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App entry presentation

  1. 1. Flash revision Euan Robb & Caleb Alhadeff
  2. 2. Who?- Students of all ages. What?-Students Revising, but having trouble. When?-When on the go/ whenever needed. Where?-Home, School (if permitted), the bus/ wherever the student wants Who, What, When, Where & Why?
  3. 3. Difficulty revising & Inaccessible revision techniques The problems we are trying to solve are...
  4. 4. How can I revise? What techniques should I use? Key questions
  5. 5. Students often fail to revise due to the time consumed doing it; therefore the app includes a feature that allows people to share flashcards online. Key insight statements and solution
  6. 6. Flash Revision is an app in which you can share revision tips and ideas on a dedicated ‘wall’. There are basic revision tips preloaded on the app, we will produce surveys for students in the school to complete so we can have a far greater idea of the students preferred methods of revision. The tips will be separated into subjects and possibly different methods, so people can categorise their post so some one looking for french revision tips isn’t having to search through tips unhelpful to them. Another function is the flash card maker, where you can download or make your own your own flash card sets. It will also have an option to notify you of upcoming test. Mini Elevator Pitch
  7. 7. User Profiles Nathan Leach ● Does a fair amount of revision ● Makes mind maps for revision ● Tries his best to succeed ● Wouldn’t use the sharing function Charlie Manning ● Does more revision than average ● Finds that his revision techniques could be better ● Always wants to get the best he can ● Would find the app useful Charlie Newell ● Doesn’t revise a lot ● Favourite methods of revision are reading and writing ● Has a high success rate ● Would find the app useful Henry Wilkinson ● Almost never revises ● Likes to use Hexaflexagons and going over formula to revise ● If the app had quizes he would use it
  8. 8. There is another app on the market for revision, it has a great GUI however, the reviews suggest that the app itself isn’t great. Also making physical flashcards and other methods of revision are competitors for people can do that almost for free. Competitors or other solutions
  9. 9. Flow of app & user feedback integrated Home Screen WallView PostYour Wall Your tip Flash Card MakerView set(s) Make a new set ProfileOptions Send Flashcards
  10. 10. Our app’s key feature is it’s flashcard maker which allows user to quickly create flashcards and then test themselves anywhere; users will then be able to share flashcards with others using the apps social features MVP User Stories and Core feature MVP user story: I will soon be having exams, and so I need to be able to revise quickly and efficiently, without spending too much time preparing. I am also in a lot of sport clubs, and so need to be able to revise on the move between them, but also when I am at home. This app allows me to do all of those things. MVP user story: I like to spend time making flashcards, as it helps me revise, and so I have become quite good at using them to test me on the key parts of each topic. Because of this, my friends would like to borrow the flashcards that I make, but I don’t want to give them to my friends if it means I can’t revise from them because I don’t physically have them. This app allows me to share my flashcards with my friends online, whilst still allowing me to use them,
  11. 11. Key wire frame 1
  12. 12. Key wire frame 2
  13. 13. [Key wireframes 3/3] Key wire frame 3
  14. 14. Data, Content and Technical feasibility Data: We’ve learnt that if we want to allow people to share flashcards and revision tips, we will need to have a registration process, probably linked with Facebook which would allow them to access our service and look at the tips on the wall or any flashcards people have allowed everyone to see. All public information (e.g public flashcards created by users) will be stored on the app’s servers. Feasibility : We know this app is technically feasible as it is entirely possible to create an app which allows people to enter Questions and answers, many apps already connect to facebook, and we should be able to create servers for the app which store the information. Content : The content has not been a key point in the development of the app as it is the users who create most of it and share it with others.
  15. 15. Business case & customer pledges Business case: We are planning to allow the student access to methods of revision (e.g flashcards) for maths, the sciences, history and a language of their choice when they first download the app. We will then charge £0.98 (including VAT) to unlock the ability to browse flashcards that other people have made (but everyone can make their own flashcards for every subject when they download the app-they just can’t see what other people have done). We might also allow people to sell their own flashcards, and take a cut of the money they make.
  16. 16. Marketing Strategy We will reach our users by making all functions in the app as simple as possible (while still looking professional) as we want the users to spend more time revising, and less time working out how the app works. This should also therefore be cheap as we won’t need to implement lots of advanced features. ● We will make the app simple ● We will make sure all subjects have their place in the app ● We will try and integrate any user feedback from the public
  17. 17. App Design Mock-up [Wildcard] [Anything else you want to share?] Wildcard We showed our app to a marketing expert, Rudi Sellers, who gave us the idea of selling flashcards to the users of the app, and told us that we should market our app to parents, who are likely to be the ones buying the app.