  10. Additional subject lines for Uber email ● New Uber product we thought you’d be interested in ● Is this how you will save money? ● They laughed when I sat down in the car. But when I started to pay~
  11. Audience for UberPOOL: Riders: budget conscious, ages 15 - 55, who have a smartphone, live in or frequent busy neighborhoods where UberPOOL is supported. Include customers who split fare, large event attendees, environmentalist, early adopters and tourists. Drivers: UberX drivers.
  12. Email tests for UberPOOL: ● Subject Line: curiosity vs. loss aversion ● Timing and frequency ● Call to action link: Blog vs. App ● Offer: % off vs historical $ off ● Hero image: art vs. real photo vs. no image
  13. Measure UberPOOL campaign success: Depends how Uber defines success. ● Number of call to action click-throughs ● Number of new UberPool riders / drivers ● Revenue generated attributed to campaign ● Awareness generated (opens, likes, shares)
  14. Optimize UberPOOL campaign: ● Target the highest lifetime value segments ● Calibrate based on A/B test discoveries ● Mimic successful content and halt underperformers ● Reduce time to acquisition
  15. Eugene managed abandoned cart campaign: Used Forrester research and Litmus analytics to find out our email was text heavy, content not focused on converting and subject lines not speaking to prospect’s frustrations. Will use these lessons to make Uber’s emails more likely to convert. Readers have 8 sec attention span.
  16. Eugene managed webinar drip campaign: Drip campaign was landing in Gmail’s promotional tab. Testing led us to change the tone of language, diversify content and subject lines, while reducing the use of imagery and links. Will use this lesson to improve Uber’s email marketing performance.
  17. Eugene managed Pro segment promo emails: New initiative launched, email focused on the professional segment. The audience usually purchased “big ticket” items. Unfortunately the volume and revenue generated was too low and not worth the resources required. Will use Uber’s marketing resources more wisely.
  18. 30 day goals for Uber’s email marketing ● Redesign Uber emails so they don’t land in the Gmail promotions tab ● Launch drip campaigns for visiting tourists ● Improve infrastructure and checklists ● Email based on historical restaurant visits
  19. 90 day goals for Uber’s email marketing ● Uncover multiple strategic opportunities ● Launch new specialized drip campaigns ● A/B test content, subject lines and offers ● Optimize promotional email calendar ● Improve segmentation and personalization
  20. Conclusion: For more information on Eugene’s accomplishments please visit his personal website: