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Social Enterprise: A Chance for Europe


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Social Enterprise: A Chance for Europe

  1. 1. Social Enterprise: A Chance for Europe<br />30 March, Brussels<br />Salon Entreprendre 2011<br />Tour & Taxis - Avenue du Port 86C<br />
  2. 2. “This first decade of the 2000s has revealed across Europe and the world the huge innovative potential of the social economy sector. (…)<br />These projects are the brainchild of a person or group of people who have come up with creative solutions to major socio-economic problems (…).<br />The innovation introduced by these new models generates economic growthand has a positive impact on all stakeholders(entrepreneurs, employees, consumers, investors and other financial partners, etc.).”<br />European Commission, Single Market Act<br />
  3. 3. Social enterprise: a chance for Europe<br />A public conference<br />12:30-14:00<br />« Social enterprise in Europe: new opportunities for all entrepreneurs »<br />Public: 200 entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs visiting the « Entreprendre 2011  » Fair<br />Goal:To convince “classic” entrepreneurs that social entrepreneurship is a wide trend all over Europe, full of business opportunities, possibilities of partnerships and innovative ideas.<br />A professional workshop<br />14:00-16:00<br />« Social entrepreneurs in France and Belgium: towards cross-border projects »<br />Participants:actorsof the development of social entrepreneurship in France and Belgium<br />Goal:To develop concrete and project-oriented partnerships between social entrepreneurs of France and Belgium<br />
  4. 4. CONFERENCE<br />Social enterprise in Europe: new opportunities for all entrepreneurs<br />Entrepreneurs tackling social challenges all across Europe<br /><ul><li> Exemples of social enterprisescombiningeconomic and social efficiency</li></ul>- Opportunities and inspiringexperiencesfor SMEs and future entrepreneurs.<br />Panellists : André Dupon (Vitamine T), Hervé Knecht (Flandre Ateliers), Vincent De Coninck (VinoMundo), Petr Base (Hub Praha)<br />Social enterprise, a chance for a smart, sustainable and inclusive European economy <br />- Towards a “Social Business Initiative” : the role of social enterprises within the Single Market to generate economic growth and stimulate innovation.<br />Michel Barnier, European Commissioner for Internal Market (video message)<br /><ul><li> Launch of the international competition “European Social Innovation for Naples – A case for taking risks to foster change”Filippo Addarii (Euclid Network)</li></li></ul><li>WORKSHOP<br />« Social entrepreneurs in France and Belgium: towards cross-border projects »<br />After a quick roundtable to know each other better:<br />Part 1: Presentation of the arguments for a Social Innovation Coalition (20’)<br />-> To raise interest in the Coalition and increase participation.<br />-> To present and discuss first concrete ideas to stimulate social innovation in Europe: development of social investments, use of EU structural funds, role of the banks…<br />Part 2: Workshop on a first concrete French-Belgian project (1h30) : to accelerate the development of a new generation of social entrepreneurs through education and training<br />-> To exchange our experiences and build common tools/actions for :<br />- Awareness campaigns and training programs for students and young people<br />- Internships in social enterprises<br />- Access of young people to social entrepreneurship (ex: Erasmus for Social Entrepreneurs” program)<br />
  5. 5. ORGANISERS AND PARTNERS<br />The Mouvement des entrepreneurs sociaux (Mouves) is the French network of social entrepreneurs. It creates a dynamic community of social entrepreneurs and promote an enabling environment to scale-up innovative solutions to social challenges.<br /><br />Mouves is one of the founding members of the Social Innovation Coalition.<br />The Belgian Positive Entrepreneurs is a network of 100 social entrepreneurs. It aims at developing the sector of social entrepreneurship in Belgium.<br />Euclid Network is a growing community of civil society professionals who want to connect across borders for a stronger, more innovative and sustainable European civil society.<br /><br />The Social Innovation Coalitionis an open member network of European actors of social innovation, providing a place for collective debate and sharing of resources. It seeks to create clarity of meaning about what social innovation is and to promote an enabling environment to best harness social innovation for social, environmental<br />Salon Entreprendre 2011 Bruxelles<br /><br />
  6. 6. CONTACT<br />INFORMATION & REGISTRATION<br />Clémence Patureau<br />Mouvement des entrepreneurs sociaux (Mouves)<br />E-mail:<br />Tel: +33 (0)1 55 87 55 84 <br /><br />