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Final presentation IST 335


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Final presentation IST 335

  1. 1. The Future is Mobile The Future is Education The Future is HereBy Eugene,Christian,Nick,John,Michael
  2. 2. Company Description, Products and Services What we do?We are an online and mobile service that provideseducational materials, resources, and tutoring throughthe web and mobile applications anywhere you haveaccess to the internet with flash capabilities. Who our clients are?We intend to target students from Kindergartenthrough 12th Grade, as well as Undergraduate andGraduate students, and people that want to further theireducation on their time.
  3. 3. Company DescriptionWho we are?We are a mobile service providing knowledge andguidance from anywhere and everywhere. We plan onproviding the best and easiest service, while remainingefficient and competitive in our target market.What’s in our future?In our future, we plan in expanding across the US andworldwide until we become a globally accreditededucational service and are available even in the smallestmarkets.
  4. 4. Mission and Vision Mission StatementOur mission at is to provide the tools andinformation necessary for anyone to acquire the helpthey need, anywhere, anytime. Our clients will be able toaccess tutors,textbooks, notes, and any othereducational resources they need from their mobiledevices. No other company offers the combination ofmobility and success like we do.Vision StatementOur vision is to add mobility to the knowledge that ourcustomers seek in their journey to a higher education.
  5. 5. Marketing When considering Mobed’s marketplace from a broad perspective, one must also consider different levels of education. In this day age, mobile technology is at the point where parents are buying smart phones and iPads for their 10 year old children. While these investments are often for educational purposes, most parents are unaware of the limitless educational capability of the mobile internet.
  6. 6. Marketing For those students interested in tutoring, online material, and other online support that we can provide, nothing looks more satisfying then mobility with a service that you can take anywhere. Additionally, by linking our product with other qualities to mobile platforms, (Facebook, itunes, youtube, twitter) students will come to realize how much easier their educational lives could be at the palm of their hands, alongside popular applications and sites like those listed above.
  7. 7. IT Department Privacy and security is one of our main priority’s and will be minimized by using current DRM technology and applying the same technology used for online games to our products. Our Mission at IT is mainly make sure our service is up 100%, similar to Facebook’s ideals, if our service is ever down it’s a failure for our future and a bad image towards our products and services. Speed is also another crucial part to success, lots of servers and lots of bandwidth.
  8. 8. IT Department Organizing in IT is very important that’s why I plan on having servers adjacent with every department and service with backups in the cloud. Lots and lots of servers to run our products and services, this is our main need in order to keep our business running the hardware is critical to our success. Along with the best software for our servers in order to ensure efficiency.
  9. 9. HR The department of research and development is committed to keeping the leader in mobile education. We will continually support, fund, and research new projects, opportunities, technologies, and endeavors to ensure the success and relevancy of is a high growth and rapidly expanding company. We are always looking for new hires and employees as necessary as we continue to grow and expand.
  10. 10. HR All employees are expected to maintain a respectful, professional, friendly, and positive work environment. has zero tolerance for harassment of any type, unequal and unethical practices or treatment of others, as well as any other forms of abuse or inappropriate conduct. Employees are expected to only perform all and any tasks or jobs required of them or approved of by a manager during business hours. holds its employees to a very high standard expects them to use good judgment and discretion while in the workplace.
  11. 11. Customer ServiceVirtual Classroom :will be made available for each to down load from side.This will be used to conduct the class tutoring of choice. This mediumcan be used also to handle any other situational problem that mightarisesTelephone :will be used as a service means to handle different situation. You are atsome location and you have difficulty using the program, now you callin with the number provided to you. This service can be used to answerquestion, and help set up the program/software on your computer.Chat Room :will be made available on site. This you can used whiledoing your studies and need help with any question you are havingproblem with. This CR will be a site specific CR for itsservice to its customers
  12. 12. CS Communication Sources include using Facebook, or Twitter, or Email as on open source of communication with our customers. Customer service is all about solving customers problems and making them happy about our products and services, this requires that your employees in this department have special interpersonal skills. We believe our customer service to be about reliability, speed, and efficiency.
  13. 13. Financial Plan Each department will have a budget and those budgets will be used to pay expenses such as: Human Resources = $10,000 Salaries = $10,000 Equipment and Software Packages = $30,000 Rent, Furniture, and Utilities = $3000 Overhead cost = $24000 Taxes = $24000
  14. 14. Finances We at are expecting to make at least half of our investment back after the first two quarters of our opening our business and soon after that match our initial investment. Then continuously double our revenue every year for the first couple of years until we reach our peak. We are expecting to reach our break-even point to be approximately, more or less, a year after our business opened. From there on it will just increase exponentially with time.After the first year we expect to have close to 250,000.After the second year we expect to have close to 500,000.After the third year we expect to have 1,000,000.
  15. 15. Conclusion