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Nobbies Disability access


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Disability access to the Nobbies Centre

Published in: Travel
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Nobbies Disability access

  1. 1. Boardwalks along the Nobbies cliff tops are wheelchair accessible.
  2. 2. Disabled car parks are located next to the visitor centre and boardwalk entrances.
  3. 3. A coin operated binocular at wheelchair height provides views of the fur seal colony.
  4. 4. Boardwalk gradients do not exceed 1 in 12. Several level rest areas are located throughout.
  5. 5. The Nobbies blowhole provides a spectacular display of the ocean’s power.
  6. 6. The Nobbies Centre has ramped access throughout, as well as disabled facilities.
  7. 7. Both levels of the café are fully accessible via ramps.